anonymous asked:

favourite blogs on tumblr and why?

you can’t make me choose 5 blogs omg i love everyone

uh ok

magda (youmalfoyatsix) because she’s one of my best friends and i love her to pieces and she’s beautiful 

stanley (primjobs) because he loves the hunger games as much as i do and he’s fabulous

emma (emmajjjayne) and liam (cigaretteb0y) - i’m counting them as one okay they’re together i can do that - because they’re cute as fuck and i love them both and they’re blogs are gr8, and i’ve known emma for like 2 years now or something like that aw aw 

charlie (scarz) - charlie has excellent taste in women and he’s so lovely and sends me nice messages when i’m upset yep 

beth (bethanydaisy) - beth is beautiful and i love her blog and i could literally reblog everything she posts

this question killed me never ask me this again or i’ll cry, i literally love everyone i follow, but these were the first people to come to mind :-)