cigarette test

i feel like i harp on this topic a lot, but it keeps coming up.

yesterday at work a lady asked for cigarettes and she had a teenage girl with her. lady looked like she was in her late 20s early 30s and i wasn’t sure how old the girl was. i assumed they were friends or sisters and asked for both their ID.

lady snapped, “she doesn’t have ID, she’s 14.”

sometimes cops or other outside entities send in sting ops, they send someone young-looking to a store to buy cigarettes or alcohol, to test and see if the clerk IDs them. i’ve been told they send in pairs to see if we ID both of them too. the punishment for failing to do this is a hefty fine and immediate termination. i now get legitimate panic pangs every time a group of people buy cigarettes, because i have to ID all of them, and there is a 50/50 chance they will get angry with me.

i have been screamed at and cussed out (”fucking bitch. stupid cunt”), i have been accused of racism (“a black man can’t buy cigarettes in peace”), i have had people storm out without completing their purchase, i have been lied to (”i don’t even know her. she just asked me if i’d ever had fiji water before”), and i have just generally been mistreated for doing this. they treat me like i’m doing this for fun, like i’m some awful tobacco gatekeeper and love denying people their fun and their nicotine fix. let me be clear with y’all. i smoke socially. i could really give a rat’s ass if you and your friends decide to start smoking. i’m not doing this because i’m on a power trip, i’m doing this because i’m on three different medications and i need this medical insurance. i need the money. i need this job.

the lady angrily elaborated that this was her daughter, and that she’d just turned 37 yesterday. and again, this lady looked great! like, smooth skin, beautiful eyes, and her daughter was quite tall for 14. they looked like friends or sisters, they really did. i was a little embarrassed, but again, i’ve been lied to before, and i didn’t want to risk it, so i said, “i can’t,” and called a manager for her.

the lady was spitting mad. she went from 0 to 100, y’all, one second she was indifferently buying soap and a pack of cigarettes, and the next she was literally shouting at me, “this is the most asinine–i can’t buy cigarettes because MY DAUGHTER is here??? then i’ll send her outside, this is ridiculous!!! this is completely asinine!!!!!”

i said, “i’m so sorry, i’m not trying to offend you. it’s just that one of my coworkers got in trouble just last week–”

“well i am very offended!” she screamed at me. “could you keep ringing me up, please!” to her credit, she wasn’t swearing, but she did use the word “asinine” repeatedly. it works for an expletive. it starts with “ass.” boss came up, the lady said, “i would just like to buy cigarettes!! apparently i can’t because M Y D A U G H T E R is with me!!!!”

emily had just walked up and was being shouted at, so she was stammering and unhappy, but she checked the lady’s ID and then told me it was ok to sell her cigarettes. i cheerily complied immediately, because again! i’m not trying to keep her away from her cigs, i’m just protecting my job, and if i get a go-ahead from management, the obligation is off me.

lady was, of course, snappish and rude for the rest of the transaction, and i was deliberately delightful, and after she paid, she loudly mocked, “have a wonderful day!!!!”

like i’m embarrassed that i tried to card a 14-year-old lmfao like obviously. but mostly i’m hurt and frustrated that her gut reaction was a tantrum. all she would have had to do is very calmly ask for a manager and i would have done it. i get that i’m the face of this obstacle but i wish more people would accept that i’m just trying to do my job. also, you’re welcome for thinking y’all were sisters btw hahaha. add that lady to the list of people who owe me an apology

another mix for young college!au scully: dying her hair an unconvincing eye watering shade of red, convincing mulder to smoke his first cigarette after a difficult test, sneaking into a jazz bar where scully is surprisingly enthralled, for all the nights they spend alone in greasy deserted diners and later in her twin bed [listen here]

01. Outerspace- Catey Shaw// 02. High Life- London Grammar// 03. Colors- Genevieve// 04. Dead Air- CHVRCHES// 05. Ribs- Lorde// 06. Blue Eyes Blind- ZZ Top// 07. Deeper- Ella Eyre// 08. Chasing Twisters- Delta Rae// 09. Howl- Florence + the Machine// 10. Coattails- Broods// 11. High For This- Ellie Goulding// 12. Fall Over- Banks// 13. No Strings- Chloe Howl// 14. Lay Me Down- Pixie Lott// 15. Believe- Mumford & Sons 

Watching asib just got so much worse. Mycroft being concerned about danger nights. Mycroft giving Sherlock a cigarette to test and see if he’s going to go home and get high off ass because he can’t deal with his emotions about Irene. Sherlock actually getting high off his ass to deal with John’s convo with Irene at Battersea. I hate everything.