cigarette memories

Way down deep we knew it would never last. We were in it for the kicks, for the thrill, for the joy, and all that was missing was the love. Slowly but surely my addiction to you faded. With every high, there comes a low, so I lit my last cigarette and said my last goodbyes. At least it was fun while it lasted.
—  @endlessunicornsauce faded memories :)

Did the Howling Commands have a funeral for Bucky

Did they bury a box with some smokes and a bottle of whiskey

Did Steve tell them you guys go ahead, I’ll stay here for a while

Did he talk to the fresh churned dirt and tell it can’t believe you’re gone, you big jerk - can’t believe you left me - I know it was my fault, and I’m sorry, but I still can’t believe you’re gone

Did he stay there til it got dark and cold and Peggy came out and brought him a coat

Did she decide not to talk to him about it then - not til he was ready, drinking alone in some wreckage of a bar

Is there still some stone on an old battlefield in Europe with Bucky’s name scratched onto it, marking some decades-old alcohol and decaying cigarettes and a memory of a guy who’s alive, but doesn’t really exist anymore

(i wrote a fic based on this btw)

Of Course Pt. 5 (Kim Seokjin)

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“Truthfully if I had a good answer for why I left I probably wouldn’t have left in the first place, Kookie.”

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Word Count: 1,363

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Smoking, swearing


Sorry this took so long, I’m also working on requests along with dealing with some other things right now so I’m hoping you don’t mind?? Btw the poem was written by me. Thank you, I hope you enjoy this <3

“For fuck’s sake Namjoon,” You snapped as you walked from the balcony again to the front of your living room where someone was pounding ruthlessly on your door.

“You’re going to break my fucking door down.” You mumbled angrily as you unlocked the door, only to find the last person you’d ever want to be in your apartment.

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