cigarette filters

Future Child: Mummy can you read me a bedtime story?
Me: Sure sweety
Me: “Neil Josten let his cigarette burn to the filter without taking a drag. He didn’t want the nicotine; he wanted the acrid smoke that reminded him of his mother. If he inhaled slowly enough, he could almost taste the ghost of gasoline and fire. It was at once a revolting and comforting, and it sent a sick shudder down his spine. The jolt went all the way to his fingertips, dislodging a clump of ash. It fell to the bleachers between his shoes and was whisked away by the wind…”

I did a makeup test for the Sam cosplay and I think I’ve got it, like it’s the best I can do but I’m still worried that I’m not good enough

I also finished the fake cigarettes and worked on the wig a little but then I realized I can’t do anything besides some teasing without a hairdryer so that’s gonna have to wait until Monday

i had a dream last night that trump was impeached for treason and all the people who wanted to be president put there names in a hat and in my dream i fell asleep and woke up and bernie was president and had already started fixing what that cigarette filter had screwed up and i was so happy and i really legitimately thought i was awake so when i woke up i started crying cause trump was still president fuckin things up