Florida’s Beer Tasting

Here are some of the other beer’s that Walter and I tried while in Florida. I tried to pick out a lot of Florida brewers for the sampling. Overall, I wasn’t that happy. There were a few that were enjoyable, but more that were not. It makes me much more proud of our Georgia brewers. My top picks were:

Florida Beer Co - Gaspar’s Porter

Cigar City - Both: Invasion IPA and Maduro Brown Ale

Cigar City Brewing seemed to be the big winner for the Florida beers that we chose. BUT….the best beer that we drank was in a nano-brewery found locally in Sebastian, FL called Pareidolia Brewing Co. Their beers blew away all of the others that we tried. The top choice for both of us was their Right Point Red. Superb! Sadly, they only sell on tap at the pub. This is a place that should be sought out by anyone traveling by or living near that area. I can not wait to be back.

My week in #beer was a good one.Here are some of my favorites I enjoyed #cigarcity JaiAlai #ballastpoint Habanero Sculpin #funkybuddha Key Lime Pie Berliner #jwakefield #newbelgium Grilled Pineapple #boulevardbrewing Dark Truth Stout & #funkybuddha Dredd Pirate Imperial Stout. Have you tried any of these? What were your favorite beers from last week?

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@cigarcitybrewing Hunahpu’s 2015 Imperial Stout. A potent rich and sweet Impy delivering big on chocolate, liquorice, vanilla, tobacco, booze and a hell of a lot of cinnamon. In the end the spice from the chilis kick in with a mild tickle and some dryish adstringence that balances out a bit of that thick sweetness. Alcohol warmth upfront. Appearance: pitch black, mocha head that dissapears. Sticky tears to the glass. Aroma: Cinnamon, sweet chocolate, tobacco, liquorice, molasses, vanilla and a slight herbal/vegetal note which I suspect to come from the Ancho and Pasilla chilis. Big&bold. Mouth: intense sweetness, sticky and thick mouthfeel. Chewy. Mild chili heat. Score: 8/10 if you’re into this kind of stouts of course. I am! 👍🍻#beer #beerporn #beergeek #belgianbeergeek #stout #craftbeer #cigarcity #Hunahpu #dutchbeergeeks #drinkingcraft

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Haha! We always love a good @louiebaton posts! Cheers friend and thanks for the support!!! -🆑🍻
I went to Disneyland and noticed they added Johnny Depp to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. But there was no Eddie Murphy in the Haunted Mansion. The best movie based on a Disneyland ride has to be the Indiana Jones Adventure though. #CraftLoyal glassware @cigarcitybrewing #craftbeer #cigarcity Captain of the World #cigarcitybrewing

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