It’s Ironic how I hate the smell of cigarettes and see my dad and brother smoke yet when I do it, I actually don’t mind the smell at all. The one thing that I just hate is when the taste and smell of it lingers all over your mouth even when you brush your teeth or eat candy afterwards and even in your hair. I can’t say that I’m a legit smoker (I don’t smoke it properly, all I can do is.. as they call it “HitBu”). Been smoking occasionally lately. It’s not really addicting like some say. It’s just a matter of self control and I admit, I give in to peer pressure and temptation so easily. I’ve smoked for like just 6 times only. The least I’ve taken was 3 sticks and the maximum was 8 (Yes I do count it). I don’t want to be another smoker in the family. Plus I think it really affects your body. Sometimes I’m having a hard time breathing and I’m gasping for air (not to be OA but I had a medical condition in the past that has something to do with my lungs). Anyway, so I told myself that I should really stop it before it becomes a vice and I lose control of it. People around me can’t really imagine and are shocked when they see me smoking. I’ve always been the good girl and will always be one. 


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