Stood on and ignored by the guy I love...

On my last post, I spoke about a guy at work that I am SO into.  Since then, we’ve cruised around in my car.  One night he asked if I had any fetishes.  By this time, I was comfortable enough with him so I told him I would love it if he would stand on me so I could look up and see his smiling face and have his full weight on me.  

He didn’t seemed freaked out by it, but we left it at that.  

Couple of weeks later I picked him up from work.  We drove around for a while, listened to music, and pulled into a gas station.  He was thirsty.  I pulled around back next to a car wash that is no longer in operation.  There is a small elevated sidewalk next to this car wash, and a concrete thing about two feet high where a vacuum cleaner used to be.  We’ve been there often as it’s very close to work.  We’d go there on breaks to smoke cigars, or vape (he vapes, I don’t).  

I didn’t need to, but I gave him a couple bucks to get a fountain drink.  I parked my car along the old car wash/sidewalk as always.  My back was hurting, so I got out and laid down on my back on that sidewalk thing.  I had my arms behind my head and my knees raised.  It was close to  midnight, so it was dark out and the sky was pretty.

Next thing I know, he comes walking around the front of my car, steps up on the sidewalk and then steps up onto ME.  He’s facing the old car wash, so while standing on me, he turns around, stands on my chest, puts his drink on the thing where the vacuum cleaner used to be, and leans his back up against the old car wash building.  I saw him pull his vape thing out of his pocket, then his cell phone.  His face was lit up by the light from his phone.  So I said “Oh really?”

He never even looked down at me.  He put his right foot on my face, right on top of my face, with at least half his weight.  He was wearing some grey and white low cut Pumas, which is what he wears at work.  

IT HURT LIKE FUCKING CRAZY.  The back of my head, just like the rest of me, was on concrete.  My nose was twisted to side, I’m hoping it wasn’t going to break.  My lips were twisted and cutting into my teeth.

Every 30 seconds or so, he would lean over to grab his drink, and I know I squealed in pain as more weight was being put on my face, not to mention the back of my head being pressed into the concrete.  He never said anything or even looked at me.  Just kept looking at his phone and vaping. 

The first time he said anything was about 10 minutes into this.  He took his right foot and turned my head so now I was looking at the back of the gas station and just placed his foot on the left side of my face, pressing the right side into the concrete.  All he said was “that’s better.”   Better for him, of course.  Not better for me, but I’m doing my job.  

He continues on his phone, I assume.  I can’t really see him at this point.  A few minutes later, I hear a motorcycle pull behind my car.  Turns out it’s his brother.  My friend is 19 and his brother is two years older.  He walks over and said something like are you serious, while he laughed.  

My friend told his brother to join him on.  They talked about it for a minute but his brother wasn’t convinced.  So my friend stepped off of me, opened my passenger’s side car door, reached in and grabbed one of MY black and milds and my lighter and shut the door.  Stood back up on me again and told his brother the only way he could smoke part of it was to stand on me.  

“Okay” he said.  So to make room, my friend kept his right foot on my head, and then put his left foot about an inch from my throat.  His brother stood on me, right foot on my chest, left on my stomach.  He was wearing DC’s.

They unwrapped the cigar and threw the wrapper down at me.  They took turns smoking the cigar, flicked ashes on me, talked about his brother’s girlfriend and some mods he wants to do to his bike.  Never mentioned me once.

I was hurting SO bad, especially from the concrete ripping my cheek and ear.

After about 15 minutes, his brother says he’s going home.  They turn towards each other and do a bro hug, while still standing on me.  Then I hear his brother say “okay” and he wipes his sneakers on me like a doormat.  I didn’t hear my friend say for him to do that, but I couldn’t hear everything.  Then he steps off and gets on his bike and leaves.  

My friend then steps off of my throat and face onto my chest.  He wipes his shoes on me, then steps off and opens the passengers door to my car.  He actually looks at me and says “come on, let’s go”.  I didn’t get up right away because I was hurting and my head was on fire.  He steps back over to me, puts his right foot on my mouth, so I stick my tongue out (as I’ve been trained to do with other Sirs) to lick his sneaker sole, and he said NO!  Get in the car and drive me home.  

As I was driving him home, he sat sideways in his eat.  He put his left foot on the right side of my head while I was driving, and his right in my lap.  He was on his phone, texting or whatever.  

I got to his driveway.  He took his feet of of me and when he opened the door the dome lights came on and he saw the blood on the right side of my face from the abrasions from the concrete.  He sat on his side in the seat and showed me both sneaker soles.  “Is there blood on my shoes?!!!” he asked.  Yes sir.  He told me to stick out my tongue and he just alternated from right shoe to left shoe, heel to toe, wiping them VERY aggressively.  

Oddly enough, when he got out of my car, before he shut the door, he said I love you.  

I love you too, I said.  And I do.  

those who favor fire

Gravity Falls || Stanford Pines/Stanley Pines || 1114
notes: This is for @cheeziswin, who brought this particular tidbit of information to my attention. Like I needed more sin in my life. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ
¶ Also available on AO3.
warnings: cigar smoking and more nostalgia than you can shake a stick at


When the world does not end, Stan sits down on the unbroken step of the back porch and pulls a cigar case out from the inner pocket of his tattered suit coat. There is only one cigar left. Stan smiles at the sight, though the expression is weary and does not reach his shadowed eyes.

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About Culverton’s tie: These are cigar wrappers from different brands. One of them says "Havana lovera". I googled this and found out.

I deffo thought cigars too, but couldn’t read all of them. Good to know! It’s a really, really loud tie and a loud cigar message to be sending….