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The title sounds like a title to a Devo song from the 80′s

I was asked recently if I had a favorite cigar wrapper, so I thought I would share what I like and disliked as far as cigar wrappers go.

 Here is an example of what the wrappers look like.

I have tried like most of you I am sure, most if not all of the major wrappers that are offered, and for the most part they are all accentuate the positives in cigars to eliminate or hide the negative ; I think there is a song title in there somewhere.

My all time favorite is the Oscuro wrapper, dark, oily and full of earthiness. I just love the heft and smell of a hefty cigar wrapper as it gets consumed in fire.

My second favorite would be a Maduro wrapper, nice notes of leather and has a sweet nutty note to it. Maduro wrapped cigars can range from Maduro to Double Maduro all the way to a Triple Maduro, with the flavors and nuances ranging from nutty, earthy to coffee, leather to peppery.

If I had to choose a third favorite wrapper I think it would be the Corojo, it gives you hints of woodiness and a peppery finish on the back end.

If you are going to make me pick a fourth I am going to the Vitola wrapper, it’s light and has a light aroma, the Vitola wrapper let the fillers and binder shine through the whole cigar, the catch with this wrapper is that it is on the mild to medium side of things and I usually prefer a beefier smoke.

Now as far as what wrapper is my least favorite well that is easy, there are two, I am not a fan of, the first would be the Candella wrapper, its unattractive green look and the grassy or raw plant flavor it introduces, just puts me off of that cigar, it over powers the tobacco and it makes you feel like you are smoking you freshly cut lawn.

The other wrapper I dislike is more a wrapper style as opposed to a wrapper type and that is the Barber pole. The minute you try to candy stripe or create a barber pole look to a cigar with 2 wrappers it does nothing but cause burning issues and the plain truth of it is you never get a constant flavor or taste for the cigar itself, it becomes all about the wrapper and just looses something in the burning. My personal take on a barber pole cigar is that most f the time it is to hide inferior fillers and binders, but I could be incorrect, you will have to form your own opinion on that one.

So those are my favorite wrappers and the one wrapper I dislike, what is your favorite, do you have one you dislike; let’s hear about it share with the group. As always I welcome any and all comments on the site and cigars, caring is sharing …  drop me a Tumblr message here, add it to “Notes” or you can email me at

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TW: Transmisogyny, murder - Man sentenced in murder of unarmed trans woman Brittany Stergis
October 3, 2014

A 20-year-old man could spend life in prison after he pleaded guilty Friday to the December slaying of a transgender woman outside a West Side public housing complex.

A Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court judge sentencedDelshawn Carroll to 18 years to life after he admitted to gunning down 22-year-old Brittany Stergis inside her Buick at the Lakeview Estates apartments on West 25th Street Dec. 6.

Police found Stergis dead, with a gunshot wound to the head, about 2:30 a.m.

While the motive for the shooting remains unclear, prosecutors said Carroll and Stergis had a past together.

At first, Carroll denied being with Stergis the night of her death. But investigators found evidence that placed Carroll inside Stergis’ car, prosecutors said.

Cleveland police homicide detectives pulled touch DNA that matched Carroll’s from Stergis’ car door handle and a cigar wrapper found inside her car. Cellphone records showed Carroll called Stergis earlier that night, and his phone pinged from a nearby tower.

Ballistics testing revealed that shell casings found inside Stergis’ car matched a 9 mm Smith & Wesson handgun owned by one of Carroll’s family members, prosecutors said.

Carroll was arrested on unrelated drug charges in April during the murder investigation. Police said he had less than 5 grams of cocaine, $22 and a cell phone at the time of the arrest.

Two months later, while Carroll was in Cuyahoga County Jail awaiting trial, police arrested Carroll in Stergis’s killing.

Carroll also pleaded guilty to drug trafficking Friday. He will serve his 18-month sentence alongside his possible life sentence.

The case was originally set to go to trial Oct. 14.

Stergis’ family still called her by her birth name of Laron Kidd, but said they accepted her as transgender. She was preparing to attend cosmetology school at Cuyahoga Community College, her mother Lynette Kidd said.


Rest in power, Brittany.