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Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 3]

Summary: [part 3] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomas have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggest an aliance by marriage.

16+ only

Days of you moping around and sobbing passed before you stepped foot out of your’s and Alfred’s shared room. He didn’t dare step foot in there once, not after he tried to sleep in there on your wedding night and you woke up screaming at the top of your lungs and crying out to him that you hated him and wanted to go home.

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Neighbours: Part Eleven - Tommy Shelby

The Dinner

Part One | Part Ten | Part Eleven Part Twelve |

We file into the dining room in an orderly fashion, all of us taking our seats in almost silence. I don’t miss that my mother has moved the seating plan; before I’d made sure that Tommy and I would be sitting opposite Rose and James, however my mother’s re-jig has left me sitting opposite Whitley and Tommy opposite Derby with the Comptons and the Cromleys sat at either ends of the table, as far as possible from myself and Tommy.

I have to admire her plan, I’m not able to kick up a fuss - Tommy is sat beside me - but with the two younger couples and Rose’s sharp tongue far from reach, I know she hopes to have quashed any potentially controversial topics being brought up. I also know that she hopes Whitley and Derby will spend the night belittling Tommy, with the plan of ‘making me see sense’ most likely.

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Happiness Can’t Be Arranged, Chapter 5

For @glindalovesshoes who requested Robin and Regina attending Mary-Margaret’s party, for the to be drama, and for Robin and Regina not to care; and for @emmaswanchoosesyou who requested goofy dancing and awkward bedsharing. And, somewhat inspired by this dress.

Previous chapters can be found HERE.

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Why Don't You Do Right

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Request: Happy Imagine based on ‘Why Don’t you Do Right’ by Amy Irving.

To the person that requested this: I hope this is okay, and you like the direction i went with this xx

Happy sat around the table, listening to his brothers speak.
They had been in Church for over an hour now, trying to make a plan.
Henry Lin had made it very clear. If SAMCRO could compel the judge to dismiss the case against their supplier, the Chinese would open their pipeline to the guns to the club.
The club needed this, and they would do what they needed to to make sure this deal happened.
“Juice, what do you got?” Jax  asked at the head of the table.
All eyes turned to the kid with the mohawk.
“James Brown. He’s at that old nightclub up on St Hill Lane. He goes there every thursday.”
Juice said.
The club nodded.
“That swanky old place?” Tig asked and Juice nodded.
“Classic old school club, performers and everything.” Chibs nodded and the boys smirked.
“Lets head out.” Jax said and lifted the gavel, signifying the end of Church.
The club stood and filed out of the room.
Gemma watched them with dark eyes as they moved through the clubhouse.
Happy’s face was blank, his eyes dark and cold as he moved through the room.
He was ready for a fight, and he hoped silently that the judge wouldn’t give into them that easily. He had a lot of tension built up inside of him, and torture was his favourite way to release it.
The club walked in silence outside to the line of bikes and Happy straddled his before bringing it to life and lifting his helmet to his head. He looked at his brothers and they’ll nodded.
Jax pulled out of the lot and the rest of the club followed in line as they headed for ‘Masons’, the old gentleman club on the other side of town. The old club with the dimmed lights and smoke lingering in the air. The club where you worked.

The club wasn’t overly crowded, only about a dozen men scattered across the round tables in the room. Smoke lingered in the air from their cigarettes and the lights glowed red. Girls in tight dresses moved around the room, trays in their hands and they deliver drinks to the men at the tables.
Happy stood in the entrance with the club and a blonde girl in a sparkly red dress walked over, a smile on her face as she eyed the club.
“Can I help you, boys?” She purred and moved her arms, showing off more cleavage.
Jax looked her over and gave her his famous smirk.
“We’re looking for Mr. Brown.” He said and licked his lips as his eyes moved over her body.
Happy stood silently, his face cold as he watched the interaction.
The girl looked all of them over before smiling at Jax.
“Follow me.” She purred and led them to the back of the club.
The boys exchanged smirks and followed her through the club, she led them to a hallway off the side and past what Happy assumed were ‘private’ rooms.
Finally she pointed to the last door on the right and she smiled at each of them as she moved back down the hall, swaying her hips as she went.
The club nodded to each other before pushing the door open and swarming inside.
Mr. James Brown sat in a leather arm chair in the corner of the room, a cigar in his left hand and a whiskey in his right.His eyes went wide as the club filled the room and he looked at the guys clad in leather as they towered over him.
Happy smirked and he moved forwards.

“Thats enough, Hap.” Jax ordered but Happy ignored him, his face in a grimace as he lifted his fist and swung it once more, colliding his knuckles with the mans jaw.
“Hap!” Jax yelled loudly and Happy straightened, his breathing heavy and he looked at his president.
Jax looked at him firmly.
“Take a break.” He ordered and Happy nodded, shaking his fist as he moved out of the room and back down the hall.
He walked slowly and rolled his shoulders, glad to have relieved some of his attention.
The same blond leant against a wall in the main room and her eyes followed Happy as he moved across the room but he ignored her and headed for the bar.
A redhead behind the bar smiled at him widely as he leant across the bar and she swayed her way over to him.
“What can I get you?” She purred and fluttered her lashes.
Happy smirked.
“Whiskey.” He ordered and she nodded and went to fetch his drink.
Lights flashed to the main stage and Happy looked at the large red curtains hanging.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, our very own, Scarlet!” A voice said through the speakers.
Some of the men clapped and Happy turned back to the bar and thanked the girl for his drink before lifting it and heading to an empty table in the corner.
“You had plenty money, 1922.” A voice sung out and Happy watched the curtains as an elegant hand appeared through the fabric.
Happy put his glass on the table, listening intently to the low soft voice.
A paino picked up with a jazzy vibe as you sung the next lyrics.
“You let other woman make a fool of you.” You sung and you moved through the curtains.
Happy eyes fell over your  body, the tight red gown hugging your curves perfectly.
Your hair was curled and your makeup was done in a classic pin up style.
Happy was hypnotised by your voice as you moved across the stage, his eyes glued to your body in that dress.
There was a long slit up the side and your long legs moved beneath the dress as you swayed your hips.
“Why don’t you do right, like some other men do.” You sung, your eyes scanning the room.
All eyes were glued on you as you sung and moved across the stage.
You went into the next verse and Happy watched you intently.
You smiled as you sung your line and your hand moved down the fabric of your dress and you tugged.
The dress fell away and wolf whistles filled the room as you stepped out of the fabric, a black corset hugging your curves and making your cleavage bulge.
Happy licked his lips as he looked at your legs, black lace garters around your thighs and you walked confidently across the stage as you sang.
Slowly you began to move off the stage, trailing your hands across the men in the crowd as you sung.

Happy’s eyes never left your body as you moved through the room, your voice hypnotising every man in the room.
Your eyes were bright and your body flirted with each of them as you swayed your hips to the music.
Your legs moved in sync with the music as you made your way around the tables and your eyes landed on the table in the corner, where Happy sat.
You was intrigued by the man in the leather kutte. Most of the customers were business men escaping their reality and you locked your eyes with his as you walked towards his table.
Happy licked his lips as you moved closer, your body moving smoothly to the music.
Your fingers reached out and trailed across his shoulders as you sang and your body was close enough to touch.
But Happy didn’t move his body, only his eyes followed you as you swayed your hips next to him, your eyes studying his tattooed arms and patch.
His eyes locked with yours and you stared at each other as you sung your last line and slinked back to the stage, throwing him a wink over your shoulder as you walked, your hips swaying until you disappeared behind the curtain.
Happy licked his lips and adjusted his pants before standing.
He had to find her.
“Lets go.” He heard behind him and he turned to see the club filing out of the hallway.
“I’ll catch up.” He said.
Jax paused and looked at him questioningly but Happy didn’t wait around.
He moved quickly to the back of the club, desperate to find the dressing rooms.
He opened a door and found it empty but he kept moving.
Finally he opened a door and found you sitting in front of the mirror, lightbulbs around the edges of the frame and you patted powder onto your face.
You glanced at the door and smiled to your reflection as Happy entered the room.
He stood silently, watching you touch up your makeup.
Neither of you spoke and you redrew the wing of your eye liner before blowing a kiss to your reflection and swinging your chair around to face him.
You sat in your black corset and garters, the lights illuminating your skin and Happys eyes drew invert inch of your skin.
You studied him with a smirk on your face and you crossed your legs and lent back in the chair.
“You liked the show?” You asked coyly and Happy nodded.
Your voice sounded like heaven to him, soft and pure and he stepped closer, his eyes never leaving yours.
You smirked and stood, standing almost eye level with him in your high stilettos.
Your hips swayed as you moved closer to him and you reached your hand out, tracing gently across his chest.
A low growl escaped his lips and you smiled as you walked circles around him, letting him see you from every angle.
“Whats your name?” You purred as you stopped in front of him, your hands running across his chest and over his shoulders.
“Happy.” He said, his voice low and raspy and you licked your lips seductively.
You lent on your tip toes and tilted your neck so your lips were against his ear.
“(y/n).” You whispered.
Suddenly you turned and walked towards the mirror once more and scanned the make up on the dresser.
You picked a bright red lipstick up and ran it across your lips.
You leant across the dresser and lifted the lipstick to the mirror, drawing your phone nu,ber on the glass.
Happy’s eyes lingered on your ass as you bent across the dresser and he licked his lips before you straightened and put the lipstick back.
Your eyes locked with his once more and you walked back towards him.
“I gotta go, Happy.” You purred quietly.
Happy nodded and you smiled before reaching out and touching his toned chest.
You reached up on your tip toes once more and pressed a kiss to his cheek before walking out of the room.

The club sat outside on their bikes and finally Happy walked out of the doors.
“What the fuck, Hap?” Jax called.
The Tacoma killer ignored him, just headed for his bike and the boys exchanged smirks as Happy sunk onto his bike, a bright red lipstick mark on his cheek.

Good Enough // Thor x OC AU (P2)

Pairing: Thor x WOC (Charlotte “Charlie” Bailey-Thomas)
Word Count: 880k+
Warning: Angst, Language

Summary: Thor and Charlie meet the rest of the family. 

A/N: This one is going to be told from both their points of view so it’ll be a little longer. I forgot to mention in the last chapter but the house the Baileys’ live in is more or less a mansion. They’re very rich and v e r y snooty. Happy reading!


“Charlie come help in the kitchen,” her mother Nicole ‘suggested’, “You can leave your little gentleman friend with the rest of the menfolk.

Charlie groaned inwardly. She didn’t have enough time to warn Thor about how obnoxious her uncles and cousins were. Squeezing his hand in reassurance, Charlie reluctantly left him to join the other femmes in kitchen. Thor watched her leave and felt a brief pang in his heart; he didn’t like leaving her to fend for herself in this pack of wolves. He didn’t have much of a chose in the matter, however. Inhaling deeply to steady himself, Thor squared his shoulders and prepared to face the men the love of his life called family.

Thor’s POV

He wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when he walked into the room. As soon as his 6’6 frame crossed the threshold, all eyes were on him. At his height, he was used to being the center of attention; he’d never felt more uncomfortable than the moment he had to meet the traditional and conservative family of his love. There were four men sitting around a fireplace smoking cigars. The room reeked of smoke and expensive scotch. If Thor didn’t know any better he’d think he stepped back in time. All of them men were well dressed in ridiculously expensive suits. They each had a matching hat that rested on the top of their chairs (thrones). He got the distinct feeling he was being sized up like a sirloin.

“And who might you be?” came a raspy voice. Thor’s eyes snapped to a frail looking older man sitting in a red velvet chair in the center of the room. No one else dared to speak. Clearing his throat, Thor made his way towards the man.

“Odinson. Thor Odinson, sir. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The old man assessed Thor shrewdly. Hattie Mae’s heavy gaze didn’t hold a candle to the old man. He didn’t just feel uncomfortable, he felt completely exposed. He suspected the old man and his own father had a lot more in common than they’d like to believe.

“Odinson, eh?” the man wheezed, “Isn’t that one of them white supremacist names?”

Thor was completely taken off guard. “Excuse me?”

Charlie’s POV

Well, well, well…look what the cat dragged in,” Charlie’s older sister, Scarlett sneered, with her hands on her hips. She practically reeked judgement. Charlie definitely didn’t miss her all that much.

“Scarlett, be nice. We haven’t seen your sister in years,” their mother warned. Scarlett scoffed and rolled her eyes. Charlie tried to smile but all she could manage was an extremely painful grimace. Breathe in, breathe out.

The women standing tall in the massive kitchen were every bit as snooty as she remembered. Her great aunts Margaret “Mags” Bailey and Rosalie “Rosie” Bailey looked like they just stepped off a croquet court for stuffy black people. Despite being dressed in ‘cooking’ clothes, they dripped old world money and class. Their thick perfume was definitely more expensive than what she made in a year. It was enough to make Charlie want to tuck tail, grab Thor and run for the hills.

Her two older sisters Scarlett and Josephine stood shrewd, proud and bitchy. Her entire family was basically a walking Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana advertisement. Charlie felt underdressed in her off-brand dress and second hand shoes. It was painfully obvious Charlotte was the proverbial (though if you asked her older sisters they’d say literal) black sheep of the family. She sighed; one day back home and she was already counting down the minutes until she could leave again.

“Charlie!!” her baby sister shrieked as she raced into the kitchen. Charlie couldn’t help but grin as Eloise launched herself into Charlie’s arms.

“Ellie!” she giggled as she caught her sister.  

Eloise Mae Bailey-Thomas was the only family member Charlotte ever really got along with. Adopted as an infant a couple of years after Charlie was born (from where, no one seems to know for sure), she knew first hand what was like not to fit in with this stiff upper lipped, stuffed crust family. They formed a tight bond from the moment they laid eyes on each other.

“Holy shit!” Ellie exclaimed, “you look damn good!”

“Eloise Mae!” their mother chastised, astonished (not really) at her choice of language.

“Oh come off it, Mother. I don’t mean any harm,” Ellie waved her off with a roll of her eyes.

“I won’t stand to be disrespected in my own house, child.”

“Last I checked…this was Grandmother’s house, Mother,” Ellie challenged.

Charlie widened her eyes at her younger sister’s boldness. Where had this come from?? Had she really been gone that long? Ellie was always the braver one of the two but this was a new level. Gently tugging on her sister’s hand, Charlie non-verbally pleaded for her to back down. Ellie shook her head no and tugged her hand away.

“Mother, please,” Scarlett intervened, “let’s not fight today.” Nicole narrowed her gaze at her eldest daughter. There seemed to be something happening between them that Charlie couldn’t quite catch. With a huff, Nicole backed down. Ellie stepped back with her arms crossed defensively.

Very well. ‘Tis Christmas after all.”

Suddenly, a loud crash echoed from another room. Oh, hell, Charlie thought. What is it now?

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Javid Titanic AU - Part 12

Sarah nudged Davey back into the gym and shut the door behind them. Whatever this was, he definitely didn’t need an audience of rich people judging him.

“Hey, hey, what happened?” she asked, guiding Davey into a chair as he tried to get himself under control. “Do I need to go kill that boy of yours for making you cry?”

She forced a laugh, trying to lighten the situation, but she couldn’t help but be concerned. Not even after what happened with Albert had she seen her brother quite this low.

Davey winced. Jack wasn’t his; Jack was never going to be his.

“Don’t. Please. Don’t talk about him,” he mumbled, squeezing words out past the lump in his throat.

“You seemed plenty happy to talk about him before…” Sarah blinked, confused. Where was the blushing boy who smiled whenever Jack’s name was mentioned, and why had he left so suddenly?

Pulling his feet up onto the chair so he could hug his knees, not caring about how childish he looked, Davey hid his face. The tears had mostly stopped but he felt like he could fall apart again at any second. He was physically holding himself together because doing it mentally was just too hard. It wasn’t only Jack he’d given up, it was being happy.
“Just… Never mention him again. Ever. Please,” he begged, his words muffled by the fabric of his trousers. He’d decided not to give in to his temptation, but that didn’t mean it was ever going to go away. It would be so much easier if he wasn’t reminded of it day after day. That boy I could have kissed. That boy who held me whilst we danced. That boy with the smile.

Sarah still didn’t get it. “David, what’s the problem?” she asked, needing him to be clear. She couldn’t fix it if she didn’t know what was wrong.
“I want him,” Davey said, in a voice awfully close to a wail. He was acknowledging it – that was a good thing, right? Unfortunately that didn’t just make it go away.
“I think he’s made it perfectly clear that that isn’t a problem,” Sarah teased, ruffling her younger brother’s hair.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request Hanzo getting double diqd by Mccree and Reaper?


Pairing: McCree/Hanzo/Reaper (McReapzo)

Rating: R 18+

Warnings: Bondage, suspension, gag, DP, toys, smut, PWP

He felt a sharp claw lightly trace up his spine slowly, sending shivers down his spine. Goosebumps formed down his back and over his arms, before he feels something cold, yet so light move over him.

“Such a pretty thing you are….”

He shuddered and lightly humped the air when the toy against his prostrate starts to vibrate a little harder inside him. He gasps and moans, panting. He tried to press back against….against something…!

The scent of cigars filled the room when a soft chuckle sounds from another side of the room.

Hanzo turned his head despite being blindfolded towards the noise before the heavy thump of boots and sift noise of spurs was heard. A warm arm lightly encircled Hanzo’s waist, causing him to jump at the suddenness of it.

“Heh, think he’s been stretched enough boss?”

Metallic fingers lightly grip his chin, tracing under his jaw.

“M-mmmmmph…..mmmm…!” He gasped when someone pressed up against his back and gently pressed up against his back.

Lips lightly brush against his neck “Mmmm….How long has it been in him?”

Hanzo gave a muffled cry as his cock is lightly prodded, aching from the ring around it. The man with the southern drawl hummed softly.

“Hmmm……‘bout an hour now. Good boy didn’t cum once,” the hand lightly squeezes the head making Hanzo arch and scream around the gag trying to buck up into the grip.

“Well then, what are we waiting for?”

Hanzo slumped in the ropes holding him up as the toy is turned off and slowly pulled out of him. He grunted and whined legs trembling at the sudden loss of pleasure. He twitched slight before a hand grabs his hair and pulls his head back.

“Mmmm…bastante pequeño lobo~”

Hanzo grunted as he felt himself being repositioned, then held in place. He’s slowly lowered down, and he whimpers slightly as he feels what could only be cock pushing into his stretched hole. Lubricant from the toy made it easier to push in, before he felt sharp nails in his hips holding him in place.

“Shhhh shh shh, easy now darlin’…ya ok….such a good boy….Reaper an’ I ain’t gonna hurt ya…” Hanzo mewled as kisses are pressed up his neck, shivering at the praise.

There was a tsk “You done? I’d like to fuck him today please.”

The Shimada whines when he’s thrust up into slightly for emphasis. However he froze up when he felt a second one start to push up.


“Shhhhh relax…it’s ok….”

“Don’t worry little Shimada…don’t you want a reward?”

He shivered when he felt that cold return swallowing thickly. He groaned softly at the stretch, thighs twitching before he’s thrust up into by both of them. He grunts and shakes softly.

“Mmm!!! Mmmm mmm mmm!!!!!” He tugs lightly at the ropes gasping and moaning at each thrust up into him. His hands twitch when they brush up against that one spot—



Hanzo slowly opened his eyes to find himself on an old mattress, and a familiar metal arm around his waist.

His eyes are still adjusting but he feels the clawed fingers gently tilt his head up as water is gently poured down his mouth. His jaw is too sore to talk and he can’t really focus…

“Easy now…sleep. You did…very good,” he leaned up into the strokes through his hair “Lobo bueno,.”

He feels a cold kiss to his forehead before he gives in to sleep.

IronHawk (Part Fifteen)

Quick shoutout to my readers–had several of you reach out to me via messages/ my ask box and omg you are all the sweetest and I love you!!!!

A little NSFW this chapter, but nothing terribly graphic.
Spoiler Alert- Tom Holland as Spider-man because he’s the cutest and he never stops talking.

Catch up on Chapters 1-14 HERE

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Clint lay sprawled face down across his bed, face in the pillows, wings twitching irritably.

“Hey man, keep those things down. Nobody likes wind after a shower.” Logan complained.

Clint grinned into the pillows. Of course Logan had something shitty to say.

“Well don’t walk around buck ass naked and maybe the wind wouldn’t bother you.” he retorted, still keeping his face turned away.

After that thoroughly stimulating scene in the training room, Clint really wasn’t up to seeing his roommate in anything less than full battle gear and maybe covered in gore. But he knew from experience that Logan would have just a towel wrapped around his waist as he either went to the kitchen for a post training beer, or yep, there’s the smoke lit one of those cigars, filling the room with that signature scent.

Too bad the cigars didn’t cover the scent of Logan. The man smelled wild. Like trees and wind and cold. Not that cold had a particular smell, but if it did, it would be what Logan smelled like.

And it smelled good.

“So what did Coulson want?” Logan asked, lounging on his bed. He’d grabbed a magazine from the living room and flipped through it carelessly.

“Just want to see how my talk with Fury went.” Clint finally turned to face him, keeping his eyes trained on the blankets on Logan’s bed and not all the skin on display.


“And I told him Fury could fuck off. I’d go back to the Avengers if SHIELD ever stopped needing me.”

“And?” Logan tapped his cigar against his ash tray.

“And Coulson smiled that stupid half smile he does and moved right on.”

“Does he want you to go back?”

“He’s concerned that since I’m an original member of the team, they are suffering for me not being there. As well as worried that being separated from people that I've… well nearly died for, and certainly killed for, for such a long time is detrimental to me.”

“What, like he thinks you’re lonely?”

Clint shrugged into the bed, wings moving with the motion. “I don’t really know what he meant by that.”

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Flight of the Albatross - Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time [Part 1]

From the “Find your dialogue prompt” the title was inspired by the Panic! At the Disco song of the same name.
A) “Can I help you?”
18) “Please, tell me more.”

The tavern appeared for all intents and purposes to be innocuous, dimly lit and–over all–well-loved by the numerous patrons that entered it’s walls. Pirates and local sailors filled the dining hall with a cacophonous din, their voices roaring as they chattered, swapping stories and just in general having a pleasant time. Cigar smoke gave the room a perpetual haze, the scent of spilled booze from harried waitstaff mixing with its cloying odor.

Law hated it.

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RobStar Week: Day 7

Aaaand that’s a wrap from me for RobStar week. Was a little all over the place with scheduling and keeping up to date with it this time but got them out there in the end and that’s what counts.

Hope you enjoy this one… It was an interesting prompt.

Film Noir

Soft jazz was the only thing that he could hear when he closed his eyes; taking in the pleasant saxophone, it was all that he enjoyed about this environment.

When his eyes were open, the room was dim, the lighting being for shit in this place. But, he supposed that was the aesthetics of this location. Cigar smoke clogged the room, making it  even harder to see and honestly leaving a stale taste in his mouth each time he took a breath.

All the men around him were sleazebags for sure. Some were there for pleasure, whether they got that through paying the odd mistress that walked in or not.

He swirled the glass of brandy clasped between his fingers. He wasn’t of the legal drinking age yet but it was amazing what a fake ID and menacing tone could do for him.

Didn’t really care for the stuff though. It was syrupy and left a bitter, firey streak in his throat as it trickled down and warmed him belly. It was mainly for looks. He wanted people to ignore him; for his face to blend into the crowd. He wanted to get in and get out again.

He hated everything about this place.

There was a flash of red hair and he quirked a smile.

Well, not everything. There was her.

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Mr Reyes (Part 3)

Part 1     Part 2

After Jack had left the meeting they had arranged, Gabriel was quick to begin packing up his things, smirking as he cleared his mug of coffee away and washed the remaining drink down the drain. He was, pleasantly, surprised that the uptight blond had easily accepted his offer. Gabriel had been more than ready to pull more tricks out of his sleeves in an attempt to coerce Jack into going out with him, but it seemed Hana’s father was an easier catch than he had first thought. Placing the black mug, a skull emblazoned in white on the front, aside, Gabriel packed the kid’s work books in his bag and heaved the leather satchel onto his shoulder, waving to Sally the cleaner as he exited the building.

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Playhouse 30,000/30,000/1,500/100 Celebratory future Markson smut sneak peak

Recently, Playhouse reached 30,000 views in both AFF and AO3, and 1500 kudos on AO3 and 100 votes on AFF. As thanks, I asked my followers on Twitter what they would like me to write as celebration, and the answer was a sneak peak future Markson smut. So I did.

This is kinda not a spoiler? Because I do not know if this scene can actually happen as-is later in the story, since I had to guesstimate Markson’s relationship at a later stage, and this was what came out of it. So if and when this is actually included in the storyline of Playhouse, it might have big changes to it.

Anyhow, let’s get to it.

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