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Unknown King - part IV

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: I am really slow on updates because I’m busy with work and I’m trying to do 3 school projects at a time. Please let me know if you ant to be tagged or added to my permanent tag list

Word count: 2.1k

Part I Part II Part III 


Two months passed and you still didn’t have a good headline. At work, you were still called the Rookie. Not to mention your pay was not all that great. The savings you had were running low. The owner of the house you lived in raised the price on the rent, which meant that your entire check from The Report went towards the rent. If you didn’t find a good scoop, you’d be doomed for sure.

However, every time a killer story surfaced, the opportunity would be snatched away by a newly hired girl. Her name was Madison Titan. She’s only been at The Report for a month but has managed to climb the ladder of success. She always scored front page headlines. She hated you. It wasn’t hard for you to realize that, but you didn’t let it bring you down. You didn’t have time for silly middle school actions.

You sighed as you looked at the stack of bills that needed to be paid. Asking you parents for money was not an option. Your father told you this would happen and it did. He’d just use this opportunity to give you the “I Told You So” conversation. No way did you want him to have that victory.

You looked out the window. A handful of sports cars were parked in Bucky’s circular driveway. You became very good friends with Bucky. Every Saturday he would take your out for lunch. It became a routine. You still knew little about him but didn’t push him to open up. You bit down on your bottom lip and turned away from the window. Shortly after, you received a message from Bucky.

Bucky: come over, I have some friends I want you to meet.

You: right now?

Bucky: yes! You’re not busy right?

You: of course not, I’ll be right over

You ran into your room and pulled the closet open. After pulling on a soft oversized sweater, you quickly sprayed some perfume on you before grabbing your keys. The sun sat high in the sky, beating down on you. You pulled the sweater into your exposed shoulder, but it was no use. The cloth would simply fall back. You walked through Bucky’s garden. Everything looked beautiful with its exotic flowers and pungent smells of roses that engulfed your senses. It looked beautiful, almost ethereal.  You sighed and knocked on the door. A butler opened the door.

“Miss Y/L/N, Mister Barnes is expecting you,” He said.

You smiled and stepped inside. This was the third time you were in Bucky’s house. Clearly, you never went this the extravagant parties he threw every Friday night.

The Butler led you to the pool area where there were a few people mingling around. Bucky saw you and made his way towards you. His head bent down a bit as if he was going in for a kiss, but at the last minute pulled you into a hug. You patted his back and smiled. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

“Y/N these are friends of mine,” He said.

A tall man with blond hair steps forward. He was ad muscular as Bucky and flashed you a kind smile, “Steve Rogers.”

You smiled and shook his hand. A beautiful woman with red hair shook hands with you. She introduced herself as Natasha Romanoff. Then you met Sam Wilson, who had a mischievous smile and lingered close to you for a few seconds before leaving your side to talk to Steve. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff introduced themselves at the same time and you almost didn’t catch their names. Finally, you finished off with Clint Barton and Thor, who didn’t give you his surname.

You sat on one of the bar stools at the outdoor bar. You watched as Bucky spoke with his friends openly. Wanda sat next to you, she ordered her drink before turning to you.

“How long have you and Barnes been together?” She asked, her thick accent hung on her voice.

You choked on your drink and began to cough. You shook your head, “We’re not dating. Just good friends.”

She hummed, “The way he looks at you says something else.”

“How does he-?”

“Never mind that,” She said abruptly. “You must be special. James doesn’t always introduce us to his neighbors, much less his girls.”

You sipped your drink, growing uncomfortable about the situation. It seemed like she was talking to herself aloud instead of you. You shrugged, “we’ve known each other for a few months now.”

“He’s not the most open person in the world. Just be patient,” She smiled.

Bucky told you to stay until everyone left. It was two hours of just talking and drinking and lounging around. It wasn’t bad, you were able yo take your mind off the stack of bills that would surely give you a headache once you stepped back into your home. You stood at Bucky’s side as he watched the final car leave the driveway.

He turned to you and smiled, “did you have fun?”

You nodded, “I did!”

“Come on, I’ll give you a tour of the house.” He opened the door and you stepped inside once again. “It had dawned on me that I hadn’t shown you my home.”

“Your house is very beautiful,” You remarked as you followed him deeper into parts of his house that you hadn’t been in.

“It is,” Bucky agreed. “It was built in the late 1800s. The chandeliers had all collected an inch of dust when I first bought this place. Obviously, no one had lived in it for a while.”

You passed various closed doors that you didn’t bother asking what was behind them. Instead, you continued to follow him until the vibrant hallway opened into a large room with a long table in it. The table could possible seat 20 guests and it almost made you sad at the thought of Bucky sitting on one of those chairs eating dinner by himself.

“The dining room,” He said. “Had this table imported from a castle in Europe. Never eat here.”

You weren’t surprised by what he said. He was already moving forward, you quickly followed close behind. Bucky opened a door that revealed the kitchen. It was probably the size of your house. It had a pizza oven, another oven, a grand silver stove, a refrigerator, beautiful marble island and other things you did not recognize. Two chefs were working around the kitchen. Cutting vegetables and fruit while another stirred something in a pot. It smelled exquisite. You watched as the chef cutting the fruit threw the diced strawberries into a large machine that ate the berries and produced a red juice.

“These are the chefs that run the kitchen. Renaldo, Anthony, this is Y/N.” Bucky introduced.

The two men smiled and bowed their heads. Renaldo came forward, “would the Miss like some bread?”

“Yes! Of course!” Bucky boomed happily.

Renaldo grabbed a knife and opened a silver drawer in an oven. Be pulled out a loaf of bread and began cutting it into slices. He handed you one. It was warm, crunchy and soft at the same time.

“This is amazing,” you remarked. “Best bread I’ve ever had!”

“It’s Renaldo’s family recipe,” Bucky said. “Even I don’t know what’s in it.”

You smiled and took another bite from the bread. Bucky led you to a walk-in freezer, where all the ice cream, frozen meats and other foods were stored. He grabbed a wine glass that was filled with chocolate. The door closed behind him, keeping the cold contained. Anthony handed him a spoon and Bucky gave you the glass of chocolate. You dipped the spoon in the glass and ate the chocolate mousse.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

You nodded, “it’s delicious.”

Bucky opened another door and revealed the small room to be filled with different wine bottles. The shelves had white wine as well as red wine. Your lips parted in awe at his wide collection of wine bottles.

The rest of the tour was a blur. Bucky showed you the indoor pool and jacuzzi, gym, game room, lounge area, the courtyard where all the parties usually were held and various other rooms that only seemed to be found a palace.

“Bucky your place is amazing!” You twirled around and closed your eyes as you spun.


You stopped and faced Bucky. He was smiling at your state. He took a deep breath as if preparing himself for something.

“Y/N,” He paused. “Do you-would you like to-?”

He was interrupted when the sound of his phone went off. A look of anger flashed through his eyes as he pulled out his phone. Bucky looked up apologetically.

“I’m so sorry, I have to take this, it’s an important call,” he said.

You nodded, “It’s okay Buck.”

He turned his back to you and walked into another room. You managed to catch the beginning of the conversation.

“This better be good Harrison, I was in the middle of something,” Bucky growled.

You were a bit taken aback at his attitude. Not wanting to eavesdrop, you walked away from the door. Your own phone vibrated. It was a message for Emma, saying that Cole wanted to see you. You bit your lip, debating whether to stay and find out what Bucky was going to ask you or go to your boss. You slowly walked towards the room and poked your head in. Bucky was listening intently to the voice at the other end of the line.


Bucky turned.

“I have to go to work,” You whispered. “We’ll talk tomorrow, okay?”

He moved his phone away from his mouth and nodded. He quickly mouthed an apology. You smiled and turned, making your way to the exit. Leaving a very frustrated Bucky behind.

“Ah, Y/N so good you could make it,” Mr. Cole said when you entered his office. “Please, take a seat. We have much to discuss.”

“What do you wish to discuss?” You asked though you had a feeling of what he wanted to talk about. Mr. Cole leaned back in his seat and set his cigar in the ashtray. You tried you best to muffle a cough. The smell was pungent.

“I’ve heard that you are neighbors with Barnes, is that correct?” He asked.

You furrowed your eyebrows at his comment but nodded, “Yes, I am.”

Cole nodded in approval, “I am willing to make a deal with you.” He paused. “I can raise your pay.” He opened a drawer and pulled out a check. Cole set it in front of you. The check read five thousand dollars and it was addressed to you. “You can walk out of here with this check as long as you agree to my proposal.”

“And what’s that?” You asked, knowing the demon that was around the corner.

“You find out where Barnes gets his money and give me various stories about the skeletons in his closet.” He said.

You scoffed, “Mr. Cole, Mister Barnes is a mystery to me. I barely know the man.”

“Emma tells me she’s seen you going out to lunch with him various times,” Cole said.

Anger fueled inside of you at his comment. How dare he! And how could Emma ever do that to you? You shook your head. “I refuse to do what you request. I can’t ruin a friendship over a headline.”

Cole shrugged and grabbed a pen before writing ‘VOID’ across the check. He threw the pen down, “Pack your things Y/N.”

You nodded, “Gladly.”

You walked out of the office, with nothing but your pride. Your head was tall as you walked to your desk. There was nothing that you wanted to take with you. Nothing to 'pack up.’

“Y/N!” Emma called to you.

You looked at her with tear-filled eyes. Your bottom lip quivered as you grabbed a small postcard on your desk and left to the elevator. You couldn’t help but scorn them. You hated that they were about to use Bucky for a headline. That they were going to invade someone’s life to get a story. You shook your head and wiped your eyes. These people were gullible. Hiding behind their laptops and hunting in a herd for weak prey.

Although he was still a closed book to you, Bucky could possibly be the most truthful person you’ve met.

You thought your day couldn’t get worse. You were wrong. With a slam of the car door, you ripped up the postage card and threw it on the ground, knowing that you’d come back and pick it up later. You walked up the steps of your home and your heart shattered by a single piece of paper.

It was an eviction notice.

You took the paper down and went into your home. You pressed your back against the door and sat down. With your knees pulled up to your chest, you cried. You cried because you had finally done it. You failed. You cried because you lost your job. You cried because you felt used, you felt dirty and stained.

You cried because you knew you had to leave New York, which means leaving Bucky as well.

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The Bet - Logan Howlett x Reader

<b>AN: This was a request for a good, sinful friend, who waited ever so patiently for me to build muse (by watching all of the X-Men films without any pants on), and for that I am so grateful! My apologies for its inherent shite-ness, and I do hope you enjoy. It’s not set at any particular point during the cannon story line, so feel free to plop yourself at whatever point you like! Part 2 will be up as soon as I’m done dousing myself in holy water.</b>

<b>Trigger warnings: Swearing, alcohol, mentions of sexy-time, talk of dong, mention of orgasmos, talk of viagra, talk of domination, mentions of rough sex, mentions of gambling.</b>

There is no doubt; extremely stressful days at the office call for equally extreme sessions at the bar.
“What’s the cheapest drink I can get with the highest alcohol content?“ You ask flatly too exhausted to register even the slightest bit of embarrassment as the man next to you guffaws into his own glass upon overhearing your request. Ignoring him, you instead focus on the server’s bemused expression, maintaining your stone-cold facade.
"One shot of tequila coming up.” He mutters, his fascination with you evident in his searching gaze. You don’t blame him. Relatively young and formally dressed, you’re far different from his usual clientele, which seem to all be older, dark, brooding hobo types.

"Make it two.“ You shoot back as you shrug off your jacket, trying to maintain your calm, casual demeanor as the oppressiveness of the grimy dive bar hits you for the first time. You take a quick look around as you settle onto your bar-stool, your legs dangling above the floor, a telltale sign that you’re barely old enough to be there. The place is almost pitch black, the air is thick with smoke. You still manage to make out the silhouettes of numerous hunched figures, and most clear to you is the man beside you, illuminated by a dim lamp above his head.

Your attention is drawn back to the bar as your drinks are poured hastily before you. You wrinkle your nose as the putrid smell of tequila hits your nostrils, but still you manage to slide a ten dollar bill across the counter gratefully. Beginning your pre-shot ritual of deep breaths and erratic hand movements, you brace yourself for the wonderfully toxic experience to come. You grasp one glass firmly in your fist, your eyes wide in anticipation, and you swear that you can feel your liver quiver in fear as yo-

"I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” You stop, turning to the source of the interruption. The man beside you. Taking a drag from his cigar, he continues.

"Not two at once. You’re tiny. I don’t wanna have you pukin’ all over me.“
Despite your annoyance at his patronising sentiments, you find yourself melting into a puddle in your seat. It’s only now that you’ve noticed his eyes, his sculpted jawline subtly masked by a dark, unusually trimmed beard. Not only is he ridiculously ruggedly handsome, but he’s older too, something that piques your interest far more than you’d like to admit.

Needless to say, you’re at a loss for words and instead you do what any sane girl would do in order to remain composed in such a situation. You quickly down both shots, forgetting the lemon and salt completely, before slamming the empty glasses triumphantly on the counter. You hear a sharp intake of breath beside you.

"I’ll get the mop.” mutters this mysterious brooding lumberjack, as he takes a swig from his own drink.

"I promise you, that won’t be necessary.” you manage to retort as you feel the alcohol hit your system with a satisfying shudder.
"f it comes to that, I’ll aim for that asshole who tried to smack my ass when I walked in.“ He smiles at this, and you congratulate yourself- he doesn’t strike you as the kind who does this often.
"Young female ass is quite the novelty in here, that was probably the most action the old fuck has had in 20 years.” You laugh out loud at this, throwing your head back and swaying dangerously on your bar-stool, consciously allowing your skirt to ride up your thighs ever so slightly.
"And this conversation is what - the most action you’ve had in about 5?“ You reply with a smirk, your gaze falling to his hands, one clutching his glass, the other, his cigar. Fuck, even his hands are attractive. Thick and coarse looking, you begin to imagine how they feel ghosting over bare skin…
"Mhmm, you got it bub, I’m semi hard just talking to you.” He grins back at you, his voice heavy with sarcasm. You notice his gaze shamelessly wandering down your body, pausing ever so slightly over your thighs. You watch him study you and smile to yourself. This was not the kind of situation you had expected walking in here, but you were more than happy with how this was going.

"Hard from small talk, eh?” You raise your eyebrows. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just be thankful you’re not on Viagra.”
He chuckles darkly and meets your eyes for the first time.
“Fuck, you’re cruel.” he mumbles, searching your gaze. You laugh softly and lean close enough to him to whisper.
“So how long do you last eh? 30-40 seconds?”
“On the contrary sweetheart, I reckon you wouldn’t last half as long as I would. Not with me.” He takes another swig.
“Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that.” you sigh, fiddling with one of your empty shot glasses.
“Can’t tell you how many times I’ve dealt with brats like you, bub.” he grunts.
“Look, I’m just sayin’, 3 minutes of grunting in the dark and disappointment may be your cup of tea, but it certainly ain’t mine, bub.” You attempt an imitation of his accent on the last word, but it fails to impress. Despite you broaching the topic in good humour, you can tell that you are genuinely pissing him off, his eyes are dark and his jaw clenched - and fuck, do you like the look of him when he’s angry. You let out a small giggle, as you continued to stare each other down.
"You’re so sure of yourself! What your secret, giving yourself whiskey-dick with that drink?“ you ask, batting your lashes at him, a part of you genuinely curious. He stubs out his cigar in a nearby ashtray and leans further towards you, his body looming over yours threateningly.
“Your kind are all the same, all bark and no bite.” The competitive edge to his voice stirs something in you, and you ghost your lips across his jawline.
His voice is a grunt now, frustration edging into his face and voice slowly but surely. He seems to be used to getting his way, and you’re sure as hell not going to give it to him.
“A bet then.” You decide, straightening up. “10 bucks says I can make you cum before I do.”
“I’m not interested in money.” He’s growling now, and his eyes still haven’t left yours. “You cum first, and I get to do as I please, for as long as I please.”
You feel yourself shudder, and a small part of you wonders if you’re way in over your head. Still, you are confident ; you have biology on your side.And worst comes to the worst, you get a good fucking… everybody wins! Still, you can’t help but feel somewhat terrified.
“Fine.” you manage. “And if I win?”
“That won’t happen sweetheart, I can assure you.” he smiles again, and this time it’s full of menace.
You pause, taking in a shaky breath.
“Alright, its a bet.” you chirp, feigning confidence, holding out your hand for a shake.
“Its a bet.” He snarls, grabbing your hand and pulling you in for a rough kiss on the cheek.


John x Reader

Requested By Anon

“It’s ridiculous.” Ada sighed as she walked up and down in front of Tommy’s desk and ranted at her brother. “I don’t mind that my best friend like my brother, it’s the fact that they won’t admit that they like each other so I’m stuck in the middle of this doe eyed love sick… whatever… and it is getting on my nerves.”

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On Your Knees.

original gif source: x

John Shelby x Reader

~warnings: smut~

Request: Anon - #171 “On your knees.” with John Shelby, please Thank you. Xxx

Prompt list here.

A/N: “John is angry because you made him jealous and so he gets super possessive of you.” That’s the angle I went with for this fic so I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for the request! Sorry If there are typos I finished writing this at 4:30 AM because I just really wanted to finish it and because it was 4 AM i didn’t feel like checking for typos (I will probably come back later and fix stuff.) Anyways, this is definitely the most graphic I’ve gotten in terms of smut but it is hard to avoid that when you are describing a blowjob lol. Thank you for reading, liking and reblogging I appreciate it. Requests are Open so feel free to send one in using the prompt list or just anything that comes to mind. Also, I love getting feedback so please tell me what you think. Okay, I’m done rambling. Enjoy!

You’ve always been quite the flirt, saying things you didn’t mean especially when you were drunk. This usually didn’t bug John much being that he is generally the same. He and you had probably gotten together based that commonality itself. The main difference being he caught onto what he was doing quicker and stopped it as soon as he found himself doing so. You, however, did not have much of a filter for this. Maybe it was because you didn’t hold your liquor as well as he did or maybe he was just more in control of himself. John usually helped keep you in check, keeping you from making a fool of yourself. 

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Nicotine Sweetness

Trigger warning: smut, Knife and gun play {Read at your discretion, if this may scare you then please don’t read it.} (Note: I should note that they wouldn’t do this without a serious discussion of prior consent and some kind of safeword signal. This scenario assumes that, just for the sake to be able to quickly get into the smut.)

Namjoon luckily gave you the head ups that their latest deal went tits up. You say that, knowing that he wasn’t some altruistic angel, sent to pre-warn you of your boyfriend’s foulest moods, he was very much hoping that you would calm him down for everyone else’s sakes. So that’s what you planned to do, not necessarily because you wanted to help out Yoongi’s right hand man, but because you loved it when Yoongi was pissed. That always led to the best sex.

You made sure to lay out Yoongi’s favourite toys on the desk of his office, a bowie knife, the weapon he used on his first ever casualty, and a custom Colt M1911 pistol with an engraving of his psuedonym, Suga.

You would usually put on a pair of lacey lingerie, a black as bruises he may leave if he feels like spanking you, but Namjoon had texted the number 10 for a reason. Lingerie would just get in the way, Yoongi would rip it off anyway, even if he liked how it made you look like his perfect little whore. But you were his little perfect whore, you even set out his favourite Cuban cigars and ashtray on his desk too, you knew how Yoongi liked nothing more than a nice cigar and his perfect whore on his lap after a stressful day ‘in the office’.

When Yoongi returned home, he headed straight to his office, pleased to see his Kitten had everything set out for him. She really was perfect; he had trained her well. She knew just what he needed and right now he needed her. He sauntered over to his desk, taking his seat in front of it, holding the cigar in his hand as his Kitten dutifully lighted it, whilst staying on her knees, right by her Daddy’s feet. After taking one inhale of its nicotine sweetness, he exhaled into his Kitten’s waiting mouth. He pulled back and smirked, grateful that his Kitten was so pliant, especially considering the night he has had.

You only exhaled when he gave you permission and then proceeded to look down until Yoongi choose to instruct you otherwise. He picked up the Colt, assessing the familiar weight of it in his hand before he got his Kitten to look up at him. He didn’t need to ask, his Kitten knew what he wanted her to do and so she did. You licked the barrel like it was the sensitive slit of Yoongi’ cock, making sure to press your tongue as slowly as firmly as you would with him.

At first, you were reluctant to do this, finding it pointless to simulate oral on Yoongi’s favourite gun when you could just be giving it to him, but you grew to love it. Not just because it made him happy but because there was some kind of sick, twisted frill that came with it. You questioned whether Yoongi really had fucked with your head but you didn’t care. Yoongi may have changed you irrecoverably, but you didn’t regret it because you never felt this kind of mind numbing pleasure with anyone else.

At this point, you had bobbed down up until the trigger, your lips touching Yoongi’s cold fingers, giving them a butterfly kiss everyone you deep throated the Colt. You mainted eye contact with Yoongi, even as he pulled the trigger, both knowing the gun to be empty, but your complete compliance, your ride or die mentality was what Yoongi loved the most. Yoongi could never harm his Kitten, the person he treasured most in this cruel world, but he always loved dabbling with danger, that’s how he got into his profession anyway.

He gave you a pat on the head to instruct you to release his gun, so he could then place it back on the desk. Yoongi then wordlessly got you to undo his belt using your teeth and pulled you unto his lap, once it was removed of all unwanted fabric. You were well trained at the point because unfortunately with Yoongi’s line of work there were the occasion fuck-ups. He then proceeded to smoke his cigar, his second, as you slam yourself onto his length, the gun play making you wet enough to take the quick entrance.

You rid him as hard as you could, knowing that the harsh sound of your skin slapping was therapeutic for Yoongi. It was some kind of kinky metronome, something only a sadistic pianist like Yoongi could fully appreciate. Your body kept such a steady rhythm, the monotonous sound being the perfect soundtrack for Yoongi clearing his head of the day’s hardships. It didn’t hurt the the harshness of your descents made him harder too. Yoongi has always been drawn to roughness, the painful pleasure always serving to remind him of the delights of living a sinful life such as his.

Whilst you knew that Yoongi liked his Kitten to be obedient, you also knew that a tiny bit of teasing made me cum that much harder. After a few more minutes of your steady and harsh, skin-slapping rhythm, you switched it up. You moved at a snail’s pace, letting yourself and Yoongi savor in the feeling of all the bumps and veins of your walls and his cock. You weren’t technically breaking his orders, you were still riding his cock, just incredibly slowly. Just before he spanked you, you slammed yourself back down, drawing out an expletive from your Daddy. You then proceeded to ride him as normal. But it had worked, Yoongi now wanted nothing more than for you both to cum.

Yoongi grabbed your hips with a bruising force and helped guide you into many different rhythms and styles of riding, switching it up before each one got to stale. His mouth in a slight smirk, his cigar clenched between his teeth. The frequent changes bombarded you with constant and overwhelming stimulation, sending your senses into overdrive. You were close and Yoongi, the smug prick, knew it.

Yoongi had one final trick up his sleeve. He picked up his bowie knife and delicately traced your collarbone with it.

No matter how many times you engaged in knife play, it always took your breath away. You couldn’t explain it. It wasn’t because you didn’t trust Yoongi, you really did, it just excited you to the point where you would forget how to breath for a split second. You slowly exhaled when he slowly pulled the knife away. He then continued to trace parts of your body, all the while knowing that the knot inside you was growing.

You were so close you could cry, everything was great, the riding was rough but something was missing. Just when you thought you couldn’t cum, Yoongi held the knife to your neck with a bit of pressure, it leaving you a bit breathless. It was just what you needed. You came so hard that you almost blacked out, forcing Yoongi’s own orgasm from him with the tightness of your dripping cunt, his cum painted your velvet walls.

As your breathing calmed down, Yoongi placed the knife down and petted your hair, a silent thank you and a sign of the aftercare you could expect soon.


John x Fem!Reader (Smut)

Requested By Anon

Warnings: smut, public sex, swearing

Bloody hell, (Y/N) will you go get Arthur?” Poll snapped.

“Yeah.” You sigh as you stretch and hop down off the table you’d been sat on. It didn’t take long to get to the Garrison and find John and Arthur in the private room.


“Poll wants Arthur.” You grumbled.


“Alright, here (Y/N) on me.” Arthur sighed as he dropped a few coins on the table. John chuckled when you sat down and let you head drop against the wall behind you.


“Poll keeping you busy?” John asked as he watched you.

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  • Grunt: Um, Torchwick sir? Why exactly are we tracking down this Ruby girl? Are you sure we can make money off of-
  • Roman: It's my job to run this operation, isn't it? Now go on! Shoo! I'm not paying you to stand around not tracking the girl down!
  • Neo: ......
  • Grunt: Yes Sir!
  • Grunt: *Leaves*
  • Neo: ......
  • Roman: *Shatters. Was an illusion made by Neo.*
  • Neo: *Takes Roman's hat and cane out of a cabinet. She puts on the hat.*
  • Neo: *Gently caresses the cane, a solemn look on her face*
  • Neo: *Sets the cane down on her lap. Put s a cigar in her mouth and lights it with Roman's lighter*
  • Neo: *Continues caressing the cane, softly weeping.*
  • Neo: *Takes cigar out of her mouth and loudly coughs out smoke. She puts it back in.*
  • Neo: *Continues this for several minutes before putting the cigar down in an ashtray.*
  • Neo: *Takes out a picture of Ruby and stares at it, getting increasingly angry*
  • Neo: *Uses Roman's lighter to set the picture on fire. She watches it burn in her hand, staring at it angrily with tears in her eyes.*
Mapillae!?! (Husband!?!)

Requested by anon 

Could you do one where luke is nervous to meet the readers parents but it ends up being where the parents like luke. Thanks

A/n : I made the reader Indian because i could write it better, mostly cause of seeing my cousins bring their lovers over. Sadly that doesn’t usually end well so I made it all cute and happy. Note that this has not been beta read and is probably trash.

Pairing : Luke x Indian!Reader

POV : Third POV

Word count : 2254

“Okay okay let’s go through the checklist” Y/n mumbled tapping at the steering wheel.

“Babe, you have gone through the list 5 times already…” Luke groaned, turning on the AC of the car.

“I know i know but it helps me calm down. Okay number 1 “

“We’ve been dating for 5 months” Luke replied instantly.

Y/n nodded “Right good. Why are you ;lying to them about it?”

“Cause if I tell them we’ve been together for 3 years they will be hurt because you didn’t tell them, ask if we have had sex which we have had and it was amazing…”


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An executive sits in a darkened office at Sony. An underling walks in.

“Sir, Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn’t being as well-received as we’d hoped…”

The executive taps a cigar out into an ashtray. “Well, I suppose we’ll have to start again. Start negotiations with Marvel.”

“But sir!”


The underling shudders at the bark of the deep voice. “Sir, this would be the third Spider-Man in a span of 10 years. Even with Marvel’s pedigree, the audience isn’t going to take this sort of treatment. Are we going to recast him?”

“Of course! If that’s what it takes.”

“But after all this, all of the plans for our own cinematic universe in ashes… Perhaps we should just let our Spider-Man plans…die.”

The executive laughs, a cold dark laugh. “That’s not an option. You’ll put in the call to Marvel—they know what they’re doing.”

“But why, sir—why?

“You know why,” he says. “Because…”

He leans forward into the light, revealing a flat-top black haircut, graying temples, and a toothbrush mustache.

“…I want more pictures of Spider-Man.

Death of a Bachelor (Part One)

A/N: So this is going to be a series, my first series actually. And I’m sorry for not being as active as I probably should on this blog, but I’m back now!!! Enjoy my lovelies! :3 -Admin Germane

Summary: Oh Sehun, the richest, most powerful man in Long Island, New York may have found the one thing he’s been missing from his life. But the question is if she’ll ever want him like he wants her.

Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4

Word Count: 2550

(A/N: And I normally don’t throw in two gifs but the one below is how I imagined Sehun to look during this story, just with a serious expression!)

Long Island, New York. 1922

The night was dark, not a single star in the sky could be seen from all the industrial lights of the city and high rises. The streets of the hopping city were littered with the waste of those without a care in the world, who spent their days going against the laws with the consumption of alcohol and the showing of skin. In these streets, a man walked with presence and poise; a rose amongst daisies.

His black hair was slicked back with obvious amounts of gel under his white fedora, his white suit was pure without a speck of dirt in the fibers of his clothes, and his polished shoes clicked against the concrete with each step he took.

Oh Sehun was a God amongst peasants. His wealth grew from the illegal alcohol trade, thanks to the new Era’s laws. No one didn’t know who Oh Sehun was, unless you were living under a rock. His connections with the NPD made him untouchable, immortal to the rules and the convictions of prison. He relished in his power and milked it for all it was worth, granting him anything his heart desired.

Sehun turned off the streets and into the alley between Main and 17th. His hands were shoved in his coat pockets, he whistled as he walked down the narrow passageway. He approached a metallic door and tapped his knuckles lightly against the surface. A slit in the door opened up and two eyes looked straight into his own. The slit closed instantly and the door opened instantly, and Sehun walked inside without a word.

“Mr. Oh, allow me to take your coat.”

“No need for that, I won’t be staying for pleasure tonight.” Sehun said, removing his hat and throwing it towards the bouncer, never bothering to look back and see if he caught it as he walked downstairs into the nightclub. Sehun smoothed back his gelled hair and fixed the knot in his black tie as he stepped down into the dimly lit room.

He picked up his black walking stick from a holder by the entryway and twirled it in his hand as he approached a booth on the right side of the room. He weaved in and out of tables as the other patrons watched the flapper girls dance on stage. Jazz flowed from the speakers of the club, and Sehun smirked when he finally made it to his reserved booth.

“I see you’ve gotten friendly with my gals, huh Jay?” Sehun said, making the man that sat in between two attractive blondes look up. The man named Jay sent Sehun a smile and the two shook hands warmly.

“I can’t help it Sehun, you know I have a thing for the blondes.” Jay said as Sehun slid into the booth.

“But you’ve completely ignored these two here, they might have been fun to play with.” Sehun smirked as a redhead and a brunette latched themselves on either side of Sehun.

“We’ve been waiting here for you Mr. Oh.” the redhead cooed.

“Yeah, it’s been so lonely.” the brunette pouted as she played with Sehun’s tie.

“But I’m here now.” Sehun smirked, throwing his arms around the girls shoulders as they ran their hands over his chest and arms.

“So Jay, let’s talk business then.”

“Oh c'mon Sehun, why does everything have to be all about business with you whenever we talk? Can’t we just have a night where bachelors can be bachelors?” Jay laughed, picking up his whiskey glass as he took a swig.

“Because time is money Jay, I don’t waste mine on lavish parties.” Sehun said, making Jay scoff.

“Speaking of, I’m throwing another Saturday night. You should come to this one.” Jay’s blue eyes sparkled as he threw Sehun a persuasive smile. Sehun’s dark eyes bore into Jay’s bright ones as he thought, bringing his lower lip between his teeth.

“If we can get this deal over with, I’ll consider it then.” Sehun finally said, making Jay clap his hands in accomplishment.

“Fabulous! So, then the usual shipment then from my providers?” Jay asked.

“Nah, I don’t need the moonshine this time Jay. I need your men.” Sehun said, making Jay’s eyes darken.

“What do you need my men for Sehun?” Jay’s voice lowered an octave as he toyed around with a half used cigar in the ashtray.

“I have someone who won’t comply to my rules. I need…him to be persuaded.” Sehun said, his voice dripping from his lips like honey.

“Don’t you have your own men for that?” Jay snapped, making Sehun raise his brow at the standoffish behavior.

“I suggest you do what I ask of you Jay, remember who brought you to where you are now. I can take it away just as easy, and you’ll never get what you truly desire on the other side of the harbor.” Jay looked up at Sehun, who had his signature smirk etched on his face. Sehun took out a lighter and lit a cigarette, slowly blowing the smoke out past his lips. Jay sighed and sat back against the booth.

“Fine, I’ll send some guys down.” Jay said, watching Sehun take another drag. Sehun let the smoke escape his mouth with ease as he gazed up at the ceiling, his lips parted in an easy “O” shape. Sehun’s eyes glanced over at Jay before puffing out the remaining smoke from his mouth.

“They’ll be looking for a Mr. Webber.” Sehun said as he flicked the ashes of his cigarette on the ground, completely bypassing the ashtray.

“I’ll get them on that then Mr. Oh.” Jay said, pushing the blondes away as he stood from the booth. Sehun chuckled as the girls crawled towards him. He winked at Jay and sent him a half-hearted wave with the hand that held the cigarette.

“Pleasure doing business with you then Mr. Gatsby. Send a waiter this way, yeah?” he smirked as he took a drag.

“I’ll be back Sehun, don’t get too comfy.” Jay said as he walked away.

But Sehun did get comfy, allowing the girls to paw and kiss along his body as he sipped his favorite type of rum that was imported from the Caribbean. As Sehun lounged out, he watched the dancers on stage with mild interest. His foot would occasionally tap to the music, and his lips would sometimes part into a seductive smile for the girls at his sides but it felt like a routine to him.
Sehun had everything any young bachelor could want and desire. But something was still missing and he didn’t quite know what it was. He took the last drag of his cigarette and put it out in the ashtray, bringing his glass of rum to his lips when Jay rejoined him.

“Alright, it’s been done your highness.” Jay teased as he regained his blonde women.

“I know I’m the king of this city Jay, but there’s no need for that.” Sehun said as the lights dimmed down even lower, the main performance of the night about to begin. Normally Sehun wouldn’t pay much attention to these performances, but tonight he decide he’d watch like Jay would usually do.

A spotlight shone on stage and there stood one lone girl in a white leotard with rhinestones on the bodice. She wore white elbow length gloves that stood out against her skin. Black fishnets adorned her legs with pristine black heels on her feet. Loose curls fell down her back and framed her face; which was plain except for a dark swipe of red lipstick on her lips and a coating of mascara on her eyelashes.

Sehun leaned forward against the table, pushing the two girls on his sides away as he placed his elbows on the table, resting his chin on his folded hands as he watched the girl bend down to run her hands up her legs.

The music was light with the sounds of piano resonating throughout the room, a strong beat partnering with the music. The girl moved her hips to the music, running her hands over her breast as she snapped her fingers to the beat. She sent the crowd smiles, flashing her pearly white teeth before the song started.

It’s on baby let’s get lost, you don’t need to call into work cause you the boss

The girl moved her hips and body in sensual rolling motions as trumpets joined the mixture of music. She twirled her head back, letting her hair fly as her hands ran over her hips, butt, and thighs. She bent her body down and opened her legs as though she was sending a seductive invitation out to the men as she stood back up, her body twisting as she rose.

He talks like this cause he can back it up. He got a big ego.

Sehun stared, entranced by the women before him. He tuned the rest of the world out as he watched the performance seemingly meant just for him. He let his eyes wander over her body without shame, letting his tongue pop out to wet his lips before gently biting his lower lip out of lust.

I know I’m killing you with them legs, better yet them thighs. Matter of fact it’s my smile, maybe my eyes. Boy you a site to see kind of something like me

‘Damn right,’ Sehun thought as he watched the girl dance to the music. 'Could these lyrics be any more accurate?’ Sehun frowned as the song ended much to soon, the girl leaving the stage and the lights rising back up a little bit. Sehun look to Jay, who seemed confused.

“Sehun, you look like you’ve went through an epiphany.” Jay chuckled, twirling his drink inside his glass. Sehun’s lips parted as to say something but no words could come out. Jay smirked in amusement as he watched Sehun try to grasp his words as he pointed to the stage, looking between Jay and the now occupied stage.

“Mine.” Sehun gasped out, making Jay howl in laughter.

“Yours?! Sehun, man, it’s just a dancer.” Jay laughed. Sehun’s eyes darkened considerably.

“Out.” he growled, making Jay raise his eyebrows at him.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Out. All of you, out of my booth. Now!” Sehun raised his voice, causing the girls to flee. Jay’s eyes widened at his friends behavior, he had never seen him act so passionately towards something before unless it involved money. But Jay slid out of the booth anyways, watching his friend carefully.

“Jay, I want you to find her, send her here.” Sehun said.

“Sehun, are you sure?” Jay questioned, normally his friend wasn’t the type for hookups with random girls. Sehun looked at Jay with determination in his eyes.

“You know my philosophies Jay. And one of them is 'If it feels good and looks good, it must be mine.’ I. Want. Her.” he growled. Jay nodded and hurried off.
Sehun tapped his foot impatiently against the floor as he waited. He smoothed back his hair as he absentmindedly twirled his walking stick in the air. He leaned his head back to watch the slim object twirl in the air, kicking his feet up onto the table as he lit a cigarette.

“Mr. Oh?” Sehun halted his movements, placing his feet back onto the ground along with his walking stick as he sat up. He removed the cigarette from between his lips and blew out a puff of smoke.

“You wanted to see Miss L/N?” the person asked, stepping aside to allow the dancer to step forward. She  had changed into a simple yellow dress; she was probably about to return home for the night. Sehun smirked and nodded.

“Yes, thank you.” he said, waving a dismissive hand to the person to allow them to leave. Sehun watched the girl stand there, fidgeting slightly. He chuckled and beckoned her over with his finger, a smile playing at the corners of his lips when he saw her scared expression. She slid into the booth, keeping her distance from the man. Sehun tsked.

“Now c'mon doll, I don’t bite. Come here.” his voice was low and dark; seductive. The girl seemed reluctant to move so Sehun took matters into his own hands and moved towards her himself, wrapping an arm around her waist.

“See? This isn’t so bad, now is it?” he whispered into the girls ear, making her squirm uncomfortably. Sehun sighed and leaned away from her, keeping his arm securely around her waist.

“What’s your name?” he asked, his voice was smooth as he tried to apply the charm he was known for.

“Y-Y/N.” the girl muttered as she ran her hands over her arms.

“Do you know who I am Y/N?” Sehun asked, trying to catch her eye but Y/N wouldn’t allow it.

“Who doesn’t?” she asked, making Sehun chuckle.

“That’s true.” Sehun agreed. He reached out and cupped her cheek, making her look into his eyes. Y/N’s breath hitched at the close proximity of their faces.

“Are you steady with anyone Y/N?” Sehun asked, allowing his lips to gently brush over her own as he spoke. Y/N sighed and nodded, her hand going to grip Sehun’s forearm.

“Please, Mr. Oh-”

“Sehun, I’m Sehun to you Y/N.” he whispered, pressing his lips against her own. The arm around Y/N’s waist tightened as Sehun pulled her closer, allowing the hand the cupped her cheek to roam into her hair.

But Y/N pushed Sehun away.

Sehun stared at her in shock; no girl has ever rejected him before.

“Please, Mr. Oh. I have someone waiting for me back at home. If you’ll excuse me.” Y/N tried to escape, but Sehun grabbed her wrist.

“Let go of me!” Y/N exclaimed.

“I don’t think you understand. I want you.” Sehun chuckled, trying to pull the girl back towards him.

“Well, I don’t want you!” Sehun raised his brow at that exclamation.

“Darling, when I want something I always get it. And I want you. Don’t make me have to do this the hard way, I’m sure you’ve heard rumors of what I can do to you and that guy of yours at home.” Sehun threatened. Y/N’s eyes widened.

“O-Okay, just don’t hurt him.” Y/N said, making Sehun smirk in satisfaction.

“Good girl. Now tell me, where do you live?”

“The Valley of Ashes.” she mumbled, making Sehun scoff.

“Now that won’t do, you’ll be coming home to live with me.” Sehun said, scooting out of the booth.

“I-I’m sorry?” Y/N asked. Sehun turned back to see her shocked expression.

“You’re coming to live with me, I told you I wanted you didn’t I? C'mon kitten, get up.” he said. Y/N complied and when she stood Sehun picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder.

“Sehun! Let me down!” she protested as Sehun moved towards the exit.

“Have a car brought around. And send someone to Y/N’s address to pick up her things.” he told the bouncer as he grabbed his hat, exiting the building.

“Sehun, please, I can walk.” Y/N said, pounding her fists against his back. Sehun laughed as he walked into the street, seeing the all too familiar black car pull to a stop in front of him.

“Let’s go home love.”


AN: When you see your ex and you start making up stories to show how great you’re doing. I could literally imagine that happening to Sasuke.

Pairing: Sasuhina



The Uchiha lifted his head, making eye contact with the person who was currently standing in front of him. 

She still looked the same.

“Hinata,” he greeted, throwing his newly-lit cigar into the ashtray. “What are you doing here? I thought you were like… In Konoha.

“Oh, I m-moved recently and I didn’t k-know you were here either…”

Sasuke hated to see his ex. Not just anyone but seeing this particular blue head was making his emotions veered between apathetic enervation and eccentric curiosity. She was, out of all, the one that had given him the fondest memories he could ever ask for. 

Well, he got to admit that he was a jerk. Sasuke mentally shrugged. She was probably munching on chocolates while missing him every day.

“Oh, yea I moved here to start a business,” Sasuke lied, flashing a wisp of a smile and signalling the female to sit with him.

“Thank you,” pulling out the chair, she breathed out a sigh the moment she sat down. “What business?”

“You know just some small cafes,” Sasuke said it like as if he was a cafe billionaire in his past life.


He was working in a library, once in a while a freelance journalist which was really rare at the moment. 

“Hoping to do something big and different. How are you?”

Hinata smiled, something Sasuke knew he the moment he saw it, he was in deep shit again. Her smile made him light-headed, like a drug. “I’m working in a bakery with m-my new boyfriend.”

Wait what?

New boyfriend?

Sasuke smiled, a sarcastic one and lit up another cigar. He was taken aback at how fast she had moved on! Well… 3 years was pretty short to Sasuke.

“I’m too busy to find one right now,” he chuckled. “Especially when you’re caught up with so many emails to reply and contracts to sign.”

“Yea I understand how does that feel. My boyfriend was like this during the opening phase of his bakery. But I’m by his side so he felt companied.”

Sasuke thought for a moment he could burn down the entire cafe he was in.

“Did you put on weight? I mean you worked in a bakery,” he shrugged.

“N-No,” she mumbled, her head tilting down a little. Sasuke knew she did because that was one thing she always did whenever she lie. 

She still looked beautiful and Sasuke wanted her back.

“You can always eat your chocolates if your new boyfriend dumps you.”

Secret code of Sasuke: You can always come back to me.

He noticed her elegant brows knitted together. “I don’t like chocolates. You still don’t remember t-that,” she mumbled, in a slight annoyed tone but veered to a cheery one. “He’s really nice. Like he drives me around everyday.”

“That’s nice,” Sasuke up his game. “I drive girls around town sometimes. They are still flocking around me even after all these time.”

“This is the reason why I broke up with you 3 y-years ago,” she snapped, offhandedly and stood up. “You never changed!”

Sasuke was taken aback by her sudden outburst. He thought she had a calm demeanour especially in public. Among the burgeoning whispers and stares around them, it was her perpetual adorable mad face that kept him from arguing back.

She stared at him, waiting for him to say something and the blush which he loved started appearing over her cheeks. He smirked.

“You don’t own a car. You cycle everyday. You worked in the library down this street and girls do flocked around you still b-because of y-your really good looking face but you a-always push them away! Why are you still lying?” 

Sasuke cocked his brows, feeling a sense of euphoria building up within him. Not because she was scolding him for lying again but it was because that idiot just busted her cover of her stalking him. 

“You stalker,” he said nonchalantly as he stood up. 


“Do you really have a boyfriend?”

She lowered her head.

“You liar,” Sasuke smirked, throwing this cigar on the ground and lifted his hand, flicking her forehead just like how he usually did years ago. 

@wexthexcursed cont.

“Go on then,” Seth smirked. “But once you start, you are not allowed to stop until I say…”
The vampire picked up his cigar from the glass ashtray upon his desk and tapped off the excess ash before indulging. He purposefully blew the smoke down into Gabriel’s face.

Nights at the Trader’s.1

Characters: Alec Hardy x Hannah Baxter ; Ellie Miller, Paul Coates, Ben, Bambi, Duncan. 

Genre: Film Noir AU; Broadchurch x Secret diary of a call girl xover

Rating: Adult

Summary: London, 1951. Hardy has recently moved to the city and is staying at The Trader’s Inn, a seedy hotel on the bad side of town. He’s a by-the-book cop and prides himself on being more upstanding than most of his colleagues. Until Duncan approaches him with an interesting offer: his mistress, Hannah, has gone missing, and he’s willing to pay the DI a lot of money in exchange for his collaboration and discretion. With the help of his resourceful secretary, Mrs. Miller, he will uncover truths that threaten his own secrets.

TW: lots of smoking and drinking (as per the genre)

A/N: Duncan was Hannah’s editor and boyfriend, he was played by James D’Arcy

Many thanks to the brilliant fadewithfury for the beta.

Catch up here or on or on  Ao3

June 1951

London. What a city for Detective Inspector Alec Hardy to waste away the rest of his days, solving petty crimes and drinking too much. He enjoyed its rudeness and its anonymity. He liked the way it had rebuilt itself after the war, a brand new London, but its scars still shone.

His eyes unfocused, and he caught his own reflection on the glass pane: unkempt hair, stubbly cheeks and sunken eyes. What a sight.

A sharp whistle caught his attention, and he looked down at a group of bobbies on the sidewalk. They were having a smoke and cat-calling women passing by. A strong blast of wind ruffled the ladies’ dresses, and they looked up as the sky resonated with ominous thunder. Pedestrians ran amok, seeking shelter before the storm broke. Lightening flashed, a brief warning before the rain.

In another office, someone had left the radio on. The staccato of fat drops against glass complimented the melody weaving its way through the empty second floor of the police station.

Hardy’s eyes darted to the drawer where he kept a flask of whisky— Glengoyne, from his hometown— but he decided against it.

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Overwatch Fanfiction: Breakfast For Hanzo

Title: Breakfast For Hanzo

Paring: McCree and Hanzo

Rating: T

Summary: McCree can’t believe Hanzo never had a hardy cowboy breakfast skillet before. So McCree is determined to make him one. However some minor issues arise. (Some real cute McCree/Hanzo fluff)

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