cig burns

suicide note 2017

note: I’ll be killing myself once my parents leave tonight.

hi everyone. this is gonna be a long post. im sorry for everything in advance.

this is the last thing i’ll be doing other than using pills. im sorry. its useless to try to help or anything, ive made up my mind. deep down, we all knew this was bound to happen, and its for the best. i dont know where to start. how to you even start these fucking things? ok so i guess i need a format or something.

why im doing it: ok so theres a fuckton on petty little reasons but heres the big two: my mom & me. 1. shes made life hell, since birth. i remember when i was 6 shed burn her cigs on my skin. shes a nasty drunk and she hates me. my own mother despises me. 2. i am a problem. i am not going to get better. i dont want to try anymore. my friends dont deserve it. they deserve better. i am a fucking lost cause and i always will be, its who i am. i am tired and exhausted from “fighting”. i hate it so much. i hate this so much.

please dont think this is your fault. please dont be sad, you’ll find someone better than me and you’ll understand how bad i was. i will be one with the stars, finally at peace. dont be upset, please. im sorry. its for the best.

my mom wont find this post, so theres no need for that “dear mom” bullshit. all i am saying is that i hated her more than my body could handle. she created this monster, then neglected, abused, degraded, bullied,, neglected and a ton of other shit to it. congratulations mom, you killed your daughter. 

i hope whoever reads this knows that i am ready. i wont be thinking last second as im dying “oh no this could have been solved easily !!1!11″ because the cold truth is that it couldn’t. you cannot heal wounds years deep in mere weeks. you can’t forget this type of bullshit. 

I’m sorry.

Your friend,

Gracie Kelley-Ann L. 

anonymous asked:

do you know what a cigarette mark on skin looks like? cuz I'm watchingg this show and like the girl goes "is that a cigarette burn?" but like idk what a cig burn even looks like

I have no idea what that looks like :/