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|| A sudden beach trip appeared! || (Cieli-Stellati open rp)

The dorms that seemed so quiet earlier were suddenly filled with a lot of noise, disturbing the young idol’s nap. While rubbing his eyes the blonde went out the door, making his way through the hallway. Everyone seemed excited as they seemed to head straight to their rooms. “We’re going to the beach this weekend!” “A room list is pinned up in the hall” still uneasy because of his new school life, the blonde made his way downstairs without talking to anyone.

He looked through the hallway and noticed that a few students were staring at a paper, he quietly stood in line, waiting for his turn. So I’m sharing a room with a guy named Syo.. I wonder what he’s like. Somehow it felt kinda funny, he hadn’t even met his real roommate and he was already getting a new one for the weekend.

A wide smile appeared on his face as he hurried back to his room, this was his chance to make some friends! He looked through his suitcase and picked up a swim shorts and a towel, only to throw it in a little bag. After adding his sunglasses and a blow-up ball he happily closed his bag. “Done~!”

Even though the blonde had planned on going to bed early, he didn’t get much sleep. He rubbed his still sleepy eyes as he he entered the bus, taking a seat next to the window. Since the young idol fell asleep again soon after that, the bus trip didn’t seem that long for him.

As he opened his eyes again he saw the beautiful scenery of the sunlight reflecting on the sea, the freshness of the air.. mhm this had to be it! As soon as the doors opened the blonde hurried outside the bus.

“Umi da~!!!!”