Nimbus: “I haven’t thought of any names yet, but I do believe i'l be raising them up here. We do have many precations so that our own children stay safe. There are gaurds watching the edges so flightless children can’t fall. Plus they will be small enough for me to easily carry. As for my mom just follow me, there should be some skybridges to her home.”

Mom: “Of course I can sweetie, and whose this friend you brought along?”

Nimbus: “Oh he gave me some advice and wanted to meet you.”

Mom: “Well it’s nice to meet you, my name is Altocumulus but you can call me Alto

*Alto is open for asks* Egg 2/5

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Moonlight has stopped by your blog and has blessed you with a Baby Alolan Vulpix! May you take responsibility over this Pokemon when it hatches.

Nimbus: “So is that a yes or a no.”

Noctil: “Sorry i’m about as clueless as you on parenting, i’m really busy right now too with all the new visitors and having to reoragnixe the guard because Chris left to do whatever she’s doing. But if you know the species it’s going to hatch into i probably have a book i can lend you, and you would probably have a bit more luck if you asked your mom about this.”

Nimbus: “Ok thanks Noctil.”

asks until hatching 0/5