Ch 144 review: Undertaker’s reaction

In the shot of the rest of the house reacting to Our Ciel being arrested, Undertaker looks much more unhappy about it than I would expect.

(Ch 144 pg 4)

If we’re assuming that Blavat and Undertaker are in cahoots (and I don’t see any other way to read it right now), this must have been part of the plan. Blavat clearly accused Our Ciel, causing his arrest. 

This must be what Undertaker wanted. So why doesn’t he look happy about it? 

Is Our Ciel’s arrest an unavoidable bump in the road to Undertaker’s ultimate goal? Something he would avoid if he could, because he loves the Phantomhives? 

Or maybe it indicates a rift between Blavat and Undertaker? Blavat seemed pretty thrilled to implicate Our Ciel, which is understandable considering how Our Ciel disrupted his Music Hall.


Random Musing: Real!Ciel didn’t have to actually do anything in order to be the heir. While he did train, his right was assured simply because the order of his birth. Perhaps this is why our!Ciel struggled so hard. While he took on the identity of his brother, perhaps he still felt the need to earn the title.

I’m genuinely confused on how we will get Our!Ciel’s name now, how will it be done without being anti-climatic or forced? I mean Lizzie just called him “Ciel”. I love you Lizzie, but what? Why not use his real name? It’s highly doubtful that anyone forgot what it was, I mean you don’t just forget shit like that. The gravestone with his real name on it is still there, he will probably have to confess his true identity to the police, that’s probably the most likely outcome? Any thoughts?

EDIT: Okay I’m going to be more specific and add on to what I said, I think the most likely outcome is Abberline taking him to the station and asking for a private moment with the earl to speak to him. I predict that it will be then where he asks his true identity, and Our!Ciel will struggle to say it, but he will confess his real name, and the chapter will end there.