Okay! So I really want to try and include my followers and Cielizzy lovers in general in my new Instagram set up. I thought that it would be nice to encourage people to submit their Cielizzy edits, fan art, amvs, or share some Cielizzy fanfiction recommendations that you love I can include in my captions to be put up on the page because I see so much of it around and I’d hate to post things without giving proper credit. Through my experience on Instagram, I’ve seen so many non Kuroshitsuji accounts who say they love Cielizzy and accounts who post Cielizzy some times and there is always someone coming a long and being discouraging and feeling like they shouldn’t express their ship love. But I want people to feel included! So I encourage anyone who has some Cielizzy anything to submit and I’ll work it into the page set up! I know a few people aren’t confident in their work or edits but that’s okay, my page is ment to help people feel better about their love and appreciation despite what others say. You can submit through here or the Instagram DM. Thank you!

Oh my freaking god.

Just look at Ciel! Being so goddamn adorable, falling asleep in his chair and shit. I swear, everything this boy does is frigging adorable. 

Even when he brutally murders innocent people, it’s automatically okay because he is so cute. 

“Boy Geniuses”

Oh, Ciel…You’re playing DDMD, not chess >_> Don’t confuse poor Dipper.

Omg, this took FOREVER. I constantly redrew this drawing over and over again because I suck drawing people in profile. I’m still not entirely satisfied, but it looks better than my last attempts. I definitely need to practice more though.

Dipper Pines © Alex Hirsch

Ciel Phantomhive © Yana Toboso 

Season two Black Butler

I saw the end to Season Two Black Butler recently, and I love Season Two. But I didn’t like the ending. At all. I’m fine with Ciel being a demon but was there actually a reason to him and Sebastian running away? After everything in the manga, the studio changed it. And made the ending where Sebastian and Ciel run away from their friends and people who are very loyal to them SOMA AGNI LIZZY AND OTHERS! Why did they run away?

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