ciel in wonderland cosplay


So at expo i finally got round to getting some photos of my Ciel in wonderland cosplay! it was a pain in the ass to make but i’m pretty happy with most of it! ;3; Now i need to make a million other of his outfits because yes

i’m super happy with how this photos came out as always Beth has done a fantastic job! :D 

photos and editing by madamelapin

Mei-rin- is the lovely Fables! 

So out of my fantastic adventures today I also had a fantastic photo shoot with fantastic people (wow a lot of fantastic)
Special thanks to Rui for taking this amazing shot. (Honestly this set we are in was not set up for us, this was actually for something business related, but we got to shoot in it and it was awesome)

Photog: Rui
Cosplayers: Me, and my good friend Eric

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody!