ciel in wonderland cosplay




So at expo i finally got round to getting some photos of my Ciel in wonderland cosplay! it was a pain in the ass to make but i’m pretty happy with most of it! ;3; Now i need to make a million other of his outfits because yes

i’m super happy with how this photos came out as always Beth has done a fantastic job! :D 

photos and editing by madamelapin

Mei-rin- is the lovely Fables! 


ciel in wonderland cosplay

cosplayer emokitten1155

photo emokitten1155

Hi ok so i have yet to get my necklace and i just got my bow in the mail but heres some pics of one of my cosplays for ryu kon so yay and i hope to see some of you guys there and please ignore the band aid on my hand XD i will be taking some better pics soon btw these are just to show what my costume looks like