ciel in a box

Yeaaahh I wrote a story for my own edit. Couldn’t resist.


Ciel’s fingers fiddled with the box hidden in the pocket of his blazer. His heart was beating out of control and his eyes couldn’t decide what they should focus on. This day had taken weeks to plan, but even if he had gone through it a million times in his head he was still nervous.

When a blond head of hair appeared Ciel’s breath got caught in his throat. The park was nearly void of people, the mild breeze of spring rustling the trees, moonlight and stars shining their light over the pair. The night was perfect in its natural beauty and it was just the right type of night for what Ciel intended to do.

Alois approached the smaller male, cracking a smile as he came to a halt. “Wow, it’s pretty dark out, huh?”

“Uhm, yeah…” Ciel felt nauseous, his muscles cramping and his insides twisting. This was it. With a deep inhale, he got down on one knee, conjuring up the courage to reveal the box within his damp palm.

Alois’ eyes widened. “Really? Here?”

“Yeah, I thought it’d be romantic.”

The blond looked around to see if anyone was watching, the sides of his lips slowly curving upwards. “Romantic? If you say so.”

Lids fell over deep blue orbs as Ciel pulled the box out and held it between his hands. He was just about to speak when the sound of a zipper being pulled caught his attention.

“What’re you doing?!” Ciel watched in confusion as the blond opened his shorts.

“I’m helping you, stupid. You can’t exactly suck it through the fabric.”

That was when Ciel vowed never to try and propose to his boyfriend ever again.


little doodles on the envelopes i sent out today - for ciel-crossing, dripstraction, and animauxing 

also the day i learned i can’t center things for shit w o w

That Boxer

An AU where Sebastian is a boxer.

Getting tickets from Claude, Alois decides to take Ciel with him to the boxing match where Claude is going against Sebastian. Being the first time to go there, Ciel was feeling as if he was an outsider, plus it was too loud for his own comfort and he was sweating buckets. Even though all that annoyed him, he couldn’t help but follow Sebastian with his eyes, the man was simply breathtaking even in his sweat and blood.

Looking around the crowd before the match, Sebastian’s eyes laid on the young male, as his big blue eyes scanned around. It was obvious he was a first timer. Do kids like him even come to boxing tournaments? He didn’t care, but what he did care about is beating Claude’s ass then getting that kid’s number. Oh yes, this is going to be a wonderful night.

Just Imagine...#3~ Valentine's Day conversation!

It’s about time for Ciel to retire for bed and just before he goes to sleep Sebastian gives him a box of chocolate~

Ciel: *stares* Sebastian! W-what are you doing?

Sebastian: My Lord, is it not a tradition for lovers to send chocolates or flowers to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day? *smirk*

Ciel: *blushes intensely!!*

Sebastian: I must say, My Lord, red looks so extraordinarily beautiful on your face. *chuckles*

Ciel: *laughs a little shyly* Cat-obsessed moron… *leans forward and offers a light kiss*

Sebastian: *super surprised!!*

Ciel: …Sebastian? *smiles*

Sebastian: *Leaps onto Ciel and starts kissing him all over*

                                (ृ ु ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )ु Happy Valentine’s Day! (ृ ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ृ )ु