Hi everyone;;! Hope you’ve been doing well! I’m opening commissions again w/ new pricing (last journal was from over a year ago aaah T__T;; ) to help with my rent payments since there was some issues w/ my school loans this term it seems… anyway! Info below! 

General info:

All prices are listed in CAD (Canadian dollars)
If I am uncomfortable with a commission, I have the right to decline it
Commissions are for personal use only
Paypal only, sorry
After I receive payment I will start on your commission

I will draw:
▶ OCs (Original Characters)
▶ Fanart (background information on a character often required)
▶ Couples
▶ Characters with animal/ monster/ mutant features
▶ Tasteful nudity
▶ Mild violence

I will not draw:
Mecha/ Robots

If you are interested, please send the following information to or my DA  via note. I will send you my paypal address and additional information if I accept your commission!

Name: (your username)
▶Contact info: (preferred email, etc)
▶Request: (ask about extra characters, specific details, poses?)
▶Character(s): (include fully colored references, descriptions, personality, etc.)
▶Paypal address: (your paypal)

Thank you so much for your time!! if you’re unable to purchase anything I greatly appreciate reblogs and spreading the word;;!

( ノ ; ㉨ ;)ノ ♡ ;;;; 

Been watching Spice & Wolf for the first time lately and I really like it; the ost I find is also really nice to draw to~

Making an updated commissions post soon.


Do not repost my drawings without credit, trace, distribute, modify, or use without permission. Thank you