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NOV 2011

Yeah, maybe (well, surely) they don’ t even exist, BUT DAMN



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39 vayne/cid

modern au

“–investors breathing down my neck every damn day, it’s a wonder I’m not graying yet, dealing with all this– this–”

“Bullshit,” Cid supplied, leaning back in Vayne’s ergonomic desk chair and trying not to get powdered sugar on his tie. “Just say it. Might help keep the grays at bay.”

“I was going to say ‘pressure’, but bullshit works, too,” Vayne said. “Oh, and Larsa’s recital is on Tuesday. Not that I’d even consider missing it, but that means an extra late night afterwards. Maybe if I didn’t have to micromanage at every level–”

“You don’t have to, you choose to. You love this.” Cid took another bite of his donut. “Stop pacing,” he said, sipping his coffee to wash it down. “Watching you is exhausting.”

Vayne smirked. God, he did love it, though. Cid knew that better than anyone, being in the same boat. Of course bureaucracy held no interest for him, but in the comfort of his research and development labs, he was even wilder than Vayne. Cidolfus took no breaks, not in his office, not even in the designated employee break areas. Which was likely why he so often ended up in Vayne’s office with food incongruous to the time of day. Where did he even find a fresh donut at nearly eleven in the evening…

“Pardon me,” Vayne said, swiping the half-eaten donut from its napkin plate on his desk.

Cid frowned. “I was eating that,” he said, no small amount of indignation in his voice.

“Now I’m eating it.”

“You may have one bite,” Cid said firmly. “Which seems generous considering you didn’t ask.”

Vayne seemed to consider this, and proceeded to carefully fit the entirety of the remaining donut in his mouth. He did begin to regret this, until he noticed Cid’s open expression of incredulity, tinged with betrayal and awe. Vayne managed to chew and swallow while retaining some measure of his usual grace. Finally, as Vayne took his coffee cup as well, Cid spoke.

“Is it strange to find that somewhat attractive?”