So a while back I finished playing Final Fantasy XV’s main storyline…

& I couldn’t help but save all the photos Prompto took of the Fam and literally went out to a store to print out all of them. 

Got to make a real album out of this. Photos came out awesome. My heart was crying. I treasure them all. 

I have no regrets.

Everything I want for FFXV is an alternate ending like in Type-0 in which nothing hurts and everyone is alive and happy.
I’m thinking of a reseted timeline where no daemons roam the outside, no wall was built, Niflheim didn’t fuck everything up and no one remembers all the bad things (except maybe Luna and Noct, bc someone has to).
Starting with the broken down car, the chocobros get to Hammerhead, the Regalia gets fixed, they continue driving, get to the chocobo farm, find the black chick egg, find some tags, meet fishing dad, catch the devil of the cygillan, meet Dino, meet the cat, get over to Altissia and meet Luna, the princess of Tenebrae, without problems. Ignis is best man, Prompto takes the wedding photos, Gladio and Cor do security stuff, Iris is flower girl, Talcott is ring bearer bc cute little boys are always ring bearer, Cid and Cindy attend the wedding bc why not???
After the wedding there’s a big party and Prompto runs around taking photos of everything, which includes Aranea drinking Gladio down the table. Sneaky kisses between bride and groom. Iris arm wrestling Cor. The chef from Galdin Quay preparing fish from Navyth aka. fishing dad. Ignis coming up with recipes. IGNIS FINDING OUT THE RECIPE TO THE SWEETS NOCTIS WANTED. Did I mention Iris arm wrestling Cor? The chocobo chick that hatched and also got an invitation bc it’s the chocobro #5. Cid holding the chick. Gentiana. Random Gods appearing out of nowhere bc fuck realism. Selfies. A LOT of selfies with Cidney. Ummmmm. Selfies with Luna and Pryna. Pryna and Umbra. Happy people. People who are alive.
I just want an ideal ending with no dead people.