May 4, 2015 - White stork (Ciconia ciconia)

Requested by: taylorrbranham

These storks are found in parts of central and southern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Flying over the Sahara without stopping, they winter in southern Africa. They eat small fish and other aquatic animals, snakes, frogs, insects, and some rodents, foraging in groups of up to 50 birds. Often nesting on roofs of buildings in loose breeding colonies, they build large stick nests that can be over six feet (2 meters) wide and nine feet (3 meters) deep. Both parents feed the chicks, which can eat up to 60 percent of their weight per day before they leave the nest. Many White Storks live for over 30 years.


Storks doing the Stork Thing ~ While #1 and #3 are the same searching/unsuccessful bird, #2 has found a mutilated lizard between the freshly mowed grass. #2 also looks creepy because one of the many special features of birds, the nictitating membrane, is in action aka closed on this individual. ;-)

White Stork ~ Weißstorch ~ Ciconia ciconia

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