Went to RinRin Doll’s Luncheon during AR and drew a chibi picture for her. She was so sweet (and also has the cutest little face) and told me that she liked it even before she opened it. (*´▽`*) I was so nervous but happy to meet her and glad that she liked my drawing ( ´͈ ॢꇴ `͈ॢ)・*♡

My outfit for Sunday of #RuffleCon and the high tea. Excuse the flat shoes, it was the end of a long weekend and my ankle could not take heels anymore.

Op by Moi-même-Moitié, bolero made by me, shoes by an*tai*na, tights and purse by mu-fish, accessories primarily from ciciwork or offbrand, Bird Cage Hat by Pop Princess and surrounded by roses and a headpiece from ciciwork.


Rice crackers were on sale today, and there was nothing in my PO box

JSK and cardigan clips: Peppermint Fox - Crowning Glory
Blouse: Snidel
Socks: Alice and the Pirates - Galactic Journey to the Stars
Beret: Ciciworks (with random navy ribbon pin)
Shoes: Bodyline 

Today we had another small meet. This time is was Glow in the Dark mini golf. Overall i felt it was pretty good place. Was thoroughly entertained by agentlemandoesnotcongaplay style”. Came in second, our host kitty-mccat came in first.

Outfit of the day:

OP: Ista Mori
Headdress: Ciciworks (Taobao)
Wig: Bodyline
Shoes: Ana*Tai*Na
Tights: Off brand
Accessory: Peppermint Fox


Navy Crystal Dream Carnival onepiece set and all its glorious details!

You can really see how much loving care went into it, many pieces in the construction (the shoulder, the bodice panels, the waist ties) rely on accurate placement of the print pattern for visual effect. 

A note about using underskirts: The OP, like many AP dresses, come with a built-in petticoat sewn into the lining, which in turn is sewn to the zipper. The built-in petticoat provides extra lift, which is awesome normally, but here it creates a gap between the top skirt and the underskirt, making it look funky.

If I were to wear this coord out I would take steps to seperate the lining from the zipper, so that the underskirt can be worn over the lining and the built-in petticoat, rather than under it.

Star clips are from Ciciworks, underskirt from Little Dipper. Everything else from AP. I forgot to add the Baroque gold shoes that should have gone with these.