“Everyone Falls in Love” by Tanto Metro & Devonte

Choreography by: Cici Tagura & Allen Pascual
Hypersquad Dance Company
Tuesdays from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Melvin Duldulao, Allen Pascual, Jojo Cabucana
Casey Kalahiki, Cici Tagura, Kristin Medina

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\m,- (^_^) Keps Bu.

Home from another up-lifting class at Hypersquad. Thank you Allen and Cici for another great class :D

Allen & Cici’s class + Awesome Friends = Awesome times with the most talented dancers I know.

Now I’m at home just chillin’ with my cup of hot cocoa, and Black Ops Zombies. Hooraah!


A class piece Cierra Tagura and I taught to our Tuesday class at Hypersquad Dance Company. It was the week we were all going to leave for the mainland for World of Dance LA and we wanted a piece that was fun, challenging, and chill all at the same time. I hope you enjoy it.

“Bomb” by Chris Brown ft. Wiz Khalifa
Choreography by: Cierra Tagura & Allen Pascual
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
7pm Advanced Street Class @ Hypersquad Dance Company 

One week...

… That’s how long I was away from Hawai'i. Away from so many things, family, friends, my dog, my plants… And I can’t leave out… My dance studio, HyperSquad.

Got back into the grind yesterday and that was challenging to get off the plane and pick up where I left off last week. But it was fun :)

Tonight though… Tuesday nights are my release from everything. It’s been my safe haven for months now and with Cierra teaching by my side, I pretty much know that nothing will go wrong. The piece that we’re working on for our concert on July 23, “Realm of Fate”, is going to be my first full performance piece with her and it’s nothing short of amazing so far. I appreciate our class so much that I just want to hug each and every one of them sweaty mofos! Thanks and kudos to all of them for putting the time and effort. I’ve seen so many of them grow, some more comfortable than others, but growing none the less. Over time, the expressions and attention to detail have been increasing to a point where its becoming second nature. And as more people come to the studio to witness, they are intrigued to sign up and see where our class will take them.

Our class roster has been growing since concert mode kicked in (I’m pretty sure its because of Cierra hehe) but we’re going up to a good solid number and this has been the most I’ve ever seen so far. “We must be doing SOMETHING right”, I told to Cierra today… And she calmly replied with “Amen :)”.

Let’s keep moving forward and don’t let anyone, no matter who, stop you fron your goals. We have faith in you, all you beed is to have faith in you too. ;)