cicinnurus respublica


Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise

(Cicinnurus respublica)

Wilson’s bird of paradise a small bird of the family (paradisaeidae) they are fairly small at around 21 cm long. they like most birds of paradise are from Papua and Papua new guinea and like most birds of paradise they are very flamboyant having a wide range of colors, which they use for their displays, they are distinct in they are red and black with a neon blue crown (so bright that they can be seen at night by just their crowns) a yellow mantle and a curled violet tail.  they are dimorphic as females are brown with a blue crown. they have a diet of fruit and small insects. a fun fact is that this bird was first filmed by sir David Attenborough during a film, in which he dropped leaves on the floor which irritated the bird to which they cleaned the leaves away.