cici's art

Some Camp Camp kiddos!!

My great friend @dorkheadquarters introduced me to camp camp and I loved it! I hope to draw more of the campers in the future but for now, here’s the main trio!

also click for better quality

just-like-fenris  asked:

If your still doing the art request for expressions, 16 (forgot what they were going to say) and/or 18 (their best friends cooking isn't as good as they think)!

Alfonzo was on a huge rant about a specific cocktail, and then when he struggled to remember the name of a certain ingredient fonzie.exe just stopped working B]

>hakura makes something besides cereal

>cici fucking dies

cici was my first ever sonic fancharacter. i made her back in sixth grade when i met my boyfriend, tora. cici to me will forever be there, whether or not people find her cringey or shitty or not. she reminds me of the good memories i had with tora and those rare good moments as a kid in general. i love her, ill always love her. and im so happy to have ever made her. ❤