Yo! The first ever official screenshot of Broats has finally surfaced!

Many thanks to CICFF for choosing to use a Broats image to cover the whole “Animal Antics” section of the film festival!

For those that don’t know - I made a short called Broats at Nickelodeon last year. It’s about 3 goat brothers who live in a mega-mall’s petting zoo, and it will be premiering at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival next month!



I guess I’m allowed to say this, since the full list has been published online - Looks like my Nickelodeon short, Broats, was accepted into the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

I’m super excited! Thanks for accepting it, CICFF! Thanks to Nickelodeon for entering it! If you’re in Chicago, check it out!

Can’t wait for people to get their first look at Broats! I hope they post a screenshot or something soon…

Christmas is Coming | December 5th · lestreep | I don’t even know where to begin because Mihaela is one of the best person I’ve met here. I’m gonna skip the part when I talk about her amazing photoshop skills because I don’t need to — go through her graphics tags and you will know why. Mihaela is helpful, kind, smart and by far one of the people you would love to know here on tumblr. She had helped me through a bad phase and I am grateful because of this. Go follow her right now.

Christmas is Coming | December 13th · downeying | I don’t really know Gen because I haven’t talked (hopefully, yet) with her, but I quietly admire her blog everyday. If you check it you will understand why. I adore Gen’s edit and she is another inspiration of mine — even though I’m far, far, far away to edit anything like her. Rethink of your life choices if you are not following downeying already.

Christmas is Coming | December 4th · j-dempsie jojenreeds| Lena is sassy. *snap* Also, she has some serious blend/color porn/textures issues because I seriously don’t know how she does that. We united forces together because of Sansa baby. And I’m really happy about how much, if I could say, close we got over time. Aso, she likes Evanescence. She’s already in a altar by my eyes.

Christmas is Coming | December 19th · earnshawss | I love Meg. I really do. She’s the sweetest person I’ve met here. She’s talented and she has a gr8 taste on everything. We’re a Leighton team on our blog, and friends and tumblr world~. Unfortunately we haven’t talked that much lately, but I assure you that nothing has changed because she is still my baby gurl.


Inspired by samsastark and his advent calendar, I’m gonna start sort of a meme/follow forever (yes, other) of mutual followers. The ideia, so as Sam’s original one, is to make a graphic/post per day dedicated entirely to them.

Those are amazing people that somehow have touched me. They’re my so called tumblr-friends and/or amazing bloggers and/or just an inspiration. It’s a pleasure to have them in my dashboard everyday and you guys are the reasons why I like to stay up until 3am of a Saturday at home. ♥

PS.: Once I’m running five days late, I’m gonna cheat a bit and post five people in a day, but after that I’m gonna be posting a person per day. 
PS 2.: This is absolutely out of order.