cicero, illinois


(via xSP&S RS3 4070, Cicero, IL | These two former SP&S Alco’s ar… | Flickr)

Caption: “These two former SP&S Alcos are about to become ex BN Alcos, too.  They still look good as they sit at Clyde yard in Cicero, Illinois, awaiting their fate.”

April 20, 1977

Photo by Bill Johnson


Hey. I’m César. That’s all for today. Naw I’m kidding lol.

But fr, u can call me C or whatever. I live in Cali, playing minor league basketball for the South Bay Lakers, uh oh. I’m stuck in the d-league n shit, but it’s cool. Ima make it up to the NBA in a lil, I can see it, u know. 

Bck to the point, I’m 21. I was born up in Cicero, Illinois. My moms is from the Virgin Islands, and pops is from Milwaukee. I’ve just been chilling since my season ended back in April, so I dnt know, I just decided to hop onto Tumblr n see what it’s about.


Goin’ nose ta nose.. by Zeolite C O
Via Flickr:
Burlington Route EMD E8 locomotives at Clyde Yard in Cicero, Illinois



Caption: “A westbound Burlington Northern freight train departs behind a U33c, GP30, U33c lashup of power (NP 3302 - CB&Q 2240 - GN 2540). The BN has only been in existence for a few weeks - barely more than a month - and the new railroad hasn’t even had a chance to renumber units, much less repaint them.”

Berwyn, Illinois

April 19, 1970

Photos by Paul Enenbach