Once upon a time, the story goes, cicadas were human beings, before the birth of the Muses.  When the Muses were born and song came into being, some of these creatures were so struck by the pleasure of it that they sang and sang, forgot to eat and drink, and died before they knew it.  From them the race of cicadas arose, and they and they have this special privilege from the Muses: from the time they are born they need no nourishment, they just sing continually without eating or drinking until they die… (Sokratic Dialogues 259b-c)
—  Anne Carson, Eros the Bitter, (Dalkey Archive Press, 2000) pg. 139
The Signs As: Summery Things
  • ARIES: lightning bugs and cicadas
  • TAURUS: climbing trees
  • GEMINI: that first run into the freezing cold water
  • CANCER: the way the sun feels when it hits your face
  • LEO: when it's too hot to do anything so you sit inside with the A/C up and fans on
  • VIRGO: no school!
  • LIBRA: sweet tea and lemonade
  • SCORPIO: late nights and fireworks
  • SAGITTARIUS: amusement parks and state fairs
  • CAPRICORN: camping out and staring at the stars
  • AQUARIUS: how heavenly a cool breeze feels on your skin
  • PISCES: the refreshing tingle of aloe on sunburnt skin

Although I’m technically an extrovert, I get nervous around people until I get comfortable with them and sometimes psych myself out about going to social events. So what I’m saying is, I’m not really a social butterfly.

I’m a social cicada. You don’t see much of me for years and then all of a sudden, I’m everywhere and super loud and annoying. 👌



Got home tonight and bae went outside to water the garden - comes back inside, tells me to check out this cool thing outside and iT’S A CICADA MOLTING ON OUR BACK DOOR

In all my life I’ve never seen this happen in real time so you bet your buckets I parked my butt right there with my phone and a clip-on macro lens to see this beautiful expedited act of puberty happen

Right when things were getting interesting, the wings comin’ out and everything the poor baby fell!!! right onto the door frame - then I panicked and wondered, do I let nature take its course? wait for a bird to come by for an easy snack? but then, no - 

I put my hand out and the little soggy baby crawled right up my arm to sit on my collar, chillin’ on my sweatshirt until its lil’ paper wings unfurled - then it hung onto my finger for a sweet joyride back onto the frame of the back door

today was the best day


If you ask me what I miss the most about living so close to the city these days, I’ll just pull up this video.

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