The Brood II Cicadas will be emerging very soon.  If you don’t know about these guys, these guys are the 17 year cicadas which grow in the ground until 17 years passes and they emerge to change into adult and mate.

You can see the Brood II range below to see if you are in the areas.

External image

These cicada do not bite and sting!  At most it will be an inconvenience since they will be quite literally everywhere and might give you trouble when trying to sleep.  Please do not try to use pesticides on them, they will not be needed and will not stop them.

Please spread this around so all our fellow Northeastern followers know before the swarm happens!

Prime Time for Periodic Cicadas

Over the next several weeks, as soil temperatures across parts of Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland begin to climb above 64˚F, billions of periodic cicadas will emerge after 17 years living underground, filling the spring season with their deafening mating songs as they spend just a single season in the open air before dying.

This is Brood V of Magicicada, one of the fifteen geographical “brood” populations of a special genus of insects (they’re different from the brown cicadas many of us see/hear every year). 

It’s not uncommon for insects to have long larval stages, often underground, lasting months or years, but nothing compares to the Magicicadas. Chances are some of you weren’t born when this year’s brood went underground. What’s incredible is that a particular brood doesn’t emerge every 15 years, or 18 years… they only emerge in 13 or 17-year cycles. Prime numbers! 

That prime number emergence isn’t a coincidence. Find out why these insects rely on math to survive in this video!

You can learn more about the magicicadas at Cicadamania and see if they’ll be emerging where you live. Don’t let their creepy red eyes fool you, these are some incredible bugs!

the thing about cicadas is that if you live somewhere where they scream in the summertime frequently enough to where you’ve gotten used to them, you can’t even hear them anymore unless your attention is somehow drawn to them at some point

take now, for example

if there are cicadas near you, you can hear them now, even if you weren’t actively hearing them before

they’ve been screaming this whole time; only now have you chosen to attune your ear and listen


Ninjask & Nincada variations! 

Based on the colors of some real life cicadas. The Nincada are based more loosely on emerging cicadas of those species, since it was hard to find good pictures of the nymphs. There were more of these I would like to do, but this is good for now, haha. This time I went for a more ‘realistic’ look and stuck with one pose. ; P


Another peaceful day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Credit to Igor for the comic, which perfectly captures the scene that played out for most people when they toured their town today.

While they’re super annoying for a lot of people, Jeremy Parish has a great piece on how July’s cicadas helped him fall in love with the game:

New Leaf offers a tiny way to surround myself with the ephemera of bygone times, and not with the strained pop culture references or other contrivances so many other forms of entertainment lean on. Rather, it simply creates a context, a backdrop that hooks into my memories and sends my mind reeling backward with the same sensual purity that I experience when I taste strawberry-rhubarb jam (though it’s never as good as the stuff my grandmother made for us with the berries and rhubarb she grew in her garden) or get a whiff of someone wearing the perfume my other grandmother used daily.

The susurrant buzz of New Leaf’s imaginary insects can’t truly take me back in time, but they evoke something inside me that I find almost inexplicably profound. And most of all, these new experiences are as fleeting as the original memories in their own way; Animal Crossing runs on a real-time clock, and before long the seasons will change. The cicadas will vanish again for a year.”

Read the full thing, sentimental gamers.

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