cicada molt

We are leaving on a journey for a few weeks! <3
The etsy shop is on vacation and the big cartel has everything available to view but not purchase… i put up some sneak peek items that will be available for purchase and trade
upon our return back home… sometime in 2-3 weeks. We have many more items to photograph and post as well as many more projects in the works!
Lots of goodies are queued up for you all and i cant wait to return back home with lots of new treasures and scavenged finds… last time i went down south, i came back with a box full of
cicada molts, owl pellets, moth wings and lots of pine sap…<3 We’ll see what we find this time around.
ALSO just got an instagram…. finally jumped on the damn technological savvy bandwagon, find us under WolfTeaCreations

Cheers to you all xoxox
talk to ya in a few weeks <3