Slow motion cicada song, perhaps asking me not to eat him, or perhaps to attract a mate. The noise is created by the flexing of muscles connected to an organ called the tymbal. This noise hurts birds’ ears and also interferes with their communication making it hard for them to hunt in groups. That’s why you will hear many male cicadas singing at once - amplifying efforts to exist (and mate) in peace. The cicada has ear-like organs that they can close to keep out their own deafening noises. #cicada #cicadasong #tymbal (at Delaware County, Pennsylvania)

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Art Nouveau Boucheron cicada brooch, 1890s.

Depicting a cicada with the most exquisitely made wings in plique-à-jour (letting in daylight) enamel and calibre cut sapphires. The head and the body are set in diamonds and sapphires as well and the eyes are set with two cabochon cat’s eye crysoberyl.


We went and visited the Walkway Over The Hudson! A great big bridge that used to serve as the only fixed rail road crossing between New York City and Albany! 

On our trip we met Vivian, walking her Cicada! The Potatoes have never seen a Cicada before, and she was super kind enough to show her off to them! 

Apparently the Cicada was female because she didn’t have red eyes!

We had great views of the river though, and it was a truly fantastic morning! 

Thanks to all of you for following our adventures! There are to be many more! <3


Four unique geometric insect pin designs celebrate some beautiful bugs in style! Originally part of my pattern “Insecta Geometrica,” all four insects are now ready to stand out on their own as bright and fashionable hard enamel pins. Wear one, a few, or all four to add colorful accents to an outfit or bag, or add them to your personal pin collection!

The complete collection of Insecta Geometrica pins features a green scarab beetle, a bumblebee, a green cicada, and a comet moth! Each will be approximately 30mm in vibrant gold-plated hard enamel. These will be individually packaged on backing cards featuring the signature purple diamonds of the original pattern accented with spot gloss for a subtle finishing touch.

Pledge for one, pick your favorites, or back all four! All this project needs is you to become real! Check out the campaign for more information on the pins. Please spread the word & thank you so much! 🐛