Latest loot! The amazing scifi graphic novel by Hideo Kojima, #cib, mint, for the #sega #saturn. Artwork is really amazing on manual and discs! It was released in #1996 on this system, but first in #1994 on the NEC pc-9821. #kojima #metalgear #policenauts #snatcher #32bit #segasaturn #retro #retrogame #retrogamer #retrogames #retrogaming #retrocollection #retrocollective

MunchingBrotato makes it to his new job, a security guard for a children’s pizza place called Majestic Budder’s Pizza. The prerecording left by the last employee, whom introduces himself as Jerome, doesn’t really bother him, and he goes to check the cameras. A shiver goes down his spine. Those robots weren’t there when he walked by them on his way in. And neither was the banner. 

He was gonna have a long first night. 

I just wanted to draw Cibseption with a “Lets Eat” bib

I still have my first CIB. It bent until the paint flaked off from being pounded so much. One of the pins broke off in my chest.

It’s a symbolic to being “earned in blood.”

I still hold on to it, hoping that one day I can place it on 1SG Barton’s grave in Hopkinsville.

His voice still ring in my ears, “I hope to God, that none of you ever get your CIBs”

I never understood those words until I was standing in formation at his funeral.

Rily || f2f

[After the anonymous messages that were attacking Ryder, Lily swallowed the frightening feelings she had about the situation. It wasn’t about the person behind the messages that was proving they were cowards, it was about the person receiving them. Lily knew Ryder would laugh it off and act like it didn’t hurt him, but she also knew that was a big charade. 

Lily was sitting in the common room on one of the couches while she tried to read the book she had with her. She sighed as she realized she had read the same line ten times while she was waiting for Ryder.]


Player and the Horn of Plenty

Source: My Little Pony comic #163 (G1)

Comments: I was going through my MLP comics looking for a good Thanksgiving story when I came across this. Guitar of Plenty. That’s all I have to say. Guitar of Plenty.