I still have my first CIB. It bent until the paint flaked off from being pounded so much. One of the pins broke off in my chest.

It’s a symbolic to being “earned in blood.”

I still hold on to it, hoping that one day I can place it on 1SG Barton’s grave in Hopkinsville.

His voice still ring in my ears, “I hope to God, that none of you ever get your CIBs”

I never understood those words until I was standing in formation at his funeral.

sikerült kimaxolnom a január havi bankköltséget 15 794 Ft-tal.


a rezsicsökkentés hatására egy év alatt a villany és gázszámlán spóroltam 15 104 Ft-ot.

The Tale of CIB, Hilead, and Goldman's $120 Million Dollars

“There are many lessons that arise from this case. But one stands out — the odds are very low that a provider of capital to a Chinese business that competes on IP will earn an attractive return.

What good does it do an investor to boost the value of such Chinese IP only to have the government take that IP without paying through guojin mintui? And if so, how can a capital provider profit from investing in China?”