y'all thought I was done talking about the sugar pine crew but I am not: 

  • they all mostly just do work on their own, only ever teaming up for like….small jobs. or co-op jobs with other crews ( fakehaus, fake chop? idk what their crew name is ) 
  • steven and cib do jobs together a lot and it is always a mess. always.
  • parker is somehow still a part of the crew despite never going on jobs or contributing to the crew in any way whatsoever 
  • alfredo is there, always threatening people. he’ll kick your ass, their ass, his own ass. 
  • steven insists on networking with other crews and working with them but it usually devolves into just….hanging out. casual lunch dates with dangerous criminals. los santos taco trip 2017 ft. the fake ah crew robbing a bank in the background.
  • they basically blackmailed the higher ups to keep their stupid office despite the fact that it’s literally a criminal hang out. a crew hq. there are loaded firearms everywhere,