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// In which Y/N and Justin need to go on a break //

Inspired by Justin’s bad attitude at the Billboard Awards


“You okay?” I hesitantly asked my boyfriend, Justin, who sat silently at my side. I tried to be discrete with my concerns as cameras scanned across the audience of celebrities that were placed near the stage. I merely glanced up at the stage to see some unknown man announce the nominees for best country artist category of the show.

“Yeah, I’m fine,“ Justin said curtly before changing positions to slouch in his seat.

"Are you getting nervous?” I gave him a small smile then took his hand in mine. He neither held my hand tighter nor pulled away from me.

“Why would I be nervous?” Justin scoffed, picking at a bit of skin by his cuticles.

“I don’t know. I mean, you still haven’t performed yet and you don’t know how many awards you’ve one,” I tried to give valid points as to why he should be a tad bit more responsive to the current situation.

"I don’t even know what I’m nominated for,” Justin shrugged, ultimately showing that he had no desire to be here at all. It made me feel so defeated to know that Justin currently does not even care about his own success.

“You’re nominated for best male, artist of the year, brat-” a parade of applause interrupted my words. Justin and I both turned to the stage and listened as the country artist who ended up being Luke Bryan gave his acceptance speech. After Luke Bryan walked backstage, all the lights turned back on and the cameras panned towards us signaling, that we were on a commercial break.

“Are you ready for you performance?” I tried again to get him to talk.

“Yeah,” was all Justin said though.

“Excuse me, Justin,” We both looked up at the sound of his name to see Rita Ora standing of us.

"Hey, Rita,” Justin hopped up and gave her a hug and smile which is more than I have received from Justin in the past few days.

"So nice to see you!” She pulled him in for a big hug. I glared at Becky, already knowing her game. Refraining from saying anything, I sat as they fraternized. Soon enough, a bunch of other C and D list celebrities engaged Justin in conversations. He was more enthusiastic with them then he’s been with me all day. I rolled my eyes before turning to talk about the best outfits of the night with Kendall Jenner who was sat beside me.

A couple of minutes later, the music started back up signally that the break was over. Becky and the others scurried back to their seats a few rows back as Justin took his place beside me again. After the next commercial break Justin was notified to go backstage for his performance. without a kiss, hug or even a look, Justin made his way past me to follow one of the producers backstage. I let out a sigh of relief once he was gone. Although I love Justin, I couldn’t stand walking on egg shells with him like I’ve been doing on and off again for the past few months. Trying to enjoy the show, I spend my time talking with Kylie and Kendall who were of pleasant company.

Coincidentally, after I finished tell them about the vacation Justin and I took recently, the lights dimmed and the beat of Company started. I quickly turned away from the girls to watch my boyfriend perform one of my favorite songs of his. The crowd uproar led in applause as Justin started the song.

I instantly frowned at the amount of backtrack apparent in the sound. You couldn’t even hear Justin’s voice or really even see him with his background stylistic choices. Justin barely sung and did little dancing as he performed both Company and Sorry. Besides the occasional high notes and dance moves, Justin was like a robot on the stage. His half assed performance left me disappointed as I watched him not take his job seriously.

Justin got back to his seat a few minutes later with the same blank expression from earlier. “Good job, baby,” I tried to stay optimistic about situation. Justin nodded before pulling out his phone in the middle of The Weeknd accepting his Top 100 Artist award, something Justin was nominated for and should’ve won. I rolled my eyes and stared at the stage as more awards were given out and Britney Spears performed.

After running through a few more categories, Ciara and Ludacris became to announce the finalists for the best Male Artist. As they named the contestants, a little clip of each of their work displayed across the screen. I nudged Justin playfully as small clip of what do you mean played. He gave me a fake smile to get me to stop messing with him and trying to hype up the situation.

“And the best male artist of 2016 is….” Ciara took a moment to open the envelope. “The winner is Justin Bieber,” The crowd interrupted to cheers. Justin gave me a quick side hug before making his way on to stage. He gave Ciara a warmer hug that I received before taking the award from her hands and moving to the podium.

“I’m not really a talker, but I’ll say thank you to my family and friends. I want to thank God. I want to thank everyone that believed in me and believes in me,”  He said shortly before holding up the trophy and walking backstage without another word. The hosts quickly took over to move the show along to disregard Justin’s awkwardness.

The show ended and I didn’t see or here from Justin again until he joined me in the car that we rode in. I waited for him in the back seat for at least 40 minutes before he decided to made an appearance. With a random bottle of champagne in his hand, he poured me a glass before taking a swig from the whole bottle.

“Classy,” I muttered sarcastically making him smirk, his bad mood subsiding slightly. “I need to go back and change into my other dress before we head out again,” I informed my boyfriend when he frowned because we pasted up the location for the after party. Justin didn’t say anything but I knew he was a bit upset that I needed to get ready. I tried to get ready as quickly as possible so I wouldn’t worsen Justin’s mood.

“You look good,” Justin complimented from the bed of the hotel room, once I came out the bathroom.

“Thank you. Ready to head out?” I asked as I stuck a room key into my purse. Justin nodded before leading back out the hotel. Fans that surrounded the exit screamed as we we got back in our car. I expected Justin to at least speak to his fans but instead, he looked straight ahead not bothering to interact with any of them. My jaw clenched at his rudeness, wanting nothing more than for Justin to quit being an asshole.

Even at the after party, Justin ditched me as soon as we arrived. I tried to dance and at least look like I was having a good time but it was so hard when all I could think about was my rocky relationship. Drinking more than I normally would, the alcohol eased away some of the pain I was feeling. I kept to myself as I drank more and more. A few people approached me but quickly sensed that I just wanted to be alone.

“Baby,” Justin cooed as he slid in the booth with me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you all night,“ I gave my boyfriend a soft smile which he returned. I was just happy he payed me this little amount of attention. I was grateful for everything Justin gave me.

"Let’s go clubbing,” He suggested, his eyes glassed over from intoxication.

“We’re clubbing right now,” I hummed, taking the drink from his hand and downing it myself.

“Nah, I’m not talking about this shit. Let’s go. The boys and me about to head out” He leaned in to me to speak. He concluded his proposal of leaving with a sloppy wet kiss to my neck.

“Justin, we’re already here. It doesn’t make sense to go anywhere else. Plus I’m getting pretty tired away,” I wiped his wetness of of me.

“Well then you can stay here,” Justin shrugged.

“I’m not going to stay here all alone,” I immediately protested.

"Then go back to the hotel. I’m not about to babysit you,” His eyes on me hardened into a annoyed glare.

"Okay,” I said nothing more. I could only bare being at the party alone for a few more minutes before I left. I followed Justin and his friends to the car where they were being obnoxiously drunk. They quickly had the driver drop them off at some sketchy club and then I rode back to the hotel alone.

I made it back to the hotel not too soon later with a tired ache in my bones. I glanced around the room at all of Justin and I’s belongings that scattered around the hotel room. All I want is to be alone with Justin in our bed but these hotels could never be a home.

There was no denying the amount of stress the tour was putting on our relationship. And while it weighed heavily on my heart, Justin acted as though he didn’t notice. As if, all the clubbing and the appearances haven’t made our relationship anything but one dimensional. Behind closed doors, Justin and I were shells. We didn’t speak, we didn’t make love, we didn’t- we just didn’t.  

Realizing all the pitfalls of our relationship, tears fell as I went through my nightly routine. My whole life was nothing but a routine as I joined Justin on his tour where he’s began to change. No longer wanting give proper performances, take pictures, or even meet fans at all, I didn’t know what Justin was becoming. Tired from crying and thinking of the insecurities of my relationship, soon enough I slipped off into a light sleep.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that Justin joined me again with the smell of liquor and his expensive cologne filling both of our senses. He clumsily slipped into bed with a laugh and kissed me until I was aware of what was happening. My drowsiness left me as he tried his best to get us out of our clothes. I want Justin and if he only wants my when he is drunk then so be it.

I returned Justin’s kisses before crawling down his body to get a taste of the part of Justin that truly appreciated me.


“Who are you talking to?” I asked Justin, trying to sound casual as I took a bite of the burger we picked up before we left the city the Billboard Awards was held in.

“No one,” Justin shrugged, not even looking up from his phone as he typed quickly

“What are you writing then?”

“It’s nothing, Y/N,” Justin snapped up at me before walking out of the lounge to sit in the back bedroom of the tour bus. I couldn’t hide the tears that threatened to  run down my face. I tried to distract myself on my phone as my eyes blurred. I was pulling myself together but I wasn’t until I read Justin’s Instagram post that reached my breaking point.

“What the fuck?” I spat at Justin once I got up to see him sprawled out on the bed.

“What’s wrong with you?” His eyes squinted and wrinkles formed in his forehead.

“No, Justin. What the fuck is wrong with you?” I tossed my phone at Justin to show him I was pissed over the post he made about award shows being a waste of time.

“Why are you mad over a fucking caption?” He yelled back at me.

"I’m not mad over your caption; I’m mad that you don’t fucking speak to me. You don’t ever tell me how you feel so I have to find out through your fucking Instagram. How is that fair to me? I’m here with you, yet you treat me like I’m beneath you, like you can’t fucking talk to me,” I let out my frustrations.

“I’m dating you and no one else for a reason. What the fuck else do you want from me?” He snarled.

“Being girlfriend and boyfriend is more than just exclusively fucking each other, Justin. It’s about love and support and communication and you don’t have any of those qualities,” I threw my hands out in frustration.

“Maybe because you’re always bitching about something,” He muttered.

“Jesus, do you fucking hear yourself? I’m here because I love you but you obviously don’t feel the same was anymore,” My voice cracked.

"I do love you,” He spoke just as quietly as I did.

“Justin, you don’t even sound like you were trying to make that believable. Something’s going on with you and if you don’t open up, I’m leaving,” I put everything I was holding back, out on the table. At my words, he looked up at me with confusion and heartbreak. His wet eyes looked over my face trying to find a bluff but it wasn’t there. I couldn’t continue with Justin, with the way I’ve been treated.

"I’m so stressed,” Is the first thing he said, his voice broken.

"And I try to help but you constantly push me to the side,” I took a seat beside him on the bed. My eyes watched the wall and his eyes watched me as we sat together.

"I feel like I can’t talk to you anymore,” he confirmed my fears.

"If we aren’t able to speak freely to each other, why are we together?” I turned to him as two tears fell.

"We’re together because I love you and you love me,” He pulled me to him and held me against his chest. His rapid heartbeat slowed down as he held me.

"I think we’re together because you’re going through so many different things and I’m one of the only stable things in your life,” I spoke moments later. “Please tell me, Justin. Are you still in love with me?” I asked my fear.

“I love you more than anything,” He croaked.

"I think we need to take time for ourselves. I need to be my own person and you need to sort yourself out,” I came to the conclusion we both dreaded.

“Please don’t go,” He held me tighter.

“If we both are in love with each other by the end of this, I’ll come back to you if you come back to me,” I promised the boy that I loved.

28. Surprises 2.0

“If I knew Better, I Would Do It Better”


“Don’t fucking touch me,” he gritted smacking my hand away. I understand his frustration but taking it out on me, there is no need for that. “Let me help you babe,” I mumbled going to grab the cloth while I used my other hand to ice my lip, he moved away from me completely.

“Yo you’ve done enough Kristen. Shit,” he hissed while wiping the cut under his eye. Folding my arms over my chest I sent him a hard glare.

“The fuck you looking at?” He asked looking at me through the mirror.

“You’re really about to blame this shit on me? I questioned in an annoyed tone.

"This shit is your fault Kristen, I already told your ass what it is when it comes to Rae, she may not be my girl anymore but she’s still my friend and someone I will always care about,” he yelled.

“What’s your point?” I asked now stepping to him. “I told your ass about disrespecting her,” he said.

“Again I ask what is your point?” He sucked his teeth and walked out the bathroom, hearing him open draws and the unzipping of a bag I ran in the room. “What are you doing? Where are you going Dom?” I asked him.

“I’m not going anywhere you are, I’m calling the jet for your ass,” he said I felt the tears begin to form. “You’d really do that over her Dom, you claim you don’t want her anymore and love me but you’re about to send me packing because I feel as though she’s threatening my fucking relationship,” I cried looking down on him.

“She ain’t threatening shit Kris, you’re the one fucking damaging this relationship, you and your insecure ass-” he paused chuckling. “She made your ass breakfast and she’s a threat fuck out my face with that fake shit,” he waved me off and continued throwing my things in the bag.

“No the threat is the fact that she’s always going to have your heart, why even pursue me and you know where your heart is, you know how you truly feel? You made me this way Dom and I’ll be the first to admit I shouldn’t have taken it out on Rae, it should have fucking been you,” I yelled pushing him hard as hell making him fall over on the floor.

“Calm the fuck down,” he yelled finally standing to his feet and pushed me into the hall. Gripping my wrists tight he then brought my arms up over my head and grilled me.

“Don’t ever fucking put your hands on me again Kris,” he gritted I shook my head as the tears fell. “I ain’t do shit to you Kris, you did this shit yourself,” he said breathing in my face I shook my head as my tears began to fall down my face uncontrollably. I tried so hard to get my arms out of his tight grip but it was no use. The urge to punch him square in the face is making both my hands tingle but due to my position he’s lucky.

“You can’t even admit your wrongs in this, I see why Rae left your ass,” I chuckled bitterly. “Don’t speak on shit you know nothing about it,” he spat I smiled shaking my head.

“What don’t I know Dom, before you started fucking me you used to tell me a lot about your relationship or did you forget? You ain’t shit but my ass fell for you,” I said shaking my head he sucked his teeth and let go of my arms. Working the pain out in both my wrists I wiped my tears and stayed where he left me. He sat on the bed and looked me directly in my eyes.

“Exactly my fucking point of all this being your fault, you knew I wasn’t shit but still got with my ass,” he laughed I rolled my eyes and walked up to him.

“You have a point Dom, I knew you wasn’t shit, but you knew-” I paused as the tears started up again.

“You knew the type of relationship I was in before you, and you still do me like this. I love your ass but you will never see that, I tried so hard to over look the fact that I could never be her, and that you still loved her. I figured you get over her and see that in me but you didn’t,” I now yelled in his face.

“You’re trying to make it seem like you’re breaking up with me because I’m insecure, fuck you Dom. Fuck your whole life, this, everything is your fault. Your friends won’t tell you but I will,” I spat walking over to my suitcase.

“You should have never got with me knowing where your heart is Dom that’s all I’m saying, I’m not even mad at you, it’s just simply fuck you. You blame everybody for everything but never take responsibility for your actions,” I chuckled zipping my bag.

“It’s killing you inside that Rae will never be yours again and to be honest I know I don’t know her that well, shit I don’t know anything about her except for what you told me, but I’m glad her ass ain’t with you. You’ve taken me for granted so I can only imagine what else you’ve done to her besides things you’ve told me,” Grabbing my duffle bag I began to pack the rest of my things in it.

“You claim to be happy for her and Ant but let’s be real you’re not, the fact that somebody else has her is killing you, but here’s another thing that’s going to crush your little heart and any chance of ever getting Rae back in your good graces,” I paused putting my sneakers and hoodie on and grabbed my bags in the process.

“I wanted to share this with you and Mama J because well I rather her then anybody else you call family,” I smiled as his eyes met mine. “I’m pregnant, and you don’t have to call the jet for me, I can get home on my own. Our first doctor’s appointment is on Friday, see you there,” I blew him an air kiss and opened the door.

Chuckling I watched as Cole and Trey tired their best to run away in the next room, they’re obviously caught but I’ll let them believe I had no idea they were there. Walking down the hallway a door opened and out walked Anthony I looked up at him and just kept it moving. I understand his reason for jumping for Rae but it was uncalled for in my book. Finally making my way downstairs I stopped dead in my tracks once the girls walked back in the house.

“Ci, I’m uh sorry for all the trouble I caused here on the trip. Hopefully you can forgive me and we can still be friends,”

Ciara is really the only one whose been genuinely nice to me and accepted me since I came in the picture, while I hope we can remain friends I know that will never happen. Her loyalty lies within Rae and the rest of her girls, and not only have I disrespected Rae on multiple occasion, I fought another one of her friends and ruined her weekend.

“You can stay we’re only here for one more day,” I shook my head no. “I rather not,” I said walking over to Mama J. After pulling her into a more private area and after apologizing I let her know that she’d soon be having a great niece or nephew. Despite my ways she was happy for me and assured me that Dom would be with me for everything, that was something she didn’t have to tell me. We may not be in a relationship but we will be raising a baby, he has no choice but to be here, I didn’t conceive this baby on my own.


Standing to feet I punched the wall most close to me, I couldn’t deny this baby even if I wanted to. I know for a fact that Kris was with me and only me, I’m not even mad she’s pregnant, I’d just rather have my first born with someone else.

“Yo,” I heard followed by knocks. “Yea,” I answered laying down on the bed.

“Nigga acting like his life is over,” Ty said once walking in the room. Jumping on the bed he grabbed the remote and turned the tv on. “We saw your girl leave nigga,” Jay spoke I waved him off.

“That ain’t my girl nigga,” I announced. “Yea, more like baby mama,” Trey said shaking his head.

“She pregnant bro?” Jay asked I nodded looking up at the ceiling. “Congrats bro,” he smiled looking over at me.

“This nigga not happy about it,” Cole said shaking his head. “Well you need to get happy nigga, I’m telling you this not only because you need to hear it, but because you’re my mans,” Jay paused looking over at Ty and Cole then back at me.

“What you and Rae have is over, forever bro,” Cole said. I chuckled sitting up looking at all of them. “I heard y'all talking this morning too, just leave her alone honestly bro, her feelings for Ant ain’t fake their real. If you and Rae are meant to be it will happen trust me, you need to get the fuck over her as well,” Jay said giving me a disappointed look.

“Fuck you looking at me like that for?” I asked him. “Cause bro, despite the petty shit Kris did when Rae was involved and fighting Yana which was clearly uncalled for, her ass was good for you as crazy as it may seem,-” Trey was saying but Ty cut him off.

“But your ass so stuck up on Rae you can’t even see it,” he stated as he randomly began to roll a blunt.

“If you know for a fact you don’t want to be with her then don’t force yourself too, get back with her because you want too. But no matter what you do bro just remember you and Rae are no longer,” Cole finished.

“Tired of always preaching to you, yo ass ain’t learn by now,” Ty complained passing me the blunt. “Fuck you,” I laughed after taking my pulls and handed it off.

Getting off the bed I dust my pants off and headed out my room. Bumping into Rae in the process I grabbed her hand and pulled her in the open room next to us. “What are you doing?” she asked pulling away from me.

“I need to talk to you,” I said she waved me off and shook her head. “Nah, not this shit again,” she said going to walk out the room but I pulled her back in.

“I’m serious Rae, don’t talk just listen,” I paused running my hand down my face.

“We were going back and forth this morning and to answer your question Rae I would of jumped at the chance had you asked me to stay, but being that you didn’t I knew where and who your heart belonged to. I’ve said it plenty times and I’ll keep saying it if I have too. I’m sorry Rae honestly, and after today’s events and everything Kristen told me I need to work on myself,” she folded her arms and looked up at me.

‘What did she tell you?“

"You really want to know?” I asked her she nodded.

“She basically told me things I need to hear, I’m not over you Rae and to be honest I don’t when if I’ll ever be, I treated her the same way I treated you, took her love for granted the same way I did you, and she helped me to realize that,” I paused her face showed no emotion and with that I became beyond confused, but continued on anyway.

“If for any reason I do manage to get you back, I don’t want anything to break us apart. She basically told me about myself and to be honest I needed that, I just need you to know I realize everything and I’m deeply sorry,” I breathed out. She uncrossed her arms and walked up to me, looking up her soft eyes met mine and instantly they began to get glossy. The last thing I wanted her to do was cry, I didn’t need that on top of my plate with everything else that stacked high.

Holding my cheek I clenched my jaw and met her fiery eyes. She was now completely livid and for the first time in my life I can’t understand why.

“What hell was that for?” I asked her. “Fuck you Dom,” she said stomping away from me. The fuck I do now.
(Later That Day)

“Yo the cars here,” Cole informed me I nodded grabbing my bags. With everything that took place today we decided that staying another night in Figi wouldn’t make sense, shit just doesn’t feel the same from when we first got here. Of course I take partial blame because despite what Kristen says this is her fault as well.

“Ci,” I called out. “Dominic Lamar,” she said I sighed shaking my head.

“You mad at me?” I asked. “More like disappointed Dom, you could’ve handled things better then what took place earlier, this was about me not you and I couldn’t even enjoy it with my family due to you and Kris,” she confessed I instantly felt bad on top of already feeling bad.

“I’m sorry sis and I will be making it up to you,” I sighed shaking my head. “I know that, I still love your ass though,” she smiled shaking her head.

“You know about Kris right?” I asked her she nodded. “Jay told me,” she answered. “So does Rae know?” I asked her she shrugged. “I didn’t tell her,” she answered I nodded. I’m still confused about her sudden anger after talking to her earlier. She hasn’t said a word to anyone just stayed up under Anthony the whole time.

“What did you do to her?” she asked I shrugged. “To be honest I don’t know,” I answered truthfully.

“In all honesty I find it funny how even though y'all aren’t together, y'all are still going through relationship problems. We most def need to get a contract going with VH1 & Mona, y'all would most def have the number one show in the whole damn world,” she laughed.

“But yo you will get dragged daily, I can see that shit now,” she continued to laugh. “Man fuck you Ci,” I laughed shaking my head as I threw our bags in the trunk.

“It’s all love bro,” she called out from in the car I smiled and flipped her off.

It’s crazy because she’s right.


*Week Later*

“Okay what time is she coming?” I asked while eating my Swedish fish. “Tomorrow at three,” I nodded writing it down on my desk calender.

“Thanks, lock the front when you leave. Goodnight,” I smiled as she left my room. Letting out a breathless sigh I closed my eyes and sat back in my seat. It’s been a week since Figi and all it’s mess and I’ve been behind on work for the last three days. I’m so damn exhausted.

“I know your ass ain’t sleep,” Placing a small smile on my face I opened my eyes and leaned forward admiring the man who stood before me. He held up a bag of Chinese take out and lord was I happy.

“Ain’t I the best?” he questioned with a smirk walking over to me. “The best there is,” I added to his corny self and reached my hand out.

“Damn I don’t get a greeting just straight reaching for the food, I can just throw it away,” he teased I sent him a death glare and quickly stood to my feet.

“I’m sorry pumpkin but I been hungry I haven’t left my office all day,” I chuckled at his face and kissed his lips, he hates the pet names but doesn’t dare complain. He’s my munchkin and I love calling him everything but Anthony. Of course he’d prefer Daddy, so cliche but I keep that for the bedroom.

“Damn what you working on?” he asked passing me a plate and fork. “Fashion show, I’m putting together all the pieces by myself it’s in two days and I’m just now starting wanna help me?” I asked him he shook his head no real quick making me laugh.

“It’s not even that serious babe,” I said he waved me off. “Nah I’m cool Rae, last time I tried helping you, you didn’t use any idea I gave you and then told me I had no style,”

“I mean look at me talking about I have no style,” he chuckled I playfully rolled my eyes and shook my head. “Do you not come to me every morning asking what you should wear to work, I’m forever hooking you up, might have to start charging you,” I joked he smirked shaking his head.

“I mean I have another way to pay you but we’ll discuss that later,” he said making me look over at him with wide eyes. “You get on my damn nerves,”

“Anyway, no seriously babe help me so we can hurry up and got home. I’ll give you an award,” I winked.

“Shit my first day on the job and I’m already getting a raise,” I gasped shaking my head. He’s such a freak nasty, but I love it.

“Alright nasty ass come on,” I said pulling up all the pieces I’m working with on the computer. He hunched over me and looked at the computer. My attention was directed to his face, I’d always find myself just staring at him. I admired as the muscles in face flexed effortlessly and his dimple showed while he chewed his food, and the way his eyebrows furrowed together while in deep thought. God sure did bless my man.

“What you looking at Rae?” he asked never taking his eyes away from the computer. “What I can’t look, it’s mine,” I said wrapping my arms around his neck he chuckled looking down at me.

“Yours huh?” he said showing off his perfect smile I adored so much. “It better be,” I said sternly he bust out laughing shaking his head.

“You know it’s yours,” he mumbled pecking my lips. “All mine,” I smiled against his lips he nodded kissing my lips. Tugging on my bottom lip did nothing but turn me on more then I already was from him walking in my office looking as good as he did. Placing his hands under my thighs and gripping them tight he swiftly lifted me out my seat switching positions so that I was now on top the desk and he in my chair. Lifting my skirt in the process he ripped my thong off and looked up at me with a smirk on his face. I was already dripping and couldn’t wait to feel his lips on mine. Opening my legs let him know I wasn’t in for a tease and ready to be devoured. He dived right in taking his time anyway.

“Oh,” I gasped once he slowly pumped two fingers inside of me. Using my hands to hold me up as he placed my legs up on his shoulders. Sucking on my pussy lips I threw my head back in utter satisfaction, Ant sure knew how to eat me up and leave me speechless hence right now.

Biting hard into my lip I gripped the mini fro growing on top his head once his tongue found it’s way inside my hole. Oh. My. Gosh,“ I panted as my breathing got heavier, removing his tongue from my hole he placed three fingers inside of me and began to flick my clit with his tongue before full on sucking it. Felling myself getting ready to climax my legs shut tightly on his head as my body began to jerk forward due to me cumming. He continued to dig his fingers deeper inside me through my orgasm. All that could be heard were my cries which drove him to continue on with the finger fuck.

"Baby please,” I cried as I kicked my shoes off. “Damn daddy,” I moaned licking my lips.

“Shit,” I said repeatedly between breaths. Sitting back in the seat he licked his lips and sent me a seductive smile. “Taste better then the take out,” he winked licking his fingers.

“Let’s go home,”
“Rae,” he whispered tapping my butt cheek. “Babe,” he said now kissing all over my face. “Babe,” I whined pulling the covers up over me. I know for a fact I only went to sleep what three hours ago, he needs to let me get my rest I’ve been up all night, literally.

“C'mon I got you breakfast,” he announced opening one eye I peeked from under the blanket too see him holding a tray in his hand then sat completely up.

“Your ass always on alert when food is involved,” I flipped him off licking my lips at the meal that covered my plate. “You made this?” I asked him he nodded.

“Of course babe, ain’t nobody else up in here to cook,”

“Shut up, to what do I owe this delicious meal?” I asked eating my eggs he shrugged. “No reason honestly, I’m a romantic that’s all,” he stated cockily I waved him off.

“Thank you babe, it’s real good,” I smiled he nodded grabbing the remote turning it to MTV. Reruns of My Wife & Kids graced the screen making me smile like a little ass kid. This is really in my top five favorite shows.

Reaching over to my side table draw I pulled out my plan b pill and gulped it down with my orange juice, confused by Ant’s annoyed face I didn’t even question him on it. He’s either going to talk about me noticing or act as if he didn’t notice me, notice him.

Finishing off my food I placed the tray to the side and grabbed my Ipad. Due to last nights events I wasn’t able to get any work done, so being that today is my off day I will most def be getting this work done.

“You couldn’t save me any?” he chuckled walking out the bathroom in nothing but his basketball shorts. Climbing on top of the bed he laid his head on my lap wrapping his arms around me.

“You home today?” I asked him he nodded. “I called out, it’s rare that we’re ever home together, might as well spend the day with you,” he shrugged looking up at me I smiled and kissed his lips.

It was simple things like this that made me fall for Ant the way I did and as fast as I did. I swore I’d never compare him to Dom because to be honest those are two different loves, but in a way Ant is better. Dom has had his spontaneous, romantic moments but they can’t top Ant. Ant is king in that department as well as other things but we won’t get into that.

“That’s so sweet, but I feel like you have something up your sleeve, what are we doing today?” I asked him he shrugged. “What do you want to do?” he asked me.

“The spa sounds real nice to be honest, but you be acting like men can’t go there so,” I playfully rolled my eyes.

“I’ll go with you, just no facials,” he said I grabbed my phone up quick and set the appointment before he could change his mind.

“C'mon,” I said getting up. “Where we going?” he asked me

“Shower, appointment is set for 11,” he sighed and followed behind me. I’m draggng his ass with me everywhere today.
“I should of took my ass to work,” he complained as we walked in the salon I chuckled and greeted my stylist.

“You can get a shape up babe,” he shook his head no. “I’m true to the code babe, that’s been my barber since a youngin’ give me ya IPAD,” he paused with a smirk on his face.

“I’ll come up with the outfits while I wait my whole life in here,” he laughed walking away I shook my head at his no style having ass. I’m gona have to do everything over.

“What do you want baby girl?”

“The usual, just add some pieces,” I smiled she nodded and brought me over to the sink.

After my hair was done, and some shopping he surprised me with a big ass limo waiting for us outside the mall.

“Where are we going?” I asked once the limo drove off. “After everything that happened in Figi I just felt like doing something for you, I sent some exclusive ass package to Ci cause I felt bad for her too. And I mean I know we got over everything that happened before with that nigga and all,” he paused

“We ain’t really do anything to make up for it,” he shrugged.

“We did make up for it babe, but this is very generous of you I really appreciate it,” he waved me off. “But I’m the freak,” he said before kissing my lips.

“You are,” I said looking out the window to see we were deep in the city.

“The city is so beautiful at night,” I thought out loud. The car came to a complete stop making my eyes wander seeing as how I had no idea where we were, and the fact that I wasn’t even dressed for this special occasion.

“Goodnight Mr. Jordan,” a man greeted him. “Ms. Maraj,” I smiled at him and gripped Ant’s hand.

“Follow me,” he instructed as we walked through a closed off building. I grew anxious as to where he was taking us, every time Ant did something out of the ordinary I became the little kid in the candy store.

“Babe,” I gasped blushing uncontrollably he placed a smile on his face and opened his arms wide. “You like?” he asked me.

“I love it, but we’re not even dressed for the occasion,” I said as we shared a laugh. “Don’t worry about it girl, you look sexy right now, I know how you looked dressed down,” I shook my head and kissed his lips.

“You are something else,” I said looking out at the amazing view. I’ve never had a rooftop dinner before and to be honest I always wanted one. This right here is everything.
“You enjoy your food?” he asked me I nodded wiping my mouth. “Of course, they made all my favorites babe,” I cheesed before finishing off my wine.

“Starting to think your ass loves food more then me,”,

“I can never, this day, this night has been everything and more thank you,” I said kissing his cheek.

“Glad you enjoyed yourself but I have one more thing for you,” he said reaching into his pocket pulling out a small black box and placed it on the table. Looking from the box to him a couple times my mouth felt very dry. Grabbing my glass of water I gulped it down in a matter of seconds and cleared my throat.

“What’s this?” I asked him.

No Worries #78

Future took the palm of his left hand and rubbed down the length of his face. Then he folded his arms miserably, while staring at his feet. He swore as loudly as possible, to himself, as if no one else was in the room.

“What you over here going through fool?” Casino asked as he passed him a lit blunt.

“I’m starting to think this ain’t my year bruh. I can’t remember the last time my life was filled with so much bullshit.” He paused as he lifted the blunt to his lips.

“You always overthinking shit,” Casino felt no pity. “You got a beautiful wife, kids and successful career. It’s niggas way worse off then you.”

“Exactly! I got that! I love my wife and kids, more than life itself. And it’s always somebody trying to fuck up a good thing.” Future bellowed as he passed the blunt back and stood to his feet.

He shook his head and walked out of his dressing room. He had a lot on his mind, but he was anxious to hit the stage. It was like his sanctuary. It was a place he could be problem free. No stress. Just him and his fans.

The next morning, Ciara jumped out of bed and prepared herself for her morning.

Ding Dong…

Ciara answered the door and greeted her mom with a hug. “Hey mom!”

“Hey love. Is everything okay?”

She fixed herself in the mirror by the door, before answering. “Yes. Why?”

“Because you text me at one in the morning to come and watch the twins at 10. You usually give me, at least one good reason why.”

“Ari (the babysitter) has been sick these past couple of days and something came up.” Ci shrugged.

“Something came up at one in the morning?” Her mom cut her eyes.

“Yes. It was a last minute meeting. No worries.”

“I just think you should start utilizing your security more.” Ever since the ‘Darren incident’, her mom has been forcing the idea of ‘24/7 security’ down her throat.

“I should be back in a few hours. No worries.” Ciara slammed the door shut behind her and walked to her car.

She had to hurry out of the door, before her mother decided to ask her more details about the meeting.

She wasn’t quite sure how she would tell her that she was meeting up with Kia, a female from Future’s past, to find out why everything was such a secret to begin with.

She knew her mom would disapprove. And, most likely, try to convince her that she should wait to discuss things with her husband when he gets home.

But, Ciara wasn’t trying to hear that. She knew if Future had intentions on telling her about Kia, he would’ve told her from the first time Kia’s name was mentioned.

Ciara waited at the secluded table for about 15 minutes. She could only hope that Kia would show up, like she agreed to, via text message last night.

About 10 more minutes went by and Ciara was starting to think Kia wasn’t coming. Maybe she changed her mind about everything and wanted nothing more to do with the drama.

Just as Ci was asking the waitress for the bill, she seen Kia walk through the door.

“Sorry I’m late.” She sat down and quickly scanned the room. “I just really wasn’t sure if this was the right thing for me to do. But I told you, I would come and I’m true to my word.”

Ciara nodded in appreciation. “I’m glad you came. I honestly just need to know what the hell is going on. And it really saddens me that I had to go to the one person, involved in this mess, that I know the least about. But sometimes, you can’t get the truth from your friends and loved ones, I guess.”

“I know what you mean.” Kia meekly smiled, before ordering her food.

Once the waitress left, Kia started to talk. “Let’s just get this out of the way now, everything that went on between me and him was well before you. I don’t want you to think I’m some home-wrecking hoe.”

Ciara sighed at her words in slight relief. “Well, why was you and his past such a secret? Why not tell me that you two messed around in the past?”

“For one, it’s not my place to tell you. It’s his. And two, we didn’t just mess around in the past. We have history together.” Kia’s voice cracked. “I hope that’s not what he told you.”

Ciara’s jaws clenched. “He really hasn’t told me much of anything about you and him. But, he did try to make your relationship seem insignificant last night.”

“I honestly don’t blame him. We’re old news. And had your friend Faith not set me up to work at the store, this wouldn’t be happening right now.” She said in a frustrated tone.

“Set you up?”

“Yes… We have a mutual friend name Marisol (refer to #68). So when I mentioned I was coming back in town to stay for a while, she started asking around to different people she knew in the area about possible jobs for me. And Faith’s name popped up. I knew very little about the retail business. But Faith hit me up one day, clear out of the blue, and said she had a job opportunity for me. It fell into my lap. How could I say no to that?”

Ciara looked confused. “And how is that setting you up? That sounds a lot like helping you out!”

“Because she knew about me and Future’s past. Come to find out, my friend, Marisol, went running her mouth about my personal life, AGAIN. She loves to tell ‘the story’ because of Future’s success now. And I guess she felt the need to tell Faith.” Kia shook her head. “She’s trying her best to ruin what you have. For what reason, I don’t know! But why else would she hire your husband’s ex?”

“That bitch!” Ciara said disgustedly, referring to Faith. “And that’s why she was so damn eager for us to meet. That’s really pathetic on her behalf.”

“Exactly. I wasn’t trying to cause any friction between you two. You two look so happy.” Kia paused and her eyes got extremely glassy.

That’s when Ciara realized there was more to this story. It was much deeper. Those tears were meaningful. “I believe you. It’s okay. No need to mess up your make-up.” Ciara tried to make light of the situation.

“Truth is, I’m happy to see Nayvadius happy. He deserves to be. And you do too.” Ciara handed her a tissue as she spoke.

“I got emotional, seeing him with you and the kids because I once saw that for us.”

Ciara’s eyes widened. Future made their relationship seem small. But the way this girl’s tears are flowing, that can’t be the case.

“Me and him were young, but we were in love. We got together a few years out of high school. He had NJ, but I accepted that and his baby mama drama because I loved him… We shared an apartment together and everything. I stuck by him when he was in the streets. And I was loyal too.” She explained. “The streets wasn’t my issue with him. Things between us got complicated when he decided to pursue his music career. I would go all day without seeing him. And sometimes, he wouldn’t even come home at night. And his excuse was always that damn studio.”

The waitress interrupted her words as she placed their plates down on the table.

Ciara grabbed hold of both Kia’s hands, from across the table, and blessed the food.

Kia couldn’t help, but smile at how sweet Ciara truly was as a person. And it pissed her off even more that Faith would even want to hurt her in that way.

“He’s still in the studio like crazy!” Ciara giggled, before taking a bite of her waffle. It was like she was reminding Kia of where she left off.

“Figures!” Kia laughed. “I didn’t believe that he was really into the studio that much, but I saw no evidence of anything else going on. So, I just continued to play my role. But I admit, I was lonely. We went from spending everyday together to barely speaking in a matter of months. Music was ruining the three years we were building on.”

Ciara squirmed in her chair. It was a weird conversation to have. But, it was what she asked for. So, now she had to deal with it.

“Even though we were more distant, he was still telling me he loved me. And he wanted to marry me and start a family, when he got big into the rap game. I wanted to believe him, but my insecurities lied in the distance caused by his music.” She sniffled as she wiped away a lone tear that had escaped her sad eyes. “Then a few months later, for our four year anniversary. He proposed to me. And I was six weeks pregnant, according to my doctor.”

Ciara took a huge gulp. “Wait, proposals and pregnancies? I thought you said you didn’t have any children!” (Refer to #64)

“And I don’t.” She paused dramatically. “I turned down his proposal because I wasn’t sure if he was the father of my child.”

Ciara dropped her fork, but quickly picked it back up. The story was even more crazy than she thought. “So, you were cheating?”

“I cheated once.” She took a sip of orange juice. “With his brother. It was a huge mistake. I regret it to this day.”

Ciara dropped her fork again, but this time left it there. “No way! His brother?”

“His half-brother Neal used to sometimes stay over our apartment because he ran for Nayvadius back in the day. And one night we were alone and I got lonely. It was the dumbest mistake of my life.”

“I never even knew he had a brother named Neal,” Ciara whispered.

“I heard he’s been locked up for some time now.” Kia sighed. “Anyway, because of the timing of my pregnancy, I wasn’t 100 percent sure the baby was his, so I had to tell him. He was beyond hurt and he left me. I didn’t feel it would be fair to the child, if I brought it into this world with such a mess on my hands. I thought a baby would make things worse.”

“God. That must’ve been a hard decision to make. Did Nayvadius no about the abortion?”

Kia shook her head ‘yes’. “He knew. But for a while, he didn’t even care… About three months after our break-up, we tried to make it work again. But he was just so cold towards me. There was no more love. We finally called it quits, when I found out he had gotten Ava (Trinity’s mom) pregnant. I knew they were messing around when we got back together, but a part of me felt guilty. So, I never said anything. But, a baby made things way too complicated to keep trying to make it work.”

“Wow!” Ciara was in disbelief.

“I hurt him so badly,” Kia mumbled as she chewed her food. “All of it was too much after the break-up. So, I packed my bags and left the city one day. I needed to get away. I was able to heal and move on. I thought I was doing the right thing by moving back here to be closer to my mom and sister, but working at the store made me regret my decision.”

“Don’t let someone else’s unhappiness, cloud your judgment. Faith’s spirit is rotten. And she will get hers.” Ci bellowed.

“I know. But I made the decision to move to Ohio with my boyfriend, Liam. His job took him out there.” Kia finally smiled.

“That’s great,” Ci said excitedly.

Kia looked at her watch and took another sip from her cup. “I really wanna say thank you for listening. You’re honestly a sweet person and Nayvadius deserves you. And you deserve him.” She giggled. “I know you don’t need me telling you that, but I want to see y’all continue to win together.”

“Awl… Thanks so much Kia. Good luck with your boo. I hope everything works out.” They both stood to hug one another goodbye, for what was probably the last time ever, since Kia’s flight left out in the morning.

Ciara sat back down at the table, alone with only her thoughts. She met up with Kia, expecting to hear one thing. But, definitely heard the opposite.

Ciara paid the bill and stood from the table. She was leaving with mixed feelings towards her husband. She wasn’t sure if she was mad at him. Or sad for him. She figured she would handle that later on tonight, when he returned home.

But one thing was for sure, she was pissed at Faith. And she needed to go and pay her a visit!

To Be Continued…


Ciara Renèe as Kendra Saunders → Hawkgirl:

 “Okay i’ll accept that i’m the ‘reincarnated’ soul of his long lost princess; that we’ve been lovers lifetime after lifetime. But that ends now. I’m not HIS hawkgirl. And if i’m staying on the team, Carter has to understand that.”

The Princess and the Thief: base-gaurdian (Closed RP)

Ciara took another step back as the men took further steps towards her. She assessed the situation again, four on one…If she used her magic now she might be able to make a getaway. She needed to buy some time to gather up her energy. “Gentlemen, must we fight? It seems a bit much for all of you against little me.”