ciara is the queen


All these options and they chose to whitewash.
Because of the non-diverse, non-inclusive, whitewashed casting of POC, we have decided to dreamcast a brand new production of The Prince of Egypt!

Moses- Adam Jacobs

Ramses- Christopher Jackson

Tziporrah- Cynthia Erivo

Aaron- Daveed Diggs

Miriam- Alysha Deslorieux

Huy- Aziz Ansari

Hotep- James Monroe Iglehart

Yocheved- Ciara Renee

Pharaoh- Norm Lewis

Queen Tuya- Audra McDonald

There. You see? Brilliant and talented actors who can play these parts wonderfully! And guess what? This cast isn’t whitewashed! If the Broadway powers that be would just open their eyes, the theatre world would be a brighter place!

Courage is the mastery of fear, not the absence of it.
—  Ray Palmer/ Nate Heywood (original quote from Mark Twain)

Let me live. music for a shedim (vol. 2) An Elliott Gilbert playlist.

1. Do what U want - Lady Gaga || 2. Believer - Imagine Dragons || 3. Run boy run - Woodkid || 4. Mr Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra || 5. Let me live - Queen || 6. Paint it Black - Ciara || 7. Way down we go - Kaleo || 8. I Shall Rise - Karen O || 9. Come as you are - Nirvana || 10. Another brick in the wall - Pink Floyd || 11. Scream - Michael Jackson || 12. You, Me and the Bourgeoisie - The Submarines || 13. Heathens - Twenty One Pilots || 14. Revolution - The Score || 15. Don’t say Goodbye - Take That || 16. There I Said It - Adam Lambert || 17. Hurt - Johnny Cash || 18. The Show Must Go On - Queen