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Top 6 lines from Victorious

(most of these are bc of the delivery and the reactions they got)

  1. who said i stopped?
  2. trina, did you learn your lesson?
  3. are you a vegan?
  4. all the lines in broken glass tbqh
  5. catherine could be a captain.
  6. please, for sweet daddy sikowitz.
Today was my first day never going back to Usdan.

Today, I woke up at 10:30 and I thought I missed my bus for camp. Then, I had the saddest realization, that I am not going back and that I will never return as a camper. It makes me so upset and sad inside. I love it so much. I started going there as a 13 year old with glasses and braces. I also didn’t wear makeup for my show (wtf was I thinking?) I was made fun of in middle school, and wanted a place that I could make new friends. I remember walking into the TMNK studio for the first time and seeing AJ and MK sing their audition songs. I was so amazed. I admired them so much. They were so pretty and so talented, (and still are!) everything that I wanted to grow up to be. (Hi AJ, and MK if you’re reading this!).  I remember hug attacking one of my dearest friends Katie on the first day. I remember having the biggest crush on a kid in my cast, I loved him and got my first heart broken. I remember looking up to the Me cast so much. I thought they were the coolest people. I loved that I had a 16 year old friend that I could talk to about the newest episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place (Hi Rach) :) Then the Spelling Bee year was the best. Everyone was a pure family. It was so wonderful. I loved it so much. Then, Urinetown wasn’t my favorite, but I did become close with a few people and I’m so lucky I did. I miss Usdan with all my heart, and no matter how many years go by, it will forever be with me. Now, I’m at the age where I met my TMNK friends, without braces and I still wear glasses. I now put on makeup and straighten/curl my hair for every show I do. I have learned to accept myself more and know that people love me and support me. “And because I have known you, my life will never be quite the same…may your spirit live through me.”

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Purple, white, grey =]

Purple: Ten facts about my room. 

  1. The walls are light green.
  2. Right now it’s messy because I spent years today trying to find something to wear for a dance on Saturday. 
  3. It almost always smells like some kind of lotion or perfume, usually from Bath & Body works, because I’m obsessed with stuff from there and I’ll spray it on myself excessively in there. 
  4. I have a bunch of posters hung up in there. I have some of Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and some other non people posters like a puppy poster :)
  5. I usually have a CD or something playing in my room.. usually someone I really like, liiiike Rihanna or Selena or Demi.
  6. I have the cutest pillow pet in there ;D
  7. I have a desk in there that is currently covered with a bunch of random papers and i haven’t used the desk in a while 
  8. My bed is across the room from my desk and it sorta faces my desk.
  9. I have two windows in my room. And there’s one next to my bed. And at night when it’s all dark out, it’s waaaay creepy.
  10. There are like 5 million purses and bags in there.

White: 3 facts about my personality.

  1. I act insane and loud when I’m with my friends. (They think I have add, hahahah)
  2. I’m incredibly shy until you get to know me.
  3. I’m really happy for the most part.

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things.

  1. It tastes good.
  2. It’s lovely. 

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Do you know if the other songs played during "The Breakfast Bunch" are original or not? Like the one "cause we'll always be together and we're never backing down?"

the only cover/song im aware of is dont you forget about me. if you're referring to the songs that played while andre and the rest of the cast danced im not sure. sorry!

does anyone know?