ciao manhattan!

I’m a little nervous about saying anything about “the Artist” because it kind of sticks him right between the eyes, but he deserves it. Warhol really fucked up a great many people’s - young people’s - lives. My introduction to heavy drugs came through the Factory. I liked the introduction to drugs I received. I was a good target for the scene; I blossomed into a healthy young drug addict.

Edie from the tapes for Ciao! Manhattan, blaming Andy Warhol for her drug abuse.

The cop who had pushed her against the car turned around and began picking up the stuff, so she wheeled around and gave him a kick in the ass, man, with all the energy and hate she could, and that sent him flying over the hood of the car. She said, you fucker man! Don’t you touch my purse! Everybody standing along the street was blown out when they saw that. They cheered and clapped Edie smiled. The cops were really uptight, They grabbed Edie. The cop who’d been kicked was really hurting. Oh, she just blew out alot of people. She had a lot of energy man. She only weighed about eighty pounds and he weighed about two hundred pounds, that cop. It may not have been like that, but taht’s what I heard.
Jonathan Sedgwick

I think drugs are like strawberries. That was something I was very much a part of, but at the same time there’s that incredible nightmare paranoia … it drives human beings crazy. It frightened me to see it around me … I had everything that could be moves stolen by speed freaks. Things began to disappear. The Queen Bee Speedfreaks and Amphetamine Annie had found out where my apartment was. All my jewelry was stolen and all my expensive clothes. Dior, Balenciaga … just tons of originals. By the way, have you heard anything about my furs? Everybody’s wearing them.

Edie from tapes for the movie Ciao! Manhattan.