its so hot in my room and i discovered that if you tie your shirt like they do in the animes IT ACTUALLY WORKS WITH COOLING DOWN but my tummy;;; sticks out so;;; i make it a really loose knot so that if anyone comes in my room i can pretend this never happened

the object of my affection, the most important thing to me, as dumb as it sounds– it’s my cat.

one day, when i was five, my mom brought home a kitten. she told me that she has huddled under a fence mewling for her mother, drenched to the bone in rain. we lived in a rescue mission and we weren’t allowed to have pets– so my mom told me to keep her a secret. i got to name her, shadow. because she was black. but as the years progressed her name carried more meaning. she followed me everywhere, even to school on a number of occasions!! she never left my side.

this was in virginia, but soon i was forced to move to numerous states with my grandmother. we’ve been to mississippi, texas, kentucky, california, arizona– moving around constantly. and you know what? shadow has always been right there by my side. shes always there with me. and i just– it really does sound dumb but, she is the most important thing to me. my everything. a memento from all the places ive been, all ive been through. i love her so very much and cant bear the thought that one day she’d die or leave me.