Here’s my dad and me as Joel and Ellie from the last of us. (my dad’s a little too white haired, so i had to photoshop it darker, but other than that he’s perfect in my opinion)

Ellie - Alicia
Joel- Alicia’s dad

Inspired by one of my currently favorite Wolfstar fics, Text Talk by mssrsmoony. It’s hilarious, very easy to read, and is exceptionally well-written.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Remus and Sirius are perfect together, so if you haven’t read this fic (it’s on-going), do check it out while you listen to this special mix.

Trading Yesterday - One Day | Ed Sheeran - All Of The Stars | A Rocket To The Moon - On A Lonely Night | Lifehouse - From Where You Are | Coldplay - See You Soon | Something Corporate - As You Sleep | The Summer Set - Where Are You Now? | All Time Low - A Daydream Away


I love James and Lily’s relationship for a multitude of reasons. The chase. The secret smiles. The looks of desperate longing. The denials in attraction. It’s definitely one of the funniest and most romantic I have come across with, and falling in love was best thing that ever happened to them.

A fanmix dedicated to Lily Evans. Songs that are very spot-on. Of which perfectly remind me of James’ persistence and fierce faithfulness.

The Maine - I Must Be DreamingThe Summer Set - Someone Like You | Alex Goot - Give Your Heart A BreakHot Chelle Rae - Why Don’t You Love MeBoys Like Girls - Be Your EverythingSavage Garden - I Knew I Loved YouHoliday Parade - Walking ByAnberlin - InevitableThe Magic Numbers - I See You, You See MeMatchbox Twenty - Overjoyed


Change Isn't Always Bad Masterpost

Vic isn’t popular, but he isn’t unknown. Everyone’s scared of him and his brother, that’s just how the school works. When he sees Kellin, the quiet guy, the one no one knows, the one who can’t stick up for himself… Vic’s willing to change everything about himself so the anti-social boy will talk to him.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Love is words meant for those without meaning. A sense of compassion, a touch and caress, and an echo lasting of words and desire. Leave this place, run away with the ones you don’t know. Walk with me, rabbit. Love isn’t needed, but if you feel the word is necessary, I’ll love you tonight and be yours for just this once.