Lo que más le duele a los opo$itores de la ultraderecha, ellos no rinden homenaje al Libertador, a ellos lo que le interesa es subyugar el país al imperialismo y al capital .

 “Libertador de Venezuela: título más glorioso y satisfactorio para mí que el cetro de todos los imperios de la Tierra”.

/Simón Bolívar

Honramos la vida de nuestro Libertador Simón Bolívar, quien libertando Nuestra América, quiso libertar la humanidad: esa es la misión de los Bolivarianos de todos los países del mundo.

#24Julio #NatalicioDelLibertador

El viernes 28 NATALICIO del Comandante Eterno y el #30Julio le vamos a dar en todos los dientes a los apátridas opo$itores asesino$, se presenta una semana muy buena para la Revolución Bolivariana !! El sol  nace por el Esequibo ..

TL;DR on the latest round of Wikileaks:

Literally nothing you do is safe from the CIA. There are numerous full-on spyware suites developed by them, mostly for iOS and Windows, but also targeting Android, Linux, OS X, and Solaris. Apps thought to be secure (Telegram with encryption enabled, WhatsApp, Signal) were compromised (EDIT: This is incorrect, although the devices that these were on were compromsied) as well, as were a host of other devices (ie smart TVs).


If you live in a Schengen area country, your country likely hosts several CIA backed cyberwar experts. They came in via the US consulate in Frankfurt. If you don’t, you likely do as well, but I can’t find anything without sifting through the files myself.

“I have nothing to hide, why does this matter?”: Because there are now multiple thousand “zero hour”- ie “developers get zero hours to fix”- vulnerabilities floating around that no one had any idea existed. The vulnerabilities themselves weren’t leaked, but it’s the fact that someone knew about these and didn’t say.

EDIT: These look to mostly be older, already used bugs, see this post

I hate to make this kinda clickbait-y thing, but this is honest to God one of the most important leaks in history. Our response to this is pretty much going to be life or death for privacy in the developed world. Be loud about this, be annoying about this, and do not shut up about this. Please reblog this and other posts relating to it.


Former NSC spokesman Edward Price resigns over Trump and Steve Bannon

  • A former senior figure at the National Security Council has resigned from the CIA in the wake of Trump’s whirlwind first few weeks in office.
  • Edward Price, a career CIA employee who served as an NSC spokesman for three years until last month, penned an op-ed in the Washington Post explaining he had resigned over Trump’s “disturbing” actions. 
  • Price cited Trump’s casual dismissal of evidence linking Russia to hacks of Democratic Party targets during the election as well as “ego and bluster” during an address to intelligence officials at the CIA in January.
  • The “final straw” was when the CIA director and director of national intelligence were cut as NSC principals and replaced with “the president’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, who cut his teeth as a media champion of white nationalism,” Price wrote. Read more (2/21/17 7:09 PM)
A Brief Overview of How the CIA Messed Up Syria

The extent of US involvement in the bloodless coup, which overthrew the secular democracy that sprung up in Syria after World War II, has been disputed ever since it happened. The general understanding is that in 1949, the CIA decided their best bet to further US interests in the area would be to “encourage” a coup d’etat in the country. They had a “reasonable” reason, too. A proposed construction project, the Trans-Arabian Pipeline, was in danger of not being built under the rule of Shukri-al-Quwatli, the first president of Syria. And no one messes with the United States’ god-given right to an uninterrupted oil supply!

Husni al-Za’im (above), who had been convicted less than a decade earlier for graft, was basically chosen by the CIA to be the next leader of Syria. He was encouraged, given money and men, and dutifully overthrew Syria’s democratically elected president. And who would have guessed it? Almost immediately, the pipeline plans were approved! As were a number of pro-American initiatives, such as peaceful negotiations with Israel, just a year after the first Arab-Israeli War which Syria was prominent in.

Husni al-Za’im lasted just four months before being “deposed” (read: secretly executed) by his slightly-more-popular colleague, a strongman who ruled as a dictator for five years before being deposed in turn. Coup after coup occurred. Finally, in 1963, one wannabe dictator actually figured out his stuff and held the country for thirty years until his death. That would be Hafez al-Assad, father of Bashar al-Assad.