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The whole GOP are gutless cowards. They know full well how badly Trump is fucking up the US and fucking up the world. But they’re willing to let that happen, willing to let the US burn, just to ensure they have the best chance at retaining the presidency. They don’t give one single fuck about anyone but themselves. They don’t even care about their own country, despite their protestations otherwise. All they care about is power and holding onto it, no matter the cost. Even if that cost is the country they claim to love. The entire GOP can go fuck themselves.
—  A dude I know. Making a very good point, I suspect.
The Female Warlord Who Had C.I.A. Connections and Opium Routes
Born to royalty in Burma, Olive Yang, who died last week at 90, rejected her birthright to become a cross-dressing warlord and opium trafficker.
By Gabrielle Paluch

I thought this was a plot for a movie. But no. Olive Yang routinely had crushes on her brothers’ love interests so her family married her off to a younger cousin. Once she got pregnant she rAN AWAY and became a warlord. She named her son after the jeep. She dressed live a man and had an affair with an actress and sounds terrifying.

Warning! This is gonna be high in atomic blonde spoilers

I have a very plausible theory that Delphine is alive and well and writing poetry somewhere (rock star would be too visible).

So the whole story is told really by Lorraine. The only reason we know the whole truth is because that was the version she revealed to her cia handler. But he threatened Delphine, who really wanted to be out of the business completely, so there’s no way Lorraine would reveal to cia that she helped a potential asset to deactivate.

Lorraine said to the Russian guy that she wants her life back, but she’s too deep now, being a cia agent is her life but Delphine could still escape, start anew. Lorraine let herself be soft and feel sth around Delphine, and she broke so many rules in her life I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t break a few more for the girl that still has so much innocence in her, in a world where Lorraine doubted it even still existed

Maybe Lorraine got there just a minute earlier, enough to save Delphine. Or maybe that part never happened and she told it only to sell the story about Percival even more effectively and help Delphine fake her death. Either way, if we get another movie they better not fuck this canon for me.

Roommates AU

I saw a roommates AU thing for Hyrule Warriors. I have ideas. It’s 8:30 PM. 

Things aren’t going to go well.

SO, here are my ideas.

  • Ghirahim is the one who plays the song “Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me” at 6 AM in the morning on blast and that’s how everyone knows to wake up. 
  • WILD PARTIES WILL HAPPEN. Like, parties where almost everyone gets drunk and people wake up not remembering how they ended up on the floor with Ghirahim, Volga, and Zant or in bed with Ganondorf and Wizzro.
  • Prank wars. That is all.
  • Cia turning all of the guys to females just because she was bored. May or may not involve Lana helping her. Ghirahim would be the one to enjoy being a girl just saying
  • It’s not me until I have cross-dressing males involved somewhere, so here, let’s have Ghirahim and Zant playing dress up with the girls.
  • How about Ghirahim and Zant kissing and Cia walking in on them?
  • Things go missing and we can all blame Volga the Hoarder for that.
My wife is three people.

Ajay thought Mary was “the English woman” who betrayed the team. That suggests Mary was using an English persona when he knew her.

But in His Last Vow, Sherlock said:

Yes, technically Sherlock could’ve been wrong, but then what was the freaking point in bringing it up?

Also in HLV, Magnussen said:

Working for the CIA suggests Mary was American originally / at some point. (I won’t press that point too hard since it’s TV and they could cheat if they wanted to and say a non-American had a CIA job, but the usual implication of saying someone worked for the CIA is that they’re American. Mycroft being an outlier.)

CAM is pretty clear that Mary did her CIA work and then went freelance after that.

The Six Thatchers made a big point about Mary’s time with the A.G.R.A. group being her freelance period.

So unless the writers are throwing old clues out the window for no reason, Mary had a not-English CIA life before her time with Ajay and company.

I consider this confirmation of a third identity for Mary. First the not-English CIA identity, then Rosamund the freelancer, then Mary the nurse.

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the most common reasons ppl give to subtly discard sharon carter disputed (by means of using the already established mcu canon, among other sources)

these next 2 paragraphs were originally the conclusion to my text but i decided to move it up to avoid any massive unfollow sprees or anon hate sent my way lol if you read nothing else in this post, plese read these paragraphs before the cut.

now, you still with me? okay. you see, the thing is: you don’t have to like sharon. and you don’t have to like staron. you don’t even need to give any reasons as to why you don’t like them. really, you don’t. because sometimes there isn’t even a reason, we just don’t jive with certain things and that’s cool. heck, i have friends that think benadryl cabbage patch is the hottest thing in the world, and while that deeply disturbs me, i accept them and we can be friends even with that canyon of differences between us. it’s just the nature of humanity to differ in tastes. i just put his name in my tumblr savior list and move along with life. 

but when you make up reasons that don’t exist (see items above below), or make fun of people for liking what you don’t, or go out of your way to put your hate (yes, saying a pairing “makes you vomit” IS hate, let’s not be dense here), or complain about wanting a certain type of character to be portrayed on screen (in this case, more strong female characters in the mcu) and dismiss them when you’re given one on the sole purpose of shipping, THEN we’re gonna have a problem. 

otherwise? you do you

now, for the reasons disputed: 

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Rommates AU: More Headcanons

Since people seemed to like my last headcanon post…

  • Midna and Volga were in a mini-war of “who-can-hoard-the-most-stuff”. It ended when Volga tried to steal some of Cia’s clothes and ended up with a black eye. 
  • Speaking of Cia’s clothes, imagine her going shopping with the other females and Ghirahim. (Because let’s admit it Ghirahim WOULD go shopping with them)
  • Wizzro is banned from the kitchen after he nearly burned the place down because he left the oven on.
  • Ghirahim’s not allowed to do laundry after Ganondorf’s underpants came out pink.
  • Wizzro and Zant tried to go on a pantie raid. It didn’t end well.
  • Cia lets Ghirahim and Ganondorf only do her hair.
  • Cia, Volga, and Ganondorf are the ones who do the grocery shopping because the others can’t handle themselves.