On July 26, 1947, President Harry S. Truman’s mother died. On the same day President Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947, creating the CIA, Department of Defense and the National Security Council.

This recently opened memo from the Secret Service details the measures they took to make sure Truman signed the legislation and the hasty travel plans made to get President Truman home to his mother.

-from the Truman Library 

NPR just published an exposé about nine secret experiments performed by the US military on 60,000 Black, Japanese-American, & Puerto Rican enlisted soldiers during WWII. There have been previous exposés about US government human experiments, including CIA experiments, from 1940 through 1970. The WWII experiments were all racist-based–as were many of the later ones.

The WWII experiments were with mustard gas which affects a person within seconds, producing burns & irreversible damage, including cancer, chronic skin diseases, respiratory illnesses, eye problems. Mustard gas was first used as a weapon of war by the Germans in WWI so US scientists knew damn well what mustard gas did to human beings: skin blisters, vomiting, blindness, internal & external bleeding, stripping of mucus membranes in the bronchial tubes.

According to NPR, because the experiments were secret, they were not recorded on the men’s military records so they have no proof they went through them. They received no follow-up health care or monitoring of any kind. They were not volunteers but were ordered or offered incentives to participate. Rollins Edwards, a participant & the man in this photo, said he never questioned the experiments. “Defiance was unthinkable especially for Black soldiers,” he said. “You do what they tell you to do & you ask no questions,”

Participants were also threatened with dishonorable discharge or military prison time if they told & were unable to disclose the cause of their disfiguring & chronic health problems to doctors after they were discharged.

Now here’s the kicker! Given what we already know about human experiments, especially the large number of racist experiments conducted by US government scientists–(that includes Tuskegee, eugenics experiments on Black, Latina, Native American, & disabled women, & on women in Guatemala & Puerto Rico)–NPR should have felt entirely confident asserting the unmitigated racism of these experiments that rival Dr. Josef Mengele & other Nazi scientists in debasement.

Instead, showing the corporate sponsorship to which they dance, NPR pulled its punches. They said we should remember the US & its scientists were preparing for chemical warfare in WWII–as if that justified racist experiments on human beings. They claimed scientists wanted to see if there were variables between how different ethnicities reacted to chemicals & that “at the time” scientists thought Blacks were more resistant.

“At the time” has to be one of the most atrocious & banal excuses for historic crimes ever invented. At the time of these experiments, there was a major political campaign to desegregate the US military. At the time, Black & Puerto Rican soldiers were coming home in body bags, all shot up, missing limbs just like every other soldier. So they can cut the crap on that “at the time” stuff.

Rollins Edwards is here showing the scars from exposure to mustard gas 70 years ago as part of the WWII experiments. He says he has constant itching on his arms & legs which break out in rashes where he was burned. During outbreaks his skin falls off in flakes & he carries a jar of the flakes to show people what happened to him.
By Mary Scully
(Photo by Amelia Phillips Hale for NPR)

Area 51

Whatever is inside this mysterious “air-craft base” has been a very closely-guarded secret for decades. The promise that “trespassers will be shot” seems to have successfully eluded anyone from looking inside the place, and the no-fly zone stretches for miles.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the site features a complex underground laboratory, secret tunnels, a spacecraft runway that can disappear and reappear with the push of a button, and research programs dedicated to reverse-engineering alien technology. 

When speculation began to rise about the activities of Area 51, and when several UFO sightings were reported, the CIA simply responded with “There is a remote possibility that they may be interplanetary aircraft.” But they refused to answer any further questions .

Hyrule Warriors - Cia
Finished hat, mask and collar + necklaces
As I’m nearing completion of the whole costume, I thought of showing some finished stuff :)

So, the hat is wearable, finally! It won’t slide off due to a magnet being inside the hat that connects to a magnet on a hairband in my own hair (underneath the wigcap and wig). It’s a pretty strong magnet so it keeps the hat on place really well. I can turn my head without fearing it falling of my head!

The mask can be attached to the hat with smaller magnets. I can easily put it on and off whenever I want. When on, it’s stays on perfectly!

The collar has a closure at the front with strong, but thin, velcro. The necklaces can be put around my neck and closed with hooks. Just like normal necklaces~

More to come soon as I got a lot more finished of this costume!

You can find a small make-up test for Cia here in the comments: Cia Make-up


Ground Branch is an impressive true tactical first/third person shooter in which the devs are aiming to achieve every possible realistic action from studying real life special operators - from how they handle their guns, to their movements, and tactical strategies.

Based on the real life subsection of the Special Activities Division of the CIA, the Special Activities Division carries our deniable ops and is usually on the scene before any other military special forces.  Ground Breach is very much on the simulation end of the FPS spectrum, with deliberate, cerebral and gritty gameplay.

The devs plan to re-introduce the meaning of death into the FPS genre (something which games like CoD have desensitised us to), with real impact to your actions.  Also, multiplayer firefights won’t feature any form of artificial balancing - good teamwork, careful choices and real skill are the only ways to win in Ground Branch.

It’s been a while since we had a truly great tactical shooter, but Ground Branch is looking very promising indeed.  It’s still very early in development, but it already impresses with it’s excellent visuals and authentic approach to warfare.

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Couple of stage photo’s from my Cia act during Animecon 2015, The Netherlands.

I’m still not entirely happy with how my act went (could have done better with certain poses and actions..), but I might have a chance to redeem myself during Abunai this August :)
I do still love this costume’s outcome so much!! <3

Photo’s taken by various photographers:
Jeroen Weimar
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Operation Condor was a covert, multinational “black operations” program organized by six Latin American states (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, later joined by Ecuador and Peru), with logistical, financial, and intelligence support from Washington.

In the Cold War climate of the 1960s and ’70s, when U.S. leaders and Latin American militaries regarded popular movements and political dissidents as “internal enemies,” any methods were considered legitimate in the “war against subversion.” In fact, many of these new social movements were indigenous nationalist, leftist, socialist, or radically democratic forces fighting to represent the voiceless and the marginalized.

As leftist and nationalist leaders won elections throughout Latin America in the 1960s and early 1970s, and new revolutionary and progressive movements gained strength, U.S. security strategists feared a communist-inspired threat to U.S. economic and political interests in the hemisphere. Local elites similarly feared that their traditional political dominance and wealth were at risk. Washington poured enormous resources into the inter-American security system, of which Condor was a top-secret part, to mobilize and unify the militaries in order to prevent leftist leaders from taking power and to control and destroy leftist and popular movements in Latin America. Anticommunism and “preventing another Cuba” were the national security priorities of the U.S. in Latin America.

The reigning national security doctrine incorporated counterinsurgency strategies and concepts such as “hunter-killer” programs and secret, “unconventional” techniques such as subversion, sabotage, and terrorism to defeat foes. Much of counterinsurgency doctrine is classified, but scholars have documented many of its key components. Michael McClintock, for example, analyzed a classified U.S. Army Special Forces manual of December 1960 Counter-Insurgency Operations, one of the earliest to mention explicitly, in its section “Terror Operations,” the use of counterinsurgent terror as a legitimate tactic. He cites other secret U.S. army special operations handbooks from the 1960s that endorsed “counterterror,” including assassination and abduction, in certain situations. One March 1961 article in Military Review stated, “Political warfare, in short, is warfare…[that] embraces diverse forms of coercion and violence including strikes and riots, economic sanctions, subsidies for guerrilla or proxy warfare and, when necessary, kidnapping or assassination of enemy elites.”  In short, “disappearance” was a key element of counterinsurgency doctrine.

Read More: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/opinion/Operation-Condor-Cross-Border-Disappearance-and-Death-20150523-0031.html

‘A national hero’: psychologist who warned of torture collusion gets her due

Meet Jean Maria Arrigo. She was largely ignored and became the subject of a smear campaign for sounding alarms about American psychologists complicity in post-9/11 torture. But she has emerged from a damning report on the American Psychological Association as the story’s hero — and martyr.

Read the exclusive report by Spencer Ackerman in The Guardian

Photo credit: Jean Maria Arrigo