Future Wedding

I’m still not over it…I might do an alternate storyboard since I have seen a few on Youtube. I have some ideas that would be fun explore. The original ending is still beautiful but……………. ^_^ What do you think? 

I think Ashi would be happy to make her own wedding dress just like her outfit in the show. Jack would repair a new motorcycle. He would grow a small stache in memory of his father etc. They would travel the world and save the people that were still marred by Aku. 

(EDIT) Seeing so many people feel the same way. I started on the storyboard so keep an eye for it! I’ll upload it when its finished.

…………..goodbye Jack………

OW!!!!! My frickin goddam heart!!!!!! I was so scared the minute Ashi opened her mouth and made that portal. Dammit!! What a beautiful show and I loved every second of it. I can understand  this ending of Jack changing the past. This was his goal and there is that satisfaction of  finally saving his famiy. However, I was just hoping the Gods could help Ashi! There had to be a cost and it makes the ending so poetic but come on! The Gods should reward Jack at least….I knew that ladybug would be back. -.- When the ladybug first showed up with the white wolf. I was like….huh cute bug. Then Ashi had her flashback with it….I was oh frick no….This bug is symbolizing her. This bug is coming back… BACK TO THE PAST SAMURAI JACK!!! 

….now I have to mourn.The future of what could have been…..

I feel that Jack would have a son with Ashi. Just because there was so many daughters haha. 

The thing about invisible illness is that you feel so guilty for mentioning it bc everyone views it as complaining. There’s a difference between asserting your needs and complaining but a lot of people don’t see it that way. This has caused me to feel horrible for speaking up. Every time I mention a need I have or a pain I’m feeling I’m told to just deal with it and that’s messed up.
Samurai Jack ( Alternate Ending) Storyboard
I loved this show so much. I was inspired to do an alternate ending. The original ending of the show is still beautiful and meaningful. However, I wish to on...

I finished it!!! Thank you for watching!!

{{{{EDIT}}}} Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful support. We will never forget you! Samurai Jack! 

{{{{EDIT2}}}} Over 90,000 views!?  O____O Thank you!! *leaps into bliss*