Marrying Yongguk
  • Priest:Do you take this talented and humble gentleman to be your lawfully wedded husband?
  • Me:I DO, with all my heart and soul, I DO.
  • Priest:And do you, Yongguk, take this beautiful and compassionate woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?
  • Yongguk:chyeah
  • (Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, Himchan, and Zelo yelling "BICTORY!" in the background)
[NEWS] B.A.P's Bang Yongguk to release solo album entitled 'CHYEAH'

TS Entertainment and B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk are excited to announce that BABYs’ favorite fierce rapper will make his solo debut soon with mini-album “CHYEAH”!

Yongguk has reportedly been working nonstop to deliver quality music for his fans, and he hopes that his solo debut will accurately portray all the different sides of his personality.

The mini-album will comprise five tracks with lyrics penned by Yongguk himself:

1. NAMSAYIN (Intro)
3. 뿌잉뿌잉 (Bbuing Bbuing)
4. Do what you like and love what you do (Feat. 젤로 of B.A.P)
5. Tigger

As described by a TS Entertainment representative:

“NAMSAYIN” is a short, yet hard-hitting intro that flows right into title song “CHYEAH”. Employing our Yongguk’s much-loved catchphrase, “CHYEAH” is a powerful and energetic track that is closest to what his own group, B.A.P, already has on offer.

The album then takes a turn, as뿌잉뿌잉 (Bbuing Bbuing)” is a full-out aegyo-filled celebration of the cute phrase. Do what you like and love what you do”, featuring B.A.P’s Zelo, steps it down with its mid-tempo beats.

Finally, the album closes with the sweet and charming “Tigger”, an acoustic track in which Yongguk details his love for the many Tigger plushies that fans have given him throughout the years. In many ways, this song is also Yongguk’s way of expressing his love toward BABYs.

Asked about his solo project in a recent television appearance, Yongguk merely stated that he wishes for BABYs to give him their support and to wait patiently for his solo debut. 

Looks like Yongguk himself wants to keep his debut under wraps until he is up on that stage. Keep your eyes peeled for the album, BABYs!

this is obviously a joke y'all please don’t kill me lol