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Jackunzel "I didn't know you could sing." Because CHRIS PINE IN INTO THE WOODS!!!!!!

I HAVE YET TO WATCH INTO THE WOODS AHHH But thank you for the request here’s a MODERN AU CHYEAAH!!

“Hey, I know that song.”
Rapunzel blinks, the melody stuck in her throat as she turns to face the one who’d interrupted her humming. Jack steps out onto the balcony, wearing this cheeky, one-sided grin that makes him look downright dorky.
“You do?” Rapunzel stifles a giggle and shakes her head, saying, “That can’t be right.”
She’s pretty sure her response throws him off - his grin wavers slightly - but he saunters over to her side and throws his arms over the railing of the balcony.
“Naw, hear me out,” he starts, “It’s from that story about the sun spirit, right? The incantation she sings to the princess that inherits her powers.”
Rapunzel is impressed, but she keeps her expression neutral, not willing to feed his ego just yet. “Hm. I never pegged you for a myth fanatic.”
“I like to think of it as a legend.” He waggles his eyebrows at her.
She can’t help but giggle now. “Jack, there’d have to be some proof the princess existed at all.”
“Isn’t the song proof enough?” He sucks in a breath, and she holds hers as he begins to breathe life into the song.
He starts low, enunciating each word slowly, stringing them with their appropriate note, meandering through the melody. His vibrato is evident - she can tell he’s nervous, as he refuses to look her way - but it’s pleasant and soothing, his voice a deep rumble within his chest. The incantation sounds so different coming from a guy - a lullaby turned into a serenade - and her chest fills up with warmth at the idea of Jack being some Prince Charming. When he finishes, his eyes eagerly find hers, as if waiting for some form of approval.
“I didn’t know you could sing,” is all she can say, too stunned by his wonderful display of talent.
Jack chuckles, though there’s no denying the tint of red that adorns his cheeks at her compliment. “Jeez, Sunshine. That’s what you got from that?”