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It’s about that time again. After asking twitter when I should share it and an overwhelming vote in favor of “now, you asshole,” I’m excited to share the official playlist for THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS!

Like last time, I’ve included a note about what each song is there for, and the songs are roughly in story order. This, of course, leads to a caveat: while I’ve done my best to keep things vague, the deeper you go and the closer you read, the more you wander into potential spoiler territory. 

This playlist grew alongside the book—some songs corresponding to certain scenes, others lending themselves more to the overall vibe. Those of you who’ve read already can probably see their influence and the ways they reflect the story. Those of you who haven’t… buckle up.

  1. So Far From Your Weapon // The Dead Weather // there’s a bullet in my pocket burning a hole / you’re so far from your weapon and the place you were born // a song for lookout duty
  2. Winter // Daughter // drifting apart like two sheets of ice, my love / frozen hearts growing colder with time // a song for three weeks of silence
  3. Blame // Bastille // fall upon your knees, saying ‘this is my body and soul here’ / fall and beg and plead, saying ‘you’ve got the power and control’ / don’t pin it all on me // a song for swift at the door
  4. Gun // CHVRCHES // who are you to tell me how to keep myself afloat? / i tread the water all the while / you stuck in the knife that you held at my back // a song for bleeding lips and finding balance
  5. Get Home // Bastille // how am i gonna get myself back home? // a song for a question
  6. Mother & Father // BROODS // ever since i left my mother, it’s much harder to know / how to make my own life here, how to make my own home // a song for a heart too empty
  7. We the Common // Thao & The Get Down Stay Down // all they wanted was a villain, a villain / and all they had was me / all they wanted was a villain, a villain / so then they just took me // a song for cas and the salt
  8. Beggin For Thread // Banks // strapped down to something that you don’t understand / don’t know what you were getting yourself into / you should have known / secretly i think you knew  // a song for cas and the bind
  9. Ships in the Night // Mat Kearney // turn the lights down low / walk these halls alone / we can feel so far from so close // a song for trying to make it work
  10. Black Water // Of Monsters And Men // swallowed by a vicious, vengeful sea / darker days are raining over me / in the deepest depths i lost myself / i see myself through someone else // a song for cas
  11. Trouble // Neon Jungle // they say here comes a hurricane / trouble is her middle name / but i don’t look for trouble / yeah, trouble looks for me // a song for swift at the helm of a needleboat
  12. Hell and Back // The Airborne Toxic Event // and you took me to hell and back / how many times can i walk away from you? // a song for a new year
  13. I’m So Sorry // Imagine Dragons // so you gotta fire up / you gotta let go / you’ll never be loved ‘til you’ve made your own // a song for meeting an old friend in the middle of a storm
  14. Bullets // Rebecca & Fiona // don’t make me show you how weak you are / hurts like bullets between these walls // a song for a punching bag
  15. The Draw // Bastille // in my left hand there is the familiar / in my right hand there’s the great unknown // a song for cas’s turmoil
  16. Leave A Trace // CHVRCHES // i have somehow got away with everything / anything you ever did was strictly by design / but you got it wrong / and i’ll go anywhere but there // a song for cas, the knife
  17. Ghost Towns // Radical Face // but i miss you / but there’s no coming home / there’s no coming home with a name like mine // a song for cas and tom
  18. We Sink // CHVRCHES // we are / i’ve come apart and you made me / float like / a pretty box of your evil // a song for young leadership
  19. Cliffs Edge // Hayley Kiyoko // cliff’s edge, you turn me on / you lead me on / you’ve got me on a cliff’s edge / where i belong // a song for a cold bottle of beer on the trainer deck
  20. Everybody Wants To Rule The World // Lorde // help me make the most of freedom / and of pleasure / nothing ever lasts forever // a song for second times
  21. This Is Why We Fight // The Decemberists // so come to me / come to me / lay your arms around me / this is why / this is why we fight // a song for the last stand 
  22. I Bet My Life // Imagine Dragons // i know i took the path that you would never want for me / i know i let you down, didn’t i? // a song for new ships on the horizon
  23. Home // American Authors // i’m not trying to part the ocean waves / i’m not trying to overthrow the throne / i’m just trying to find a way to make it back home  // a song for the end in sight
  24. Monster Lead Me Home // Sara Hartman // where there is nowhere to hide / stranger on the other side / we walk in shadows / monster lead me home // a song for cutting a deal
  25. Love Me Again // John Newman // i need to know now / know now, can you love me again? // a song for new beginnings in the bones of old ones

Elohim is a singer who comes from LA and if you’re a fan of Chvrches, Ellie Goulding and Grimes I reckon you’re going to like her track She Talks Too Much. The track is really infectious and makes you want to dance around whilst listening to it, plus the vocals from this are just so pure and easy to listen to that its almost impossible to resist - Jakk

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TOO GAY… / Listen /

01. Gold (Feat. Yuna) Adventure Club / 02. Lovesick Peace / 03. We Sink Chvrches / 04. Kiss And Not Tell La Roux / 05. Pop It ANAMANAGUCHI / 06. Blew My Mind Dresses / 07. How Do I Know Here We Go Magic / 08. Candlestick Múm / 09. Boom Clap Charli XCX / 10. Let Me In Grouplove 11. First Day of My Life Bright Eyes 

hell is just another place i’ll go to keep you warm
for the boy who shed his human skin and became a man-eating monster
(and the girl he destroyed himself for)

no light, no light (acoustic) - florence + the machine // jungle - emma louise // we sink (chvrches cover) - sarah close // flowers for a ghost - thriving ivory // say something (a great big world cover) - jasmine thompson // sinking man - of monsters and men // liar (mumford & sons cover) - heather janssen // already gone - sleeping at last

🕷🕸 narkik playlist 🏹🍂

playlist cover by @mishellja, commission info here

1. sleigh bells - baptism by fire
2. chvrches - we sink
3. the naked and famous - punching in a dream
4. grouplove - welcome to your life
5. rihanna - love on the brain
6. passion pit - constant conversations
7. blood orange - you’re not good enough
8. kanye west - lost in the world

a playlist dedicated to Tsukkikage, the two tsunderes in denial. Listen here

        in total darkness i, i reach out and touch …

|What do you mean? - Chvrches | not in love - crystal castles| We sink - Chvrches| touch - Troye Sivan| Reunion - the xx| Tesselate - Ellie Goulding| flaws - Bastille| take care - Florence and the machine

[ lovely playlist cover belongs to @haikyuun ]

save me if i become my demons  (listen) ; I need a savior to heal my pain when I become my worst enemy.  

i. unravel (acoustic ver.) - tk from ling tosite sigure / ii. run boy run - woodkid / iii. the light behind your eyes - my chemical romance / iv. trapdoor - twenty one pilots / v. empty gold - halsey / vi. we sink - chvrches / vii. starset - my demons / viii. you should know where i’m coming from  - banks / ix. make a shadown - meg myers / x. here with me - susie suh and robot koch / xi. dark star - jaymes young / xii. bones - young guns / xiii. the world is ugly  - my chemical romance / xiv. silhouette - active child / xv. kimi wo matsu - aimer

You’ll Always Have Me; A Lucifer & Michael fanmix. 8tracks

Hold Me Down Halsey. Gooey Glass Animals. Elastic Heart Sia. This Is Gospel Panic! At The Disco. Cosmic Love Florence and the Machine. Merewif Willow Beats. Will The Circle Be Unbroken Courtnee Draper. Repetition Purity Ring. Rising Son Lux. We Sink CHVRCHES. The Prayer Bloc Party.


now you’re MY prisoner!

Push pull - Purity Ring // We Sink - Chvrches // Disparate Youth - Santigold // Belispeak - Purity Ring // Just Desserts - Marina & the Diamonds // Only You - Ellie Goulding // Free the Animal - Sia // What the Water Gave Me - Florence + the Machine // Solitaire - Marina & the Diamonds // And counting - Lights // Yellow flicker beat - Lorde

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