We’re excited to announce that our new album, Every Open Eye, will be released on September 25th. Check out the track listing below.

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1. Never Ending Circles
2. Leave A Trace
3. Keep You On My Side
4. Make Them Gold
5. Clearest Blue
6. High Enough To Carry You Over
7. Empty Threat
8. Down Side Of Me
9. Playing Dead
10. Bury It
11. Afterglow

Clearest Blue
  • Clearest Blue
  • Every Open Eye

CHVRCHES “Clearest Blue”

Nothing against “Leave A Trace” and “Never Ending Circles”, the solid first two tracks shared from CHVRCHES upcoming sophomore LP, but the propulsive synth-soaked catharsis of “Clearest Blue” is the first that I believe stands in the pantheon of their greatest songs. Excuse me while I continue to listen to it on repeat.

Every Open Eye is out 9/25 on Glassnote



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