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hmmm sinceramente no te podria ni explicar por que me entretiene tanto el new leaf… es solo que hay muchas cosas que hacer jaja. y del pokedex piensas capturarlos a todos o solo encontrarlos? 0: o piensas solo usar el trade y cosas asi?

creo que no los puedes encontrar todos en el juego, hay que intercambiarlos quieras o no xD

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You’re pretty :3


assbuttdesu replied to your photo “just another night on Twitter”

thats awful and wonderful at the same time :’D i wish my twitter feed had some more “excitement”

this is what you call excitement

oh my god what are you even into

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Tales of the abyss!? D: I envy you, that game is pretty cool.

I love the “tales of…” series! though I only got to play Symphonia and Phantasia x) this one looks really cool too (I’d let you borrow it but… distance /sob)