TOP FIVE: #2. This makes my list, not because of the kiss per se, but because of how it comes about and their reactions. This moment actually reminds me of a BTS of the bike scene when Ya Yan thinks she has the upper hand tickling Chu He and things take a “dangerous” turn. Or later when he teases her about “sucking” at her kissing lip alignment and she takes the challenge and shocks him speechless. Lol. As usual, we get something laugh out loud funny, then and absolutely sweet, when he makes sure she’s cool with what he’s about to do, then goes for it. These two… Always adorable. I’m sure this moment wasn’t completely planned, being live events render live and demand immediate responses, therefore you find yourself saying and doing unexpected things. But either way, it’s cute and it makes the fans happy and welp, that’s what it’s all about right? Oh and yes, he kisses her for real. 😉
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Chuyan, China Fashion Week

Chuyan showed her first collection of 39 men’s and women’s looks at China Fashion Week this week.  It was confusing: she obviously demonstrates that she has an eye for detail and style, but lacks a clear vision, like who the Chuyan woman is. The schizophrenic collection at times channeled Carolina Herrera, 1930s/40s Shanghai glam, Shanghai Tang beauty queen, Victoria Beckham and Nan Kemper. A better stylist would help, as well as an editor’s eye. Below, a few highlights (and lowlights) of the collection.

A bit too much tulle for my taste, but definitely falls into the 1950s trend that’s been really big this season. I like the popcorn top and whatever that treatment is on the skirt–thick cables of mohair?

Like the sheer with this traditional body.

Elegant. The hair styling is a bit dowager-esque though.

A bit beauty-queen-from-Shanghai Tang. I could see this gown being worn by a Chinese starlet “representing” China in an expected way at some international event. 


Just… no. 

I want to like this. 

Perked up a little but…

…a little too literal and too much Victoria Beckham’s debut collection (which basically riffed on Roland Mouret and his take on the 40s). Been there.

Yawn. Why is this on the runway?

Love the risk…

…even though it was a bit like something Nan Kemper would wear in her later years.

Can I just point out how Baron’s hand is on Megan’s shoulder instead of Lego Li’s? You’re being too possessive! LOL! The feels for Because of You! Wow! After 6 years, they got to snap a photo together :D And for Megan winning the Best Actress award and Lego winning the Best Actor. That’s okay, Baron! You’re still Megan’s Best Actor no matter what happens! <3