Royaume Du Beurre

Inspired by blogthegreatrouge V Verse

Aurore, Regina, Pris, Kris, Century, Celeste, Timber, Wysteria & @prislydawn (me)

Faa, Lossi, Byren, Octavior and his brothers @foreverafterall (poor poor Octi)

Aj @honeymae

Ripley is @ripleybeagle (wassup)

Chuubi, Swinkers, & Skye @chuubifrog (you have one of the best titles)

Wolfy, Niko, Timber, Wysteria, & Nister @wdniko4rt (partially owning the kids)

Nister @rosepelt11

Joel is @joelthegalaxywitch (I wish I had your job sorry if I used the wrong pronouns)

Jolene @jolenekhoo (I loved writing yours)

Elizabeth & Century (partially on Century) @lizixofxnod

Queen Peluche, Bling, & Chaching @alainaprana (lol your name and kingdom was supposed to be Floof but there’s no French for it so it’s now plush) @animeartist88 (with the children)

Everyone else is @butterapplego

Frank just patted Zakiyah’s stomach and told her she is getting chubby. I have had enough of this little freak! He needs to leave her alone and keep his nasty hands off of her