• EDテーマ『小さな願い事』
  • 十條麻咲(cv,斉藤壮馬)
  • 仲吉商店街、恋の湯 営業中!2
Nakayoshi-shoutengai (NakaSHOU), Koi-no-yu Eigyou-chuu! 2
Chiisana Negaigoto
Juujou Masaki (CV: Saito Soma)
I-chu: Here we go!! 歌詞 / Lyrics

Kanji, romaji and English translation of Here we go!! by ArS

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Pandora Hearts - Retrace 68 Scanlation

Hello, everyone! Please enjoy this month’s scanlation, and as always, thank you so much for everyone that helped us put this out!

Click here to go and download!

PS: I will be posting the HQ RAWs as soon as I receive my magazine in the mail - this includes last month’s, as I was unable to do so courtesy of my injured arm. Thank you all for your patience!

Chuu Translations is looking for staff!

As everyone knows, I’ve been quite busy with life lately, and so my scanlation group has taken a small dip in activity. We’ve also lost a lot of staff due to school and the like, so we’re doing a full call for individuals looking to help out!

WHAT WE NEED: typesetters (experienced or not, though those good with SFX are l o v e d), cleaners (experienced or not), quality checkers (that are fast!!), TRANSLATORS

The series we work with the most is Tiger & Bunny, both for the Newtype Ace manga as well as doujinshi. If you want the manga scanlations to continue, we need your help! We’re also looking to branch out (I’ve been getting a lot of Magi doujinshi, cough), so if you are interested in other series, PLEASE hit us up, especially re: Magi!

If you’re interested at all, contact me by e-mail at!

Help! We need typesetters!

Chuu Translations is growing and growing and growing, and myself and only a couple of others can only typeset so quickly!

If you’d like to see faster releases - that is, of monthly Tiger & Bunny with all of the omakes, as well as numbers upon numbers of doujinshi - please do volunteer! We’re really looking for experienced typesetters at this stage of the game: that is, someone used to playing around in photoshop, formatting text correctly in text bubbles and added sound effects, but I’m also perfectly willing to teach those that are interested.

The best way to contact me if you are interested? Send me an e-mail! Ask boxes here on tumblr can be notoriously shoddy ;;


Our Website:

Thank you in advance for your interest! <3333

Chuu Translations Temporary Downtime

Sorry for the downtime, guys! The domain expired, so we’ll be moving to shortly. Thank you so much for your patience and I’ll be updating links later! /o/

I-chu: We are I★CHU! 歌詞 / Lyrics

Kanji, romaji and English translation of We are I★CHU! by ArS

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