chuu san

Hosoya Yoshimasa, Hikasa Yoko

Hosoya was ignoring Hikasa?

long post

Hikasa: “Hidaka Rina chan said that Hikasa san was always being ignored by Hosoya san, do you think you can do something about that? Hosoya san, please reflect on your action and think about how you should talk to Hikasa san in the studio” Is this true Hosoya?
Hosoya: No… That’s not true
Hikasa: LOL Am I being ignored?
Hosoya: No, I’m not ignoring you
Hikasa: Hosoyan just didn’t speak. But you did speak to Nakamura san
Hosoya: It’s not that I didn’t speak, I couldn’t speak
Hikasa: Wait, you couldn’t speak to me?!
Hosoya: Can I explain something in detail?
Hikasa: Go on
Hosoya: Although it would be hard to explain this, there’s one empty seat in between Nakamura san’s and mine
Hikasa: LOL, that’s right, somehow there’s a seat in between both of you. That seat is supposed to be Miyano san’s
Hosoya: That’s right but he wasn’t always there so most of the time it was empty. So most of the time I speak to Nakamura san because there was no one in between. But if Hikasa chan and I were to speak, Nakamura san and Hanazawa san would be in between and because of that I was nervous and thought that it would be rude to do that with them in between, feels like everyone would know what I’m going to talk about
Hikasa: It’s not like you would speak of your secret with everyone there
Hosoya: I wouldn’t do that but it’s always quite in the studio right. Because it is quite, everyone would whisper instead of talking loudly
Hikasa: At first everyone would whisper to each other but gradually they would start speaking loudly. But I think that inuboku’s cast often talked to each other in the studio, and most of the time it’s not about something important. Sugita san was the only one who did not speak loudly, in his case only people beside him can hear him
Hosoya & Hikasa: Starts imitating Sugita
Hikasa: Hosoyan, please speak to other people more
Hosoya: I do speak with other people. Last time we talked about Hanazawa san having her photobook debut
Hikasa: I told her to bring it to the studio. Also last time Hidaka Rina did chuu chuu (kissing sound) to other’s photobook and Kana saw that so I told Kana to bring hers and Rina said “I would chuu chuu yours too”
Hosoya: Wait wait, whose photobook that Hidaka san did chuu chuu?
Hikasa: Ogura Yui
Hosoya: Pfffttt. Recently woman who likes other woman increases
Hikasa: Yeah, people like Nobara san
Hosoya: I see
Hikasa: But you see, woman likes cute things
Hosoya: I see
Hikasa: It’s the same if Hosoyan were to “ha ha” at Nakamura san
Hosoya: Wait. Wait. Wait. That’s not it. THAT’S NOT IT!
Hikasa: LOL He snapped because I said something unreasonable
Hosoya: That’s not it. How should I say this.
Hikasa: If Nakamura san has a photobook, you would chuu chuu that right
Hosoya: I would not do that! That’s gross!
Hikasa: LOL
Hosoya: I would see it but not buy it. If my friend showed it to me then I would see it and then talk about it with Nakamura san, but I would not go as far to buy it myself
Hikasa: You’re so frantic that it’s suspicious
Hosoya: Wait! If I keep it vague here, people would really start to think “Is that guy gay?”