I’ve really never done a follow forever before so I might be doing this all wrong. I was going to wait a while longer before doing one but I figured why the heck not. It’s never to early to show appreciation for the people that have made my tumblr experience the best it can be. 

Some of you I’ve talked to and gotten to know, and some of you just fill my dash with loads of awesome, but every single one of you have made my dash complete.


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Thank you all so much and I hope you have/had a happy New Year!!


My “imaginary landscape” painting. Pretty much my first ever painting I actually tried at. You know, with applying colour theory and all that. (although the camera is dumb and killed a lot of the colours– as you can see the detail shots are completely different hues.)

I tried to subtly introduce the passing of time through day, night, dawn, and dusk. As well as the different seasons.
And then the clouds are supposed to be slightly unusual as well. (is that a whale? Why yes, yes it is.)
It’s a representation on how dull and boring I find life (‘cause the land is so flat, right, right?) compared to my own imagination. 
I was probably too subtle about it though. Ahaha. Oops. 

It’s in acrylic. I don’t like acrylic.